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I was reflecting on the year that was in music and put together a couple mixes. The first one is some of favourite songs and records of 2015.

2015 was a year of change for my family. We moved from Victoria to Vancouver. And for the first part of the year I lived in the city by myself, commuting back to the Island on weekends. I spent a lot of time listening to records commuting on the skytrain or on the ferry. When I was with the family, we always had something playing on the car stereo on our adventures and road trips.

Not sure what record I listened to the most…. Kurt Vile, FIDLAR, Beach Slang (and weirdly Waters) were all played a ton. Catfish too come to think of it.

This list is mostly stuff I listened to between headphones. I think I should make another list of what got blasted in the car, it would sound a little different (more Imagine Dragons and Modest Mouse and Ryan Adams).

And then I wanted to reflect on some of favourite songs I cranked at CFOX after a year at the station. It was a fun year. Hit some great shows, festivals, adventures with my family, and getting back into the grind of living in a bigger city. Plus the challenge of trying to elevate my radio performance in a competitive market. Great times. Here’s the soundtrack.

Assistant Program Director Dustin Collins called the set, “Delicious & Rich.”

Go with yourself.

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