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Last Friday I was surprised to find that I had Slipknot front man Corey Taylor on the show.

Slipknot is arguably one of the biggest metal bands criss-crossing North America right now.  Their four albums, beginning with 1999’s Slipknot are all platinum sellers in Canada.

When I was growing up, Slipknot became hugely popular during the days of “nu-metal.”  For that reason, the masks, the horror themes… they weren’t really my style.  Which is a bit of a shame, because knowing that I would interview Corey Taylor, I went back and had a listen and the music is pretty good.

I am more a fan of his softer stuff.  I think “Snuff” is their best cut and I always enjoy Stone Sour.

Mike Devlin over at the Times-Colonist does a good job of explaining it all

Corey and I talked about growing up in Iowa in poverty, working multiple jobs, getting into metal and rock and roll.  The early days of Stones Sour and Slipknot.

We talk about what set Slipknot apart in 1999 and about the changes you’ll hear on the new(er) “All Hope is Lost.”

Some Slipknot fans are not so much into the changes… but fuck it, I like the new record!  and that surprised me.

Then we move on to, the end of Slipknot?

Finally, it gets weird and we talk about crazy fans, the masks, people dressed as Slipknot on Halloween, a horror convention in Las Vegas, and try to guess what kind of underwear Corey is wearing.

Mostly I liked Corey Taylor because even though I am clearly not a Slipknot fan, the dude was pleasant, respectful and a good time to chit-chat with on the radio.

So here it is, almost 19 minutes with Corey Taylor.

Download: Corey Taylor on The Zone Afternoon Show



Saturday night I spent my evening in Langford for the last home game of the season for the Victoria Rebels football team.  They crushed the Vancouver Trojan by a score of like, a billion to twenty.  It was almost silly.  Friday on the ZAS before Corey came on the show, I had a chance to talk to a couple guys from the Rebels.

Download: Victoria Rebels on The ZAS

Go with yourself.

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I enjoyed an amazing BC Day weekend.  Saturday, my fiancee Coral and I took Madelyn to Beacon Hill Park to feed the ducks then off to Bear Mountain Stadium to watch the Victoria Rebels defeat the Okanagan Sun 34-21 in their football season opener.  Sunday we trucked off to Lake Cowichan for a day of swimming, beach, boating and sun.  I am a little sun burned.  The playlist for the drive up included Coral’s current fave, Yeah Yeah Yeah’s “Zero,” some Cage the Elephant, Phoenix, Interpol, Japandroids and The Rural Alberta Advantage.  Plus some electro sounding Hadoukan!

Monday, back to it broadcasting a BC Day holiday program.

Holidays are always a little slow on the Zone Phone (250-475-0913) but my-oh-my, the first three phone calls set up a “one of those” type of days moment.

The first call was some champion trying to be funny, “why do all radio DJs sound the same?

Then someone wanted to know if it was true that Lady Gaga is of The Third Sex?

and finally, Hep C outbreak at Thetis Lake.

Those were my first three calls sitting down for a BC Day afternoon… ahhh good times.

Download: BC Day on the Zone Phone

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