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Red hot remix action… a couple modern rockers that will bang on the dance floor for your next sockhop.

Neon Trees are climbing the alt. rock charts with “Sleeping With a Friend.”  Krazy Kat jams the remix.

The new Neon Trees record will be called Pop PsychologyRadio.com has some knowledge and interview.

Lorde, still so hot right now.  Normally her tunes are a bit of a buzz kill, but this one should get you to throw your hands in the air, even if you’re over it now.

The remix is done by Elephante who writes, “So one of my friends said this remix sounds like “Elton John in the back of a limo driven by Big Bird”… not really the reaction I was expecting, but I’ll take it.”

Go with yourself.

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Neon Trees
Neon Trees are a band we do know here at the Zone.  The group from Provo, Utah had a hit on the Zone back in 2010 called “Animal.” New record is called Pop Psychology and it’s out in April.  This song about sleeping with your buddy is charting it up on the modern rockers in the U S of A.

American Authors are a positive rock band from Brooklyn.  Their song is called “Best Day of My Life.”  The style is similar to Lumineers or Of Monsters and Men, they sing about positivity, and their logo looks like a coffee shopI think these guys will do alright.

Kongos are a brother band from South Africa now living in Arizona.  The four brothers bring a noise that melds a little accordion into an AWOLNATION-esque beat. (I’d share the band’s official stream, but they have “embedding” turned off)

Lastly… maybe the highest charting song we’re not playing too much in Canada, Phantogram.  The longtime friends from Upstate New York have a record out in February called Voices.  Song is getting blasted pretty regualr on KROQ and The End in Seattle.

You feeling any of these song?  All of these songs?  DERP! none of these songs?

Go with yourself.

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Neon Trees are a massive popular rock band.

The radio feature cut we’re jamming on the Zone is called “Animal” and it currently sits at #2 on the Billboard Alternative Rock Charts, #8 on The Zone’s Modern Rock Countdown and #23 on Billboard’s Hot 100.  Not bad for a little band outta Provo, Utah.

Tyler Glenn is the lead singer and he took a few moments to do a quick interview and talk about their cover of The Bieb’s “Baby,” coming from Utah and their show September 22nd at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver with 30 Seconds to Mars. He also says something about admiring the lead singer of INXS.  Sure.

Check it: Interview with Neon Trees’ Tyler Glenn on The ZAS

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