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A band that named their ep after the motto of Coach Taylor? A band named after the inscription of Robin Hood’s sword? OK… you’ve hooked me, lets see what you got Lambs Become Lions.

We travel to the distant lands of St. Catharines, Ontario for a sound they describe as Joyful, Country Pop Rock.  The band features some veterans Canadiana rock and roll including Alexisonfire drummer Jesse Ingelevics.  Listening to the 6 song ep, I’m hearing the sound of a maturing band struggling with the day-to-day of living life as a modern adult in Canada.  Songs about love, growing up, having dreams crash-up against the walls reality, and ultimately being comfortable or content with the hand dealt.  Also they have a song called “Postcards” with maximum shoutouts to the Gaslight Anthem.  If I were to a draw a parallel to another Canadian band with a very similar aesthetic, I think they sound like Acres of Lions (whoa Lions, so hawt right now).

Side one, track one is their single.  “When I Open My Eyes” is a romantic song.  I am getting a wedding first dance taste when I hear this cut.

That is kinda nice.  Slow jam.

The next song is that “man, growing up is hard work” anthem.  They made a music video for this song that features kids, and baseball hats.  hey… I LOVE kids and baseball hats.

Dig it.

Go with yourself.

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