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My chillwave man Baths is back with new music.  The follow up to 2010’s Cerulean will be called Obsidian.  Look for it on May 28th on Anticon.

Wait a minute… Cerulean, like Cerulean Storm?  Obsidian like Obsidian Oracle?

Did Will Wisenfeld read Dark Sun novels?

Here’s the first taste, “Miasmas Sky.”

Baths will be touring with The Postal Service, but I don’t see him on the Vancouver date.

Go with yourself.

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What was Huck saying the other day?  “It takes a lot of courage to go out there and radiate your courage?”  Something like that… maybe essence.  Courage twice doesn’t even make sense.

Huckdoll was lifting a line from the most excellent Baths‘ song “Maximalist.”  I am sure I blogged a cut from this kid before… BUT, today during this weekend’s adventure to Ditch Record with Madelyn, I happened to come across Baths’ record Cerulean.  It was just what?  $22.99.  Still has the sticker on it, I haven’t dropped the needle.   Had to have it.  Which also reminds me… I gotta bug Smiths Pub to let me DJ another vinyl set on a Wednesday… if they’ll have me.

Baths – “Maximalist”

Download MP3 >> 03 Maximalist

OK… took a break from this post to message Smiths, did you miss me?


The other gem I bought from Ditch is not a record at all, but rather a book.  I was talking to Jeremy (hey! same name as me!) and my love of the Replacements.  He recommended  “The Replacements: All over but the shouting.”

I love books about war… and I love books about music.  Bah, but the only issue is I am still working my way through “Our Band Could Be Your Life.”  I hate getting two books I wanna read because sometimes I start the new one before the old one is done.  Not this time, no sir… Imma read my books in due time, cover-to-cover like a grownup.

Please download some Baths as he is great (and download this one too).

Go with yourself.

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please tell me you need me

This kid in Baths makes me want to make music so badly.

Will… the brains behind the operation is like 21 or 22 now?  Mental.  I wish I would have paid more attention to music when I was younger.

The song “Plea” shows up later on his record Cerulean.   There are a lot of highlights on this record, but “Plea” is the apex song for me.

I heard this song in the morning with my coffee before Mads and Corj awoke.  It is such a pretty and romantic song.  Hit me right on the forehead.  The theme and loveliness of the song is universal and powerful.

It will end up quaterbacking my next mixtape which I had hoped to have done now… but sadly will need to wait till later tonight or tomorrow. (ugh technology)

I might try actually dubbing this mix to a cassette tape, just for one.  Does anyone still have a cassette player?  I’ll mail it to you!

Baths – “Plea”

Download MP3 >> 11 Plea

Tonight I am going to meet up with the Wizard to learn some photoshop so I can get better at making graphics for my mixtapes.  Fun time.

Go with yourself.

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A mix of songs of music I generally found as free downloads off http://pitchfork.com .

I presented them at the Veneto Lounge (http://hotelrialto.ca) on the weekend. I normally pick songs that have similar BPM when I craft a mix because that is all I can do to blend them together. These songs are all over the map, so the best I could do on the Vestax VCI 300 was fade them in and out. I am considering getting an effects add-on for my Numark NS7, I think that might allow me to create some more interesting transitions, but I am not sure. If any DJs stumble on my mix, maybe you could post some ideas in the comment section as I am still learning and could really use the advise.

I hope you like the songs, that Pallers cut, “The Kiss” absolutely crushes.

Click to Listen: MIX – 5 Candies


DJ Notes

01) The Books – “Beautiful People” (mp3)
02) Kisses – “Bermuda (Active Child Remix)” (mp3)
03) Fol Chen – “In Ruins (Baths Remix)” (mp3)
04) Pallers – “The Kiss” (mp3)
05) Kraftwerk – “Neon Lights”
06) Spirituals – “Wanderings” (mp3)
07) Twin Sister – “I Want a House” (mp3)
08) Woodsmen – “When Morning Comes” (mp3)

Look at that, so much free music from the Pitchfork Forkcast!

The Books start the set with some trippy reversed singing and then a bunch of math?

I dived into some Fol Chen just for Huckdoll who loves them.

Pallers are changing my world right now. “The Kiss” is an incredibly romantic song.  It definitely is a day-dream song that for me personally takes me into a kind of fantasy world.  I kinda wished I lived in this song.

I decided on some Kraftwerk because Pitchfork used their song “Neon Lights” to describe the style of Pallers.  “Neon Lights” comes from the 1978 record The Man-Machine.  I never really listened to much Kraftwerk which is a bit of a shame, there music is pretty interesting, and to hear what they did with far more primitive sequencers and processors is kinda neat.

This record does feature a #1 single in the “The Model” which actually didn’t chart so high till 1982 when it was included as the B-side with “Computer Love.”  DJs started jiving on the b-side so it was re-issued as an A-side and climbed the charts to number 1.

A song for Coral, Twin Sister sounds like a band you might hear on the Juno Soundtrack.  “I Want a House” is something Coral says to me all.the.time.  maybe if we lived in Texas where they give them away…

The set ends with my theme song for the morning after… when morning comes.  nice.


The title for this set comes from a conversation with Madelyn Friday morning and doesn’t have anything to do with the music.  Lately my two-year-old has become completely driven by candy.  One morning she just started on a baby babble train and I pulled out “five candies” and “three blue ones.”

Thank you for taking the time to listen to my mix.  If you like it, please share it with a friend.

Go with yourself.

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DJ Maddy Oh YEAH!

Thank you for making the time to listen to my selections.

A simple relaxing mix. Lots of electronic ambient and simple fuzzy pop music. The little set ends with a more organic epic rock sound from This Will Destroy You.

Click to Stream: I love you, but you’re terrible at…

My wife Coral is reading a book called “Eating Animals” by a gentleman named Jonathan Safran Foer.  He was talking about about the joy of the birth of his first child and how it was a second.  The quote is so beautiful and poignant.

” We could retell our stories and make them better, more representative or aspirational. Or we could choose to tell different stories. The world itself had another chance.”

Seeing as I tell stories for a living, the quote resonated with me and has rattled around in my brain for days now.  I came across a series of great songs in such a short amount of time that i wanted to get a second mix upon here for you and when i play these songs at home, i think about this quote.

As for the title of the mix… it began as a conversation i had with Coral last night on the couch.  She said, “I love you, but you’re terrible at frying an egg.”  i guess I make bad fried eggs.  they don’t look like the pictures in the Jamie Oliver cookbook!

It’ll be a mute point soon… as Jonathan’s book is turning Coral into a vegetarian.


DJ Notes

Baths – “Maximalist” (MP3)
Four Tet – “Love Cry”
Washed Out – “Feel it all Around”
Loscil – “Dub for Cascadia”
This Will Destroy You – “Happiness: We’re All In It Together”

Go with yourself.

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