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when its dark
The summer rain last night was very nice.  I decided to go for a walk.  During my walk I thought about the old P:ano record which I thought was called When It Rains and It’s Summer.  But when I got home and punched up my favourite song from the era, “All of November, Most of October” it showed the album was called When It’s Dark and It’s Summer.

Back in the day at CiTR they used to have an old cart machine, and bands who submitted a demo or single on cassette had it dubbed on to a cart.

A single that we loved on The Morning After Show was P:ano’s lo-fi beauty “All of November, Most of October.”

I could listen to this song over and over and over (and still do considering I first heard it maybe back in 2000?)

Enjoy the rain in the summer!

Go with yourself.

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