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please tell me you need me

This kid in Baths makes me want to make music so badly.

Will… the brains behind the operation is like 21 or 22 now?  Mental.  I wish I would have paid more attention to music when I was younger.

The song “Plea” shows up later on his record Cerulean.   There are a lot of highlights on this record, but “Plea” is the apex song for me.

I heard this song in the morning with my coffee before Mads and Corj awoke.  It is such a pretty and romantic song.  Hit me right on the forehead.  The theme and loveliness of the song is universal and powerful.

It will end up quaterbacking my next mixtape which I had hoped to have done now… but sadly will need to wait till later tonight or tomorrow. (ugh technology)

I might try actually dubbing this mix to a cassette tape, just for one.  Does anyone still have a cassette player?  I’ll mail it to you!

Baths – “Plea”

Download MP3 >> 11 Plea

Tonight I am going to meet up with the Wizard to learn some photoshop so I can get better at making graphics for my mixtapes.  Fun time.

Go with yourself.

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