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Dear blog,

Whoa… its been a few days and that’s my bad.  Summertime and the living has been,  well, maybe not easy.  Busy?

I got more than one email and bunch of calls on the Zone looking to hear Maurice‘s acoustic take on “Robin.”

JP Maurice had just got off the boat from Vancouver where he had been on the outskirts of the Game 7 riot.  He rolled straight into the Zone and laid this song down.

Maurice – “Robin” (live at Zone)

Download MP3>> 20110616 Maurice

Fun fact: “Robin” is a cover of the Vancouver band Topless Gay Love Tekno Party.  Neat.


I don’t have any tattoos.  I know right? I’m that guy.  The no tattoo guy.  Which is funny, because I went through a punk rock phase and everything.

Today I am broadcasting my radio show from Incendiary Tattoo on Esquimalt Road.  I am waiting on a cheque, but if I get some money I might try and get one during my show.  But what?

I am thinking some song lyrics from this song.

Grand Archives – “Swan Matches”

I always loved this song.  Their s/t album Grand Archives was new back in 2008 when Madelyn was born and became the soundtrack to that part of my life.

The song reminds me of staying awake at weird hours for her birth and later staying up on the couch watching late night TV and maybe a bottle feeding during the witching hours.

Swan Matches are pretty neat.  Its an old British brand founded in the late 1800s.  They were known as “the smoker’s match.”  Obviously, they’ve changed their tag line today… but still… for the classic smoker still jamming out the match stick to light up, Swan’s is apparently the brand.  The brand was Britain’s best selling match by the 1930s.

The company is now Swedish but they still operate as Swan.

Sort of a random thing for Grand Archives to find for a song and title.

Beautiful song.

Go with yourself.

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Jean-Paul Maurice of the band that bares his name, Maurice, sent me their (his?) new single to share with you on my blog.  Check it out, a cover of a song you’ve maybe never heard of… “Robin” originally from Topless Gay Love Techno Party.

Whaddya think about my single cover art?  I made it myself.

“Robin” will likely make it on the new Maurice EP due in November.  The song is about the awkwardness of a threesome.

Go with yourself.

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