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Today is the day. New Radiohead. The song is called “Burn The Witch.” It’s a stop motion animation that shows a little English village.  The people are all a little strange as they take some sort of magistrate on a tour. At the end they build a giant wooden structure and light it on fire! Radiohead have been hinting at a new song called “Burn The Witch” after sending a bunch of flyers out to fans. Yesterday their social media went blank…today, May 3rd, my brother Matt’s birthday, boom.


Go with your low flying panic attack self.

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Its been awhile since I’ve heard a chillwave song to get hot and bothered by.  Apparently the scene has moved on… but I can’t exactly fire up Skrillex in the Veneto Lounge on a Friday night.

So I wave the chillwave flag hazily and at half mast proudly!

Pitchfork talked about Expensive Looks yesterday.  Had a meh review.. but mostly because I think Pitchfork is meh on the genre right now… not on ONE Expensive Looks song features Azealia Banks soooo…

Trolling the internets and I found a bunch of EL remixes including a remix of one of my favourite Radiohead songs… “High and Dry.”

Radiohead – “High and Dry (Expensive Looks’ Blizzard Fantasy)”

Download MP3 >> Radiohead-High and Dry (Expensive Looks’ Blizzard Fantasy)

Radiohead’s The Bends was #09 on my list of 20 Special Records. Coral and I have the LP hanging on the wall.  Back when Coral listened to more rock music… or I guess we listened to music together, this was an album she’d put on.

Radiohead generally remixes pretty good, but it tends to be the later career stuff.  Its nice to hear one from my days as a Radiohead fan.

Not sure if I’ll download the whole Expensive Looks album Dark Matters, but I will for sure be seeking select tracks for the playlist at Veneto.

Go with yourself.

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On Madelyn’s birthday (Feb 24th), an artist will be playing the Biltmore in Vancouver called Four Tet.

This UK electronic man is making some music that is getting me all hot and bothered lately.  As I have been searching for fun, avant garde, loungey music for my weekends at the Rialto, Four Tet hits the mark.

I think part of the reason I like Four Tet so much is because he reminds me of Explosions in the Sky.  have a listen to “She Just Likes to Fight” and tell me that song wouldn’t fit on any EITS record.  Great music to decompress to.

You might know Four Tet as the guy who opened for Radiohead back in the Hail to the Thief days or as the guy who remixed RH’s “Scatterbrain.”

(ha Sara P just walked into my work space to close the door… maybe not everyone loves Four Tet like me!).


There are no clean coffee mugs at work right now, which is a real heel on the groin, and not in a sexual kinda way.  Likely that is for the best.  I got to stop drinking so many mugs of coffee.  A couple weeks ago, before my staycation, I did a great job of keeping my coffee intake under control. Lots of water, and I felt really good two weeks ago.  I better get back on that.


I am a sucker for cover songs.  Cover songs are a real challenge on the Zone because, well I don’t really know.  I find whenever I play a cover song, I am subjected to a torrent of hate calls.  Calm down people, its just music.  one that I want to punch up today I know I’ll take a few lumps from… but I don’t care.  I think it is a pretty good spin on a modern rock staple.  Vampire Weekend tackling Rancid “Ruby Soho.”

Download it!

Also on that Abeano post is a mix created by Rostam Batmanglij from Vampire Weekend.  He did a little “minimix” of  a Vampire weekend song, some other track and a Lykke Li cut.


Go with yourself.

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Brandon and Brody from the Evergreen State invited me on their Vodcast Throwing Lemons for a Q&A.

We talk about all sorts of fun things like Grey’s Anatomy, Gossip Girl, Friday Night Lights (ok we talk about TV shows a bunch), Vanilla Pepsi, Pol Plastino, Coldplay vs. Radiohead vs. Oasis, Politics, some radio broadcasting slips in there… good times.

A the five minute mark Brandon says, “OK, final question”… and then the tape rolls like 7 more minutes, so good times.

The boys will post the video of the show on their site later tonight, but if you have the time and/or care, here is the audio from the interview.

Have a Listen: Throwing Lemons with Me

Go with yourself.

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Lately it seems that every time I crack the mic here at the Zone, I am jibber jabbering about another rock star fight.  Let’s see what is playing out as I type.

MGMT vs. France

Wayne vs. Win

Miley vs. Radiohead

But do you know who Miley thinks is just so cool?  Coldplay!  Shocker!

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and it sounds pretty good.  here;

Have a Listen: The Proclaimers – “17”


and in other music news.

Iggy Pop is going Jazz!

Spinal Tap is BACK! (and in Vancouver in April.)

The new U2 record is being given away for free on my show!  Review right here.

Oh! this is neat.  No Doubt will be on my fave show EVAR, Gossip Girl. (no really, I watch it every week)

and if you listen to T.I. you’re basically the dumbest person ever made.  Hey, don’t be mad at me, blame science!

Robert Smith continues to lose his mind on Radiohead.  Hilarity ensues.

and that’s that.

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Yeah, that just happened on The ZAS.

Jay-Z vs. Radiohead in Jadiohead land.

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