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when its dark
The summer rain last night was very nice.  I decided to go for a walk.  During my walk I thought about the old P:ano record which I thought was called When It Rains and It’s Summer.  But when I got home and punched up my favourite song from the era, “All of November, Most of October” it showed the album was called When It’s Dark and It’s Summer.

Back in the day at CiTR they used to have an old cart machine, and bands who submitted a demo or single on cassette had it dubbed on to a cart.

A single that we loved on The Morning After Show was P:ano’s lo-fi beauty “All of November, Most of October.”

I could listen to this song over and over and over (and still do considering I first heard it maybe back in 2000?)

Enjoy the rain in the summer!

Go with yourself.

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straight from hell
Plucking through my old CDs, I couldn’t find any Joel albums.  That’s a real shame.  The other day CHEK News came down to the radio factory to record Boitano talking about getting a song played on the radio.  An artist from Vancouver named Jay came by to play a song and create a relationship to hopefully get a song considered for radio.

The dude flailed around on his acoustic guitar jamming this wild song.  I flashed back to a performer I remember named Joel.  He had this feral acoustic style that was mighty fun.  I sometimes remember his music and want to listen (always at weird times) and then I think… those records must be buried in storage or lost to time.

I do have one song… a track I blogged about a couple years ago.

This song, “Straight From Hell” I don’t know too much about.  It was recorded when Paul was still doing the Morning After Show with me on CiTR. So 2000? 2001?  Doesn’t matter I guess.

Savage. Go with yourself.

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I often talk about my days in college radio at CiTR as the host of The Morning After Show.  Oh the times… circa 1998-2003, playing Canadian punk, metal and indie rock.

When I started there… I was young and dumb.  But it was really fun learning new bands and hanging out with Vancouver’s most groovy folks.

The show before the MAS was called Vengeance is Mine.  It was a PUNK show hosted by a guy named Trevor that had a leg dedicated to tattoos of villainous logos… “Decepticons,” The “Empire” from Star Wars, and “Cobra” from G.I. Joe. He dropped out of radio school (hey, I was going to radio school in the fall!) and he was a cook at the Atlantic Trap and Grill back when it was more divey and cool and less touristy and near the arena and stadium (but actually, still a fun place!).

Trevor was very friendly, loved music, was in a band, and was a huge inspiration on 18 and 19 year old Jeremy.  One of his favourite bands that quickly became my new favourite band was Winnipeg’s Propagandhi.

Propagandhi made the kind of punk rock that punk rockers talk about making but don’t, or sell out.

In 2001 they released Today’s Empires, Tomorrow’s Ashes.   The album very quickly became the most played record on my radio show.  In fact, almost every radio show started with “Back to the Motor League.”  The times when I couldn’t make the show and Paul flew solo, he played the song first!

Propagandhi – “Back To The Motor League”

Download MP3 >> motorleague

At the time… the song was a party anthem for me.  But I was also 21 and stupid.  Listening now, the song still gets me fired up, but the message remains.  The track talks about the co-opting the punk rock culture by corporations.

Generally Propagandhi are pretty politically charged… so being lectured every song isn’t for everyone… but I find the songs to be a great inspiration, and the energy to be positive.  “Back to the Motor League” remains a favourite party rocker and usually a first play before a big night.

Go with yourself.

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Its funny… growing up, I was never much of a car guy. My folks always had a car I could borrow.  I bought an old 1969 Triumph Spitfire in highschool.  It was dilapidated by the end of grade 12.

In college I bought a Dodge Colt for about $400 from my brother (who had bought it from my Dad).

I shared that car with Alex (my old girlfriend).  And by shared I mean, she mostly drove it and I took skytrain to work.  When we moved to Victoria, she drove it till it literally died in the street and needed to be towed.

Her brother gave us his old car, a Hyundai, the worst car ever.  But it was free and we needed it at the time;  it was a pretty clutch gift.  The car smoked black smoke all over the city. It was so bad, that sure enough at a stop light, someone would say, “hey, your car is smoking.”

I was on my way to the ferry to pick up my sister when it died on the Pat Bay by the funeral home. I had to call Sara P on the radio and a Zoner picked me up!

After that, Alex bought a Volvo.  Then she moved to Vancouver.  So I was walker.

Driving me to the ferry one morning in the rain, she spun off the road and we crashed.  The RCMP drove me to the ferry.

Then Alex bought a Suzuki sidekick or something and we broke up (gosh dang sidekicks!).

And then I was for sure a walker (no not a Zombie!).  I also bought a scooter.  I lived a long time without a car.

When I met Coral, she also had no car. Oy Vey!

It wasn’t till me moved in together that my aunt gave me her old pick-up truck.  Then Coral got pregnant so we sold that to her Mom and leased a Jeep.

But mostly Coral drives the Jeep.

I ride my bike or walk most the time.

Until now.

I borrowed a Chevy Cruze from Dave Wheaton Chevrolet and almost immediately, we became a two-car family that seems to NEED two cars!

This morning, the challenge was getting Madelyn to Nana’s then to work as Coral also had to go to work at the same time.

Madelyn didn’t seem to appreciate our commitment to keeping a schedule and fought me all the way to the car.  In her pajamas!  In the snow!

I clipped her car seat in and while doing that she decided to run in the snow.

She also doesn’t appreciate that the “red car” is a borrowed lender/test drive dealio.  Ugh.  Snow everywhere in the back seat.

It did calm me down when I turned on the car and the display screen said “Be careful, there could be ice on the road.”

Whoa… the car is smarter than my two-year-old.

Being a music/radio guy, the stereo is THE most important part of any car.  To me, the car is a rad stereo system on wheels.

I don’t know what they charge for a Cruze, but the information center is big and easy to navigate around.  The thing also has XM satellite (boo), but secretly… I dig it.

If there was a way to put the satellite and radio together in a way that compliments both, this is the system.  I have had satellite in a car before and I had to turn on the Sirius, or the radio… but with this car, I get to have The Zone as button #1, and then 60s on 6 as button #2.  And I can flip.  (The DJs on 60s on 6 are so tragic).  Then maybe Coast-to-Coast AM as button #3 and all my fave stations, on different formats and frequencies are all in one easy place.

I do have a new theme song because of 60s on 6.

I think my radio show needs a theme song at the beginning (and one at the end).

The old Morning After Show had this long intro I made that eventually settled into “Secret Agent Man” by Johnny Rivers.  And we ended every show with the “Why Do You Build Me Up” by the Foundations.

The Modern Rock Countdown starts with Jimi Hendrix’s “All Along The Watch Tower” and ends with Ennio Morricone “Ecstasy of Gold.”

But how about this song?

The Happenings – “I Got Rhythm”

But I think it would be more hilarious if I sang it or had an a cappella group sing it.  The song sounds like the theme music to a 1960s buddy comedy sitcom. I love it.

Alright, good talk.

Go with yourself.

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This morning I awoke to a perfect and cold winter day (and still a scratchy throat).  Coral was running a bit behind and I still have the Chevy Cruze, so she asked me to take Mads to Step-Up to Pre-School.

Driving back to The Zone, I was jamming out Pol Plastino and he punched up Gob’s “Ming Tran.”

“Ming Tran” is from Gob’s 2002 ep F.U. EP.  I remember this record being big on the radio back when I worked at a Starbucks in Vancouver and we’d sing it all the time.

Back then, I used to listen to Gob all the time and play them on my radio show, The Morning After Show (hence the name of this here ole blog). My favourite, favourite Gob song was “Self-Appointed Leader” off 1998’s How Far Shallow Takes You. Back then, I didn’t really get how radio “works” so I’d call up David Hawkes (best DJ!) on CFOX at night and request the song. He’d tell me it was a great cut and take a minute to talk some Vancouver rock and roll with me and then play “What To Do” or some other Gob-esque type song that might have been getting a little attention.  Pop-punk (or ponk) was pretty popular in the late 90s and early 00s.

Gob – “Self-Appointed Leader”

I was pretty new at CiTR in the winter of 1998 and Gob’s record was new (and my show was a new Canadian music show so…..) and I played it quite a bit.

As I grew a bit more sophisticated in my musical taste, taking the bus out to Vancouver at least once a week, turning 19 and going to shows, and starting my own band… I really got into the Vancouver band By A Thread. Their debut album The Last of Daydreams came out in November of 1999 ( I think, no wikipedia for these guys that I could find).

I loved them.  I played this record on my radio show all the time and made a point to see them live when I could afford it and had the time.

By A Thread – “Surface”

By A Thread – “The World To Me”

To this day, The Last of the Daydreams remains one of my favourite records from those early mornings on the radio.

Listening now, it does sound a little dated and obviously, DIY. The album cover has graphic design of so many indie bands of the era… so sometimes its hard to separate the nostalgia from the quality.  But it doesn’t really matter.  By A Thread was a big part of my soundtrack growing up.

By A Thread – “Crushed Beneath”

Go with yourself.

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Coral, Mads and I are off to Lower Mainland to solve all the gangland murders and look for chocolate eggs (maybe catch a Gaslight Anthem concert and hit the Morning After Show 10th Anniversary Party too), so no blogs till at least Monday next week.

Go with yourself.

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Damn, I am always cold lately.  My bones are cold.  weird…

Download: Capital Rock City #51

and remember kids, whenever you subscribe to the Capital Rock City podcast from the  iTunes store or RSS the program, Ryan Kesler scores another goal.

DJ Notes:

01) Johnny Galactic – “Pink Coat”
02) Vince Vaccaro – “Costa Rica”
03) Something Better – “She Said”
04) Hey Rosetta! – “Red Heart (live)”
05) Bosma – “My Self Removed”
06) Archon Legion – “Saviors of the Faith”

My friend Chucky sent me the music video last week for local rockers Johnny Galactic.  Catchy track, video is wonderfully DIY and who’s that on the bass gee-tar?  oh Aran from the Armchair Cynics.  neat.

Vince, god bless him… straight off some glorious reviews for his Juno Showcase in Vancouver last week… finds four seconds to read my drivel on this here blog and read that I wished I’d played “Costa Rica” on best of 2009 (so far) episode… so he emails me the track!  Thanks Vince!  My sister Andrea is not so much the indie rocker type, but she loves the track.

A couple episodes ago, I talked to a record engineer named Wynn Gogol about his studio One Ton.  One of his recent project was working with the band Something Better.  This week, the fruits of the labour.

Hey Rosetta! was out west last week for a Zone Show at Sugar Nightclub.  before the rock show, the boys stopped by my show and laid down this delectable gem, “Red Heart.”

Bosma writes in to the show; ” hey jeremy, here’s a tune for your podcast.  its a from a solo project of mine which can be found at myspace.com/bosmatunes.  its called “my self removed”.  kind of a garage-y sound but this is what i do when i’m not jammin with the 7 Year Old Poets. cheers mate.”

Reading my Monday Mag last week (the one about the Renovictions… featuring my old landlord! awesome.) and I came across a review for local metallers, Archon Legion.  I have been neglecting metal on ye ole podcast so I sent an email to the boys looking for  some songs to feature.  I am not as metal as Brodie for The Metal Observer, he has  a better review where he says:  “Overall, ARCHON LEGION sound like an incredibly inspired, and energetic band, but a young one at that. This means that “March Of The Inquisitors” is a very exciting album, if a few of the songs don’t hold up as well as others. The album is definitely worth it on the base of the stand out tracks though, and I personally can’t wait to see what else these guys have to offer on future albums.

Next week will either be:

Some more metal plus this band from Vancouver that Sara P found and likes or,

I *might* try and track down some old Morning After Show tapes and fave songs and create some sort of Morning After Show ten year somethingorother.  We’ll see how my work load shapes up next week.

That’s all I got, please download my show and share the link with a friend.

Go with yourself.

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