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It was the big kid’s 8th birthday last week, so my wife and I bought her a bike. Look at that…riding a bike is just like…riding a bike.

My man Koni sent his latest cover song/remix. This time it’s Rihanna’s “Work.”

Koni writes, “When Shaun’s & Emma’s version of “Work“ by Rihanna and Drake was brought to my attention, i was really excited to get a chance to work with them and produce a remix of it. I’m truly happy how it turned out and hope you enjoy it, too!”


Go with yourself.

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bye bye love
The always perfect Hannah Georgas shares her cover of The Everly Brother’s 1957 hit “Bye Bye Love.”

Phil Everly was Don Everly’s younger brother and one-half of The Everly Brothers.  He passed away last week.  Hannah was inspired by The Everly Brothers and recorded a cover song as a tribute.  She posted this statement on her Facebook:

“Very sad news to receive – the passing of Phil Everly over the weekend. The Everly Brothers inspired me in many ways. From their gorgeous harmonies to the sadness and sweetness of their lyrics. This past summer I recorded a cover of a song they made famous, ‘Bye Bye Love’. I love the juxtaposition of the lyrics vs sonic elements of this track. On first listen you feel the poppy and happy energy they bring to the song. As you dig deeper and listen to the lyrics, it’s then you realize how heartbreaking it actually is. I wanted to share my version of ‘Bye Bye Love’ in honour of Phil Everly’s passing. Sending my love to all those close to Phil Everly.”

And here is an older cover… from her iTunes Session ep… Rihanna’s “Stay.”

Go with yourself.

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