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St. Catherines, Ontario hardcore band Alexisonfire is dusting off their Vagrant Records debut and highest selling album, Crisis, for a 10th anniversary edition.

Alexisonfire had been smashing out melodic hardcore on two previous albums, 2002’s self titled and 2004’s Watch Out.  In 2006, the band signed with the US record label Vagrant to try and help grow the group in the US. In the summer of that year they released Crisis. The album would debut at number 1 in Canada and eventually sell over 100,000 copies.

The 10th anniversary edition can be pre-ordered tomorrow from Alexisonfire’s website.

Here’s what the deluxe version of this record re-release is all about.

The deluxe Anniversary Edition will be a one time pressing of 1000 copies and feature a new o-card, illustrated by acclaimed illustrator Richey Beckett. Inside the package you’ll find a new colour pressing of the 2×12” vinyl (180g Clear with White Swirl), a 7” featuring 2 bonus tracks recorded during the same session, a lyric insert and a digital download card. A limited edition bundle of 200 will also be available, including a four-colour silkscreened 12×24” printed version of the Beckett illustration. Beckett created this piece after learning of the album’s references to the blizzard of 1977 that hit upstate New York as well as Southern Ontario, where the band originated.



  1. Drunks, Lovers, Sinners And Saints
  2. This Could Be Anywhere In The World
  3. Mailbox Arson
  4. Boiled Frogs
  5. We Are The Sound
  6. You Burn First
  7. We Are The End
  8. Crisis
  9. Keep It On Wax
  10. To A Friend
  11. Rough Hands

Bonus Tracks 7″

My God Is A Reasonable Man

Go with yourself.

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A band that named their ep after the motto of Coach Taylor? A band named after the inscription of Robin Hood’s sword? OK… you’ve hooked me, lets see what you got Lambs Become Lions.

We travel to the distant lands of St. Catharines, Ontario for a sound they describe as Joyful, Country Pop Rock.  The band features some veterans Canadiana rock and roll including Alexisonfire drummer Jesse Ingelevics.  Listening to the 6 song ep, I’m hearing the sound of a maturing band struggling with the day-to-day of living life as a modern adult in Canada.  Songs about love, growing up, having dreams crash-up against the walls reality, and ultimately being comfortable or content with the hand dealt.  Also they have a song called “Postcards” with maximum shoutouts to the Gaslight Anthem.  If I were to a draw a parallel to another Canadian band with a very similar aesthetic, I think they sound like Acres of Lions (whoa Lions, so hawt right now).

Side one, track one is their single.  “When I Open My Eyes” is a romantic song.  I am getting a wedding first dance taste when I hear this cut.

That is kinda nice.  Slow jam.

The next song is that “man, growing up is hard work” anthem.  They made a music video for this song that features kids, and baseball hats.  hey… I LOVE kids and baseball hats.

Dig it.

Go with yourself.

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One of my modern rock best friends… Dallas Green from City and Colour and Alexisonfire called into my radio.  Here is the complete unedited conversation.

Dallas Green on The Zone

Download MP3 >> 20110531 Dallas Green

The things we talk about: His new record, Little Hell and the maturity of the direction of his sound. hmmm, does that sentence even make sense? The album art (see above) looks awesome, what’s it all about? How the vinyl for Little Hell will be impressive.  We talk some fragile bird and breakup songs and his little house in Toronto.  And Dallas Green of City and Colour, what about Rifflandia?  You playing that this year?

Go with yourself.

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Some changes to the program today on The Zone Afternoon Show.

Dustin Rabin Photography

I’ll be broadcasting from the Save-On Foods Memorial Center today for the Zone Show #192, Billy Talent w/ Alexisonfire, Against Me and the Cancer Bats.

I’ll be hanging out with the Zoner who won the grand prize on the morning Zone with Dylan and Jason on Monday to interview Billy Talent.  Fun.

My broadcast will start at 5PM and will feature an interview with Against Me.

At 6PM, Alexisonfire will stop by for a live performance on the radio.

6:30PM will feature Zoner’s interview with Billy Talent.

So that means no #1s at 5 o’clock and no Picks at 6 at… 6 o’clock.

Billy Talent on Myspace
Alexisonfire on MySpace
Against me on MySpace
Cancer Bats on MySpace

Now you know… and knowing is half the battle.

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