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Well how fun is this…one of Canada’s premier indie record labels, Dine Alone, shares with us a 26 song compilation of their artists.

Download it is here!

There is a lot to love.

Full Tracklist:
01. Wintersleep – Spirit
02. The Dandy Warhols – Catcher In The Rye
03. The Cult – G O A T
04. Vanishing Life – Exile
05. BRONCHO – Señora Borealis
06. Hannah Georgas – Don’t Go
07. Black Mountain – Florian Saucer Attack
08. Music Band – Day Stealer
09. Monster Truck – Why Are You Not Rocking?
10. DZ Deathrays – Blood On My Leather
11. Vanessa Carlton – Nothing Where Something Used To Be (Steve Osborne Remix)
12. The Lumineers – Cleopatra
13. The Dirty Nil – Zombie Eyed
14. Tokyo Police Club – Not My Girl
15. Heyrocco – Build It Up
16. Little Scream – Love As A Weapon
17. Matthew Logan Vasquez – Personal
18. Lucius – Gone Insane
19. City and Colour – Runaway
20. Say Yes – Once Forward, Twice Back
21. Violent Soho – Viceroy
22. Oh Pep! – Doctor Doctor
23. Dune Rats – Bullshit
24. Sego – Wicket Youth
25. Diarrhea Planet – Life Pass
26. Solids – Wait It Out


Go with yourself.

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bye bye love
The always perfect Hannah Georgas shares her cover of The Everly Brother’s 1957 hit “Bye Bye Love.”

Phil Everly was Don Everly’s younger brother and one-half of The Everly Brothers.  He passed away last week.  Hannah was inspired by The Everly Brothers and recorded a cover song as a tribute.  She posted this statement on her Facebook:

“Very sad news to receive – the passing of Phil Everly over the weekend. The Everly Brothers inspired me in many ways. From their gorgeous harmonies to the sadness and sweetness of their lyrics. This past summer I recorded a cover of a song they made famous, ‘Bye Bye Love’. I love the juxtaposition of the lyrics vs sonic elements of this track. On first listen you feel the poppy and happy energy they bring to the song. As you dig deeper and listen to the lyrics, it’s then you realize how heartbreaking it actually is. I wanted to share my version of ‘Bye Bye Love’ in honour of Phil Everly’s passing. Sending my love to all those close to Phil Everly.”

And here is an older cover… from her iTunes Session ep… Rihanna’s “Stay.”

Go with yourself.

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How good was Hannah Georgas last night at Upstairs Cabaret in Victoria, BC?

Before the amazing concert, she stopped by the Radio Factory to make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck with THIS!

We also had a chance to have an interview…. here it is.

We talk about the songs “Shortie,” “Somebody” and “Enemies.”  Her time as a UVic student partying at the club formally called The Red Jacket.  She talks about calling her sister to get inspired to write a song and leaving it all behind for 8 days to create on Salt Spring Island.

The Zone Afternoon Show Promo

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hannah georgas
Just stop talking for three minutes and forty-six seconds and listen to this!

You know what’s crazy….  its possible that Hannah Georgas was at The National show at Richards on Richards in 2007, and I was at the show.  whoa.

Now I’m not saying the song is about me, but it probably is, whatever.  I’ve moved past it.

I want to believe.  Go with yourself.

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Hannah Georgas is pretty much perfect.

A new music video is out now for her single “Somebody.”  It was worth my time.

Go with yourself.

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hannahgeorgas2Tonight at Royal Theatre in Victoria, Mother Mother and Hannah Georgas are performing a sold out show.  In front of the concert, Jasmin Parkin from Mother Mother stopped by for an interview, then Hannah Georgas and band came for a conversation and performance.  Her performance of the single “Robotic” was magical.

If you like interviews, have a listen to our conversation on The Zone where we talk about booty dancing, Jian Ghomeshi, Wal-Mart, Ryan Guldemond, her time in Victoria, and the Arkells.

Here is my interview with Jasmin Parkin from Mother Mother where we discuss this article out of Edmonton where they claim Mother Mother “the most hated band in Canada,”  Mother Mother getting signed to Last Gang Records, Jasmin joining the band in 2009, going to school with Ryan Guldemond and growing up on Vancouver Island and moving to Vancouver, how it’s going being Mother Mother, and “what would you be doing if you weren’t in Mother Mother?” ….

Go with yourself.

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I like making mixtapes… I guess its almost the same rush as someone who plays fantasy baseball or something.  I go through my collection and build a setlist.

With some help from Pitchfork, iTunes Genius and my friend James… I found a set of fuzzy electronic off-kilter beats split up by some adorable indie pop.

The set begins with an ominous song from How To Dress Well. A song that is also side 1, track 1 from their album. It rises with some mellow and enjoyable beats, then bogs down with crackling distortion of Hudson Mohawke. Maybe the most most interesting of the songs I included, if only for its spooky weirdness.

A Sunny Day In Glasgow has some of that ethereal-ness of Hudson. Then I jammed out new music from Alexander, aka Alex Ebert aka the dude from Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

Something delightful from Kelowna band We Are The City and its a wrap.

Thank you for listening to my set.

Stream it from my Mixcloud: Sometimes beside, never next to


DJ Notes

01) How to Dress Well – “You Hold The Water”
02) Baths – “Plea”
03) Gold Panda – “Back Home”
04) Teen Daze – “Neon”
05) Bibio – “Ambivalence Avenue”
06) Hannah Georgas – “the national”
07) Hudson Mohawke – “Star Crackout”
08) A Sunny Day in Glasgow – “Nitetime Rainbows”
09) Alexander – “Trust”
10) We Are The City – “Time, Wasted”

Go with yourself.

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