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Tokyo Police Club will bring us their third album in early 2014.  The first radio single is promised for January.  But to wet the whistle, the band gives us the humungous album cut “Argentina (part I, II, III).”  a 9-ish minute TPC song?  Strap in and feel the Gs!

So much to like about this song.  There are a few lines that popped out at me.

“Girl I wish we had a conversation,
Face to face.
Because when you speak,
you speak in waves.”

“Oh what a girl I want you wearing my T-shirt,
You wear it well.”

I am so excited for new TPC that I feel like Smiley Miley.  Here we go Cover song FREAK THE FUCK OUT!

Go with yourself.

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Lately it seems that every time I crack the mic here at the Zone, I am jibber jabbering about another rock star fight.  Let’s see what is playing out as I type.

MGMT vs. France

Wayne vs. Win

Miley vs. Radiohead

But do you know who Miley thinks is just so cool?  Coldplay!  Shocker!

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