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Holy wow.

Got back around 11PM last night after a wicked and savage 28-ish hours in Seattle.  Bearing  witness to an historic Seattle Seahawks football game. The unlikely 7-9 Seahawks bounced the defending Super-Bowl champion New Orleans Saints out of the NFL playoff during Wild Card week.  If it isn’t the GREATEST playoff upset in NFL history… it is damn near the top.  And I was there with Pol Plastino and a couple of Zoners.

We took the “borrowed” Chevy Cruze on a crazy roadtrip that began Friday night with a bee-line straight to the Coast Tsawwassen Inn.

Wake up time was 6AM.  Wake up Pol!

God bless the complimentary continental breakfast.  Last square meal I’d have all day.  It is now 6:30ish AM.


First order of business… find a party! (and some red plastic cups). Zoners Erin and David brought the high heat with good canadian beer to drink during the pre-game.  Hmm what time is it?  10:30AM maybe?  Sure, beer is a good idea.

Our mission was clear… seek out and destroy street meat hotdogs!  And there were many.

Holy moly that looks good! I wish I wasn’t the designated driver, because the only thing that goes with a hotdog this exact…. is beer.  Pol, Erin and David are in on them.  Funny, red cups repel cops.  Seattle knows how to throw a street party.  The city of Victoria needs to send our leaders to figure out good times.

We head into the stadium around 12:30 for the 1PM start.

The action of the football game was intense.  But the Hawks NEEDED me, I was the 12th man.  Most football teams only field 11 guys, so as you can imagine, the fact the Hawks have 12 is a big advantage. (please don’t make fun of my double chin)

Sitting up in the “Hawks Nest” was rad.  The rowdies up there knew how to party and sitting in front was a woman I used to work with at Starbucks in Saanich.  Weird… she came with her family and took this picture of David, Pol and myself.  This is right near the end, when we could all feel the win!

Pol and I took lots of video clips and we’ll ask Bud to edit them up into something resembling entertainment.  Hope to be able to share that video with you soon.  Lots of of clips of the street party and tailgaters.

Driving the Chevy Cruze to Seattle was the best time.  And these outrageous adventures get put together at the Zone very fast… we don’t know when the next one will be, or to where yet… just that it will happen, and you could be coming with us!  Follow the Zone on Facebook, twitter and LISTEN to 91-3 FM.

Go Hawks! and Go with yourself.

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Through amazing twist of fate… the 7-9 Seattle Seahawks NFL football team won their division and made the playoffs!

No team in the history of NFL football has made the playoffs with a losing regular season record.

AND Seattle, being a division champion, gets a first round home football game.

Here at the Zone, we managed to get 4 tickets to the game plus a hotel room from the Coast Twsawwassen Inn and a car for the trek from Dave Wheaton Chevrolet.

This game is a historic event AND the Seahawks will be jamming out their playoff game against the defending Super Bowl champions… the New Orleans Saints.

Today on the show… Pol and I will qualify one more Zoner then we’ll do a draw live on the radio at 6PM.  One couple leaves from the studio with us to the ferry… Two couples go home.

Can’t wait!

Perry Como – “Seattle”

Go Hawks Go! and go with yourself.

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