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This playlist is so sugar sweet, diabetics should consult a dietitian before dipping their ears in it.

About a Girl

01) The Academy Is… – “About a Girl”
02) Metro Station – “Seventeen Forever”
03) Cute is What We Aim For – “Newport Living”
04) Ludo – “Love Me Dead”
05) The Almost – “Say It Sooner”
06) Secondhand Serenade – “It’s Not Over”
07) Plain White T’s – “Take Me Away”
08) Sum 41 – “Walking Disaster”
09) Taking Back Sunday – “Liar (It Takes ONe to KNow One)”
10) Thriving Ivory – “Angels On The Moon”
11) Angels & Airwaves – “Secret Crowds”
12) The Offspring – “You’re Gonna Go Far Kid”
13) The Virgins – “Rich Girls”
14) Hawthorne Heights – “Saying Sorry”
15) The Academy Is… – “Every Burden Has a Version”
16) Metro Station – “Control”
17) Gym Class Heroes – “Cookie Jar”
18) Cute Is What We Aim For – “There’s A Class For This”
19) 3OH!3 – “Don’t Trust Me”
20) Alkaline Trio – “Help Me”
21) The Secret Handshake – “Summer of ’98”
22) Jimmy Eat World – “Always Be”
23) Sum 41 – “With Me”
24) +44 – “Baby, Come On”
25) Taking Back Sunday – “You’re So Last Summer”

Here is a playlist for you kids that are still in junior highschool or wish you were.  Now I can never lie to you, I have a serious crush on power pop.  Last summer, Coral and I had the mighty Sirius satellite subscription and did lots of driving.  A channel that we had fired up a ton was Sirius Hits One.  The top 40 station.  What I liked about Sirius is that they included a very healthy dose of power pop in playlist.  Many of the tracks from this playlist are from Sirius Hits One over the summer.  The rest you might hear on the Zone.  I am not too sure how I’ll keep up on my sugar pop now that I let the Sirius subscription slide.  Maybe get a subscription to teen beat?

The Academy Is… is a new band to my playlist at home.  They showed up on the Rollingstone Top 50 records of the year as a fine example of power pop so I downloaded the record.  So far I dig it.  Reminds me of Jimmy Eat World.

Metro Station is a wee bit retarded.  But I randomized my set and this came up.  Fits like a glove, so it stays.

“If you lie, you don’t deserve to have friends.”  A fourteen year old girl couldn’t write better lyrics.  Thank you Cute Is What We Aim For.

Ludo is aband we feature n the Zone form time to time.  James found these guys and had a hard on for this track.  It never made it to regular rotation on the Zone, which is a shame.  Pretty fun band and catchy damn song.

The Almost is a popular one on the Zone.  I htink it is the drummer or something form the band Underoath.

We slow it down for the ladies… Secondhand Serenade is a secondhand Dashboard Confessional circa The Places You Have Come to Fear The Most.

Once apon a time on The Zone, there was a song that was simaltaniously jeered and cheered by all the land.  That song was an acoustic sappy syrupy ditty from a band Plain White T’s called “Hey There Delilah.”  Funny story… the song had been out for about a year I believe, before tipping huge in the summer of 2006?  2007?  Shit I don’t remember.  But that song first showed up as the final track of 2005’s All That We Needed.  I got my hands on the record and jammed it out hard digging the first three songs on the disc including “Take Me Away.”  Great pop.  At the time I thought “Hey There Delilah” was nice, but not the big story from this band.  I was wrong.

Sum 41 is a band that we traditionally play on the Zone, but we didn’t really dive into this track, “Walking Disaster.”  One of the stronger tracks from Underclass Heroes… but generally I think the guys in Sum 41 are assholes, so I’d never endorse these guys to anyone.

Taking Back Sunday is one of my favourite bands.  I have been jamming these guys out for along time.  I have all their records and seen them live.  When I think hyperbolic lyrcis of highschool romances gone awry, I think TBS.  You’ll hear TBS on the Zone form time-time… but their best music is form Tell All Your Friends.

Thriving Ivory is one of those songs that was all over Sirius Hits One during the summer.  This song is really emotionally over the top.

Angels &Airwav are a band.

I was watching the Oiler/Canucks game last night on the CBC, and the Oil take to the ice with the Offspring’s “You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid.”

I don’t think the Virgins are actually virgins.  They play disco infused pop.  Disco.

Hawthorne Heights don’t really much to the audio landscape of the planet… that’s fine.  The song “saying Sorry” briefly evokes some Fu Manchu… and you go, “fuck yea…” but before the ‘h’ slips your lips, they bust back into generic power pop.  Good try guys.

“Cookie Jar” is arguably to dumbest song I heard on Sirius Hits One this summer… but I could not stop singing it.  Then I became addicted.  I recommend listening to this song ONLY if you live with someone who truely loves you and accepts your ecentricies because you’ll be humming this song after hearing it.  And the lyrics are so dumb that you will experience judgement.

I am such a cookie whore… indeed.

3OH!3 not only have an amazing band name, they rap about Helen Keller.  Believe that hype.  I downloaded these cats after reading about them in Rollingstone.  “Don’t trust a ho, never trust a ho, won’t trust a ho, won’t trust me.”  deep man, deep.

oh and this gem makes me smile, “shush girl/ and shut your lips/do the Helen Keller/and talk with your hips.”

if you dropped that line on a first date, there is NO WAY you won’t get laid.  Hang on, was that a double negative?

Alkaline Trio is another you’d hear on the Zone.  I like these guys and always have… and liekly always will.  I am at the point with this band that I download first and ask questions later.  If Alkaline has a new one out, I give it a spin based on their wonderous track record.  I have a lot of favourites from this band, but the latest works for this playlist which hearkens back to the summer of 2008.  Haha, it already sounds dates and it is months old… wow.

The Secret Handshake is a bizarre pop song that had a lot of play on Sirius Hits One.  Some dude that must be about my age or a couple years my junior singing about the summer of 1998.  Whoa, I am old.

Ha! the dude covered Skee-Lo’s “I Wish” for the Punk Goes Crunk comp disc… I need to hear that.

The final track sums up this playlist beautifully, “You’re So Last Summer.”  Most of these tracks were big in the summer (a few older) and many got play during the summer driving season or had their day on the Zone during the summer.

Now this playlist is not for everyone.  It is apologetically poptastical… but if you got a cavity in your heart and the only cure is more harmonies soaring over power chords, then you might find something you like.

Go with yourself


um, yeah, I just downloaded Punk Goes Crunk, and it is pretty special.

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whoa… peace

This is pretty groovy, I read this on PSR and want to share it here.

“In 1969, a 14-year-old Beatle fanatic named Jerry Levitan, armed with a reel-to-reel tape deck, snuck into John Lennon’s hotel room in Toronto and convinced John to do an interview about peace. 38 years later, Jerry has produced a film about it. “


One more thing to check out… Victoria rockers theset have included my baby girl to model their t-shirt and album as their profile picture.  too cute.

MySpace: theset

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