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I’ve always enjoyed Jack Antonoff’s Bleachers music. Bleachers new record is due sometime this summer. Hey man, Jack is a busy guy…he was there helping Lorde on what will be her next super smash, Melodrama.

If you are familair with Bleachers or even his previous band .fun, then you’ll have a pretty good idea of what is about to go down. 80’s-ish sounding synth based pop. I think you’ll hear Lorde a little on this song in the mix too. Neat.

Talking to Rolling Stone he talks about the first sing ‘Don’t Take The Money.”

I wanted to write this song from the perspective of two incredibly complicated people who are dealing with loss and anxiety and depression. You have these crazy fights, and after you go all the way to the bottom, everything is so clear.

Go with yourself.

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Thursday, Jon Williams and I got spoiled at the Radio Factory.  We had our Zone Band of the Month Geoff Lundstrom in to perform his single “Wash The Dirt Off.”  But then the dude stuck around and recorded a cover of Lorde‘s Much Mega Hit, “Royals.”  His trio consisted of himself with Amy and Chris on keys.  Amy let Jon hold her 1948 Martin D 28 acoustic guitar!

Earlier, we had Victoria’s Zerbin in studio.  The boys dropped a beautiful take on The National‘s  “I Need My Girl.”

Maybe you’ll be able to get behind one of these covers and you’ll share it with your friends.

Go with yourself.

The Morning After Show in on Facebook?  Believe the hype and throw me a “like.”

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fox graphic
Red hot remix action… a couple modern rockers that will bang on the dance floor for your next sockhop.

Neon Trees are climbing the alt. rock charts with “Sleeping With a Friend.”  Krazy Kat jams the remix.

The new Neon Trees record will be called Pop PsychologyRadio.com has some knowledge and interview.

Lorde, still so hot right now.  Normally her tunes are a bit of a buzz kill, but this one should get you to throw your hands in the air, even if you’re over it now.

The remix is done by Elephante who writes, “So one of my friends said this remix sounds like “Elton John in the back of a limo driven by Big Bird”… not really the reaction I was expecting, but I’ll take it.”

Go with yourself.

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It’s remix time and a I got a couple beauties for you.

Unlike Pluto remix Lorde’s “Glory & Gore.”

Arcade Fire
Something local… Victoria production team Mid/Side Hustler go for a deep house treatment on Arcade Fire’s “Reflektor.”


Sorry one more… I think I posted this before but I have it on while reading the internet and I loves it.

Also… how about that Hobbit Movie?  Pretty good… the Justin Bieber song that came on during the credits threw me for a loop, but when the bros behind me started booing (or maybe they were booing the cliffhanger ending?) I giggled.

Turns out it wasn’t Justin Bieber, it was Ed Sheeran.

Go with yourself.

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Some thoughts that have been rattling around….


This article from Forbes.

How Spotify Made Lorde a Pop Superstar (FORBES)

I was interested to read this story as I love music and technology. Basically the writer makes the case that Lorde gained the traction she needed to breakthrough because her song was added to an influential playlist on Spotify.

On April 2nd, Parker added Lorde’s single “Royals” to Hipster International, a move that would help propel the then unknown sixteen-year-old to international stardom. “The moment Lorde’s “Royals” was added to Sean Parker’s popular Hipster International playlist on Spotify, we saw an immediate reaction around the world,” Jason Flom, the head of Lava Records, who signed Lorde this spring, said in an email. “Six days later, “Royals” debuted on the Spotify Viral Chart. The plays just kept growing as word of the track spread across their network…It was the first spark that lit the blaze of attention and activity that culminated in Lorde’s incredible album debut.”

That’s a nice story.  But as I read this piece I had more questions than answers.  Working in radio for as long as I have I couldn’t help but wonder why something as seemingly influential as “Hipster International” has only launched a single international hit?  The truth is that the reason Lorde’s “Royals” is a Much Mega Hit is because Lorde’s “Royals” is a HIT.  Her marketing team just chose Spotify and then spent their money there to promote it.  I cruised the list and there are many great songs, but if word-of-mouth and a nod from Sean Parker equals success, then Pacific Air should be pretty huge too.

The song is good, nice pop song, and near the top of Sean Parker’s influential list.  But it is Lorde that dominates the conversation in music right now.

I have just about wrapped reading the book Blockbusters by Anita Elberse.  The book offers many insights into the sociology of why the collective we, like what we like.  You can read that book, then go back to this story and see that the same rules apply even if the url of the gatekeeper has changed.

Go with yourself.

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catching Fire
The premiere of the second Hunger Games film Catching Fire is tonight at Silvercity Tillicum.  The film promises to be one those Hollywood Blockbusters that everyone is lining up to see.

The soundtrack for thefilm  is an interesting mix of pop and modern rock heavy weights.  Coldplay, Christina Aguilera, Ellie Goulding and Lorde sharing disc-space with The Lumineers, The National, Imagine Dragons and Patti Smith?  Sure.

Digital Spy said the best song on the soundtrack is Sia’s “Elastic Heart.” The song  features the sounds of Canadian R&B star The Weeknd.

Let’s have  a listen to a few of the contributions from Zone bands….

And here is that Lorde cover of Tears for Fears that some people love and some people pan.

Go with yourself.

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A record that is currently living in the Purple Minivan is The Replacements’ TimThe 1985 album is one of my favourites (wait, ALL the Replacements records are one of my favourites…. its one of the Replacements records I have on compact disc!).

The Replacements played their final concert in Chicago on July 4th, 1991.

On November 7th, 1996…. Ella Yelich-O’Conner was born.  At 12, she would be discovered at a talent show and signed to a record deal transforming into Lorde.

One month ago, she posted her cover of The Replacements’ “Swingin’ Party.”

Pitchfork reviewed her record Pure Heroine today, and their spin on the Lorde persona speaks to the beauty of this selection for her.  They call her style “post-internet.”  I liked the line, “(Lorde) has fashioned herself a correspondent on the front lines of elegantly wasted post-digital youth culture and working-class suburban boredom.”

Elegantly wasted?

We go with ourselves.

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Minor Obsession: Lorde “Team”

I had a chance to front-to-back Lorde’s Pure Heroine… believe the hype, I enjoyed my listen.

I immediately gravitated to a cut called “Team.”  Turns out its the next single

I dig it because its a grouchy old person song… and though I am not “old” I did come up with music at a time when it wasn’t all sunshine and Mowgli’s and empowering Facebook share memes.

The Positive trend, i get it… man, the path your happiness is through you doing whatever you can to make yourself happy, or whatever…but I feel like the music that constantly play, it says nothing to me about my life.

It does trip me out that i am related to a song by a 16-year-old teenager from New Zealand.  Whatever, good song.

Go with yourself.

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Lorde’s “Royals” is a Much Mega Hit right now.  The 16-year-old from New Zealand is on the cover Billboard Magazine and her album Pure Heroine is out on September 30th.

It’s Friday! So let’s lay down a remix from Wild Boyz (free download if you “like” their facebook page).  The band adds some “dub-step breakdowns.”  For the most part I dig this mix except the weird chipmunk moments.

Go with yourself.

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