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I am loving Mikal Cronin‘s new record MCII.  Downloaded the thing last night and it was so perfect during my nighttime run.
(my run last night, not the best… I think I’ve been going too much, felt really drained)

His music is just fun, easy, groovy guitar melodies.  And he is one rad dude.

Yesterday Stereogum posted a couple covers that Mikal recorded for his girlfriend who is/was living away from him.  He says to Stereogum that they both play ukulele and both share a love of 80s and 90s rom-coms.  Mikal recorded these songs for a mixtape that he sent her.

You know what movies these are from right?

The first one is the epic song about the distance between us… The Proclaimers “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” from Benny and Joon.  Our second song is from the soundtrack to 1999’s nerd girl makes good by ditching her glasses classic… She’s All That.  Sixpence None The Richer “Kiss Me.”


Go with yourself.

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Huzzah! Ditch Records has copies of Foster the People on vinyl LP (I forgot to ask if the CDs came in too).

I raced down during a little lull in my crazy hectic day to snap up a copy for Coral before they went sold out again. (also got me out of the studio/office for 20 minutes and into the city).

Foster the People – “I Would Do Anything For You”


Yesterday I talked about buying a Ukulele and got lots of messages from friends with ukulele’s too!  Neat.

I also love how WordPress can take your tags and share them with other bloggers on wordpress that might be into what you’re talking.  I got a nice comment from a guy that writes about ukulele’s!


And the reason I was at L&M was to check on today’s capital purchase for my Wedding DJ business… I bought a two PA speakers, a sub, a wireless mic and all the cables/stands I need to make them go.

It will save me money making the payments vs. renting each wedding.  And by next summer… I’ll get to keep a little more profit!

Happy Weekend!

Go with yourself.

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So…. how about that Canucks game the other night?

Right, so it didn’t end the way Disney told me it would… and then the riots downtown.

But here I am, the day after hockey, and I feel pretty good.  Canucks had an amazing year, game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final… and come October, we do it again.

I woke up today after a terrible sleep to a wonderful day.  I thought, “oh right, its pretty much summer now.”

I watched TV shows about medieval cathedrals in France and a show where they renovate backyards and I glanced up form the TV for a moment and it was day time.  Fuck.  I managed to sleep for maybe 3 hours.  I’ll sleep well tonight. And I am thinking I am getting sick? Summer sick?  Lame.

Tomorrow I buy sound equipment for my wedding DJ company.  I wanted to head down to Long & McQuade and make sure its all moving forward, and while there… bought a ukulele.

I’ve now owned this beast for about 3 hours as of writing this blog, and I love it.  Ryan Awram told me that his friend took a 12 week ukulele course and she is loving it and can play it pretty good now.  I wonder….

Eddie Vedder – “Can’t Keep”

That’s all I got.  Go with yourself.

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