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the girl on the train

How cool is this… Blitz//Berlin….the Toronto based band that us West Coast kids will always remember as Theset….had their song “Surfboard Fire” reworked for the Girl on the Train movie trailer.

And that sure does sound like Kanye West from his 2008 jammer “heartless.”

And here’s some banger cover/remix….because it’s Friday.

Go with yourself.

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blitz berlin

Toronto’s Blitz/Berlin will be releasing their debut album Distance sometime in the next few months.

Blitz is 3/5s of the old Victoria 2000s band theset!

Here are our first listens to the upcoming record.

Go with yourself.

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Dean made you a mix tape

I got a message from my homeboy Dean.  Dean was in a band called Theset.  Theset were a popular band from Victoria that decided to take the next level and relocate to Toronto.  Life happened, and that band doesn’t really function too much anymore.  But the original Victoria friends that headed East still make music.

An update to the sound, a rebrand to Blitz // Berlin…. and here we are… a 3 song set as a FREE download.




What do you think?  Do you have a favourite cut?

I like you, do you like Blitz//Berlin?

Go with yourself.

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I was poking around some old files and found this recording that Black Tie Social did for my old Capital Rock City podcast.  The talk was this would be the last BTS show… opening for Theset at Big Fernwood.

Black Tie Social – “Silver Screens” (live)

Just wanted to share because I love them.

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I almost got caught in the rain.  Hard at work on a sandwich before work and it looked sunny and bright.  But then I got caught up playing with Madelyn, changing a bum and putting some clothes on her, and when i looked outside again, it  was POURING.  If I had left when I could have, I’d have got soaked on my scooter ride!  So thank you Dad-chores?  Today that’s a yes.

Speaking of sandwiches… yes I am still doing my damnedest to pack a lunch everyday.  And I (errr… actually Coral) may have found the BEST bread.

Portofino Bakery makes an epic sandwich bread.  They don’t have a website, or fan page, or twitter… or anything really… so I guess they are building low and slow with word-of-mouth or whatever, but its good bread.  Yum yum.


Theset is truth.

Yesterday, Victoria rock and roller band theset stopped by my radio show for an interview and live performance.

Have a download: Theset yaps then performs “Already Know.”

For you Zone Mail subscribers, the song will be available for download in the Zone Mail section in the next couple days.

We talk about iPodMeister.com, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (the first movie), moving to Toronto to get signed by Wax Records, how great Elias is, shooting music videos on shoe-string budgets, and Adam Lambert.  Oh the times we share.  Then they sing “Already Know” and that’s a podcast.

Go with yourself.

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Class of 84’s new song is called “Old Bones, New Blood” and this bratty punk tracks is about getting old and loving to skate!

CO84’s Jono McGee helped produce Start With A Cobra and these firecrackers are also singing about skating, I think.

We have a new band of the month at the Zone, they are called The Perfect Trend.  This Nanaimo screamo-type band will play Evolution on March 25th!

The show ends with former ZBOTM Maurice.  They played live on The ZAS last week and I included the performance on this here podcast.

Thank you for downloading Capital Rock City, if you like the show, please tell a friend.

Download: Capital Rock City #92

You can subscribe to the show and have it delivered to you weekly and for free by using this RSS feed or finding ‘Capital Rock City’ on iTunes.


DJ Notes

01) Class of 84 – “Old Bones, New Blood”
02) Start With The Cobra – “Hot Rails”
03) The Perfect Trend – “Aaryn”
04) Maurice – “Kerosene (LIVE)”

Class of 84’s new record cover.  Looks pretty good eh?

Jono from the band is also involved with Start With The Cobra.  He sent me a link to Phillips Beer here in Victoria.  Inside select 12 packs of yummy beer, you’ll find a download code to get a bunch of Start With The Cobra songs.  Fun.

The new Zone Band of the Month is The Perfect Trend.  The Nanaimo band is working hard trying to elevate their game to rock star status.  So far they have opened for a ton of bands, traveled and toured everywhere.  Planning a trip to Toronto for Canadian Music Week and hanging out with Adam Sutherland recording a new record.  We’ll get a chance to see them March 25th at Evolution.

The show ends with a liver performance form Maurice.  Mike Devlin wrote a good article about their trials, challenges and successes.

Maurice is off on a cross-Canada tour with the Armchair Cynics.  Awesomesauce.

Next week on CRC 93, talking about Tyson Yerex and his move to Against Me for their Canadian Tour, Jeff Kalesnikoff is playing with Theset and we’ll check out a new band called Look Medusa!

That’s all I got, go with yourself.

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stolen without a gun from Auntie Andra's facebook

Ahhh  GOLD!  Right, it happened yesterday afternoon.  The Team Canada Boys rocked the gold medal and capped a great couple weeks in British Columbia.

I am so happy they triumphed in the nail biter against our arch nemesis country, the USA in a thrilling overtime win.  If they had lost, it would have put a bit of a spoiler on the whole 14 Gold medal record and a Canada best 26 medals at Winter Olympics.

I get it, gold in like ice dance and I dunno, other sports… but for me, the hockey is the only one that really mattered.  Its going to be kinda hard to go back to NHL hockey on Tuesday (Nucks vs. Rick Nash and Blue Jackets).


I am happy for my friend Tyson.  He got a job playing keyboards for Florida punkers Against Me!.

We all know and love the T Razer from his days playing bass in former Zone bands of the month Moneyshot and keys/guitar for Acres of Lions.

The T Razer's Facebook Profile Picture

Against Me will be in Victoria on Wednesday playing a Zone Show with Billy Talent, Alexisonfire and Cancer Bats at the Arena.

Razer will get to travel across the country with the Florida band playing arena show for the next month or so (I can’t remember how long the tour is).  While Tyson is on the road with Against me, Acres of Lions lead guy, Jeff will be playing with another Victoria band, Theset.  Theset were added to the SnoCore tour, criss-crossing the Great White North and in Victoria on April 4th.


Wasn’t able to go grocery chopping last night, so I didn’t pack a lunch today!  I’ll have to plan that put tonight and go later this evening for the Sandwich Project.  I’ll post an update on that front later when it happens.

Go with yourself.

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