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Meg Meyers
The beautiful Meg Myers went out and wrote a theme song for my blog.  Have a listen to “The Morning After”  over at SPIN.


Victoria’s JP Maurice returned to Victoria for a show last night. He stopped by the Radio Factory for a live performance of his song “The other one” from his record the Arborist.

Go with yourself.

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JP in Europe
JP Maurice sent a dispatch from Rome…. his song “The Other One” is getting some love in Vancouver on The Peak, and he was hoping we’d check it out here in Victoria.

Go with yourself.

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Yesterday JP Maurice stopped by the Zone Afternoon Show for a chit chat and live performance.  He played his song “Nothing Like a Good Feeling.”  Have a listen.

Soundcloud >> Maurice Performs “Nothing Like a Good Feeling” LIVE

JP then put in my palm an ep of 7 songs… or I guess small LP? (does it matter in the year 2012? It DOES TO ME!) for the group Noverdubs.

JP put the Noverdubs together as a project for the Peak Performance Project last season.  The session led to a solid 7 songs and a glorious cover of the Fleetwood Mac classic “Dreams.”

I asked JP if I could offer the song as a free MP3 download and he said yes!  Nice.  Thank you Jean-Paul.

Noverdubs – “Dreams”

Download MP3 >> Noverdubs – Dreams

“Dreams” is a hard song to tackle.  You are taking one of Fleetwood Mac’s most iconic songs off one of rock & roll’s most celebrated albums.  I think  this version does justice.  It is by no means a reinterpretation… just a beautiful showcase of talent from Victoria.

Maurice performs this Saturday night at Lucky Bar.  Doors at 8PM.

Go with yourself.

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The Capital Rock City podcast makes its return today!

Listen: Capital Rock City #96

CRC96 fires up its third season with music from Acres of Lions. My favourite song off their new record ‘Collections‘ is the title track and last cut. Maybe its about hording? Jeff, are you trying to tell us you need an A&E intervention? Acres of Lions leaves tomorrow for Nova Scotia to perform at the Halifax Pop Explosion. http://halifaxpopexplosion.com/

JP Maurice teamed up with a who’s-who of Victorian artists to record a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” as the Noverdubs. Watch the video and documentary about the project at http://wearemaurice.com

Rocky Mountain Rebel Music teamed up with their friends in Everybody Left for a song Jesse describes as, “insane Dancehall/Blues.”

Lastly… Quoia released a new record a couple weeks ago… the promotion brought them to my studio to record their single live off the floor.

Thank you for listening.

Go with yourself.

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Dear blog,

Whoa… its been a few days and that’s my bad.  Summertime and the living has been,  well, maybe not easy.  Busy?

I got more than one email and bunch of calls on the Zone looking to hear Maurice‘s acoustic take on “Robin.”

JP Maurice had just got off the boat from Vancouver where he had been on the outskirts of the Game 7 riot.  He rolled straight into the Zone and laid this song down.

Maurice – “Robin” (live at Zone)

Download MP3>> 20110616 Maurice

Fun fact: “Robin” is a cover of the Vancouver band Topless Gay Love Tekno Party.  Neat.


I don’t have any tattoos.  I know right? I’m that guy.  The no tattoo guy.  Which is funny, because I went through a punk rock phase and everything.

Today I am broadcasting my radio show from Incendiary Tattoo on Esquimalt Road.  I am waiting on a cheque, but if I get some money I might try and get one during my show.  But what?

I am thinking some song lyrics from this song.

Grand Archives – “Swan Matches”

I always loved this song.  Their s/t album Grand Archives was new back in 2008 when Madelyn was born and became the soundtrack to that part of my life.

The song reminds me of staying awake at weird hours for her birth and later staying up on the couch watching late night TV and maybe a bottle feeding during the witching hours.

Swan Matches are pretty neat.  Its an old British brand founded in the late 1800s.  They were known as “the smoker’s match.”  Obviously, they’ve changed their tag line today… but still… for the classic smoker still jamming out the match stick to light up, Swan’s is apparently the brand.  The brand was Britain’s best selling match by the 1930s.

The company is now Swedish but they still operate as Swan.

Sort of a random thing for Grand Archives to find for a song and title.

Beautiful song.

Go with yourself.

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Jean-Paul Maurice of the band that bares his name, Maurice, sent me their (his?) new single to share with you on my blog.  Check it out, a cover of a song you’ve maybe never heard of… “Robin” originally from Topless Gay Love Techno Party.

Whaddya think about my single cover art?  I made it myself.

“Robin” will likely make it on the new Maurice EP due in November.  The song is about the awkwardness of a threesome.

Go with yourself.

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Class of 84’s new song is called “Old Bones, New Blood” and this bratty punk tracks is about getting old and loving to skate!

CO84’s Jono McGee helped produce Start With A Cobra and these firecrackers are also singing about skating, I think.

We have a new band of the month at the Zone, they are called The Perfect Trend.  This Nanaimo screamo-type band will play Evolution on March 25th!

The show ends with former ZBOTM Maurice.  They played live on The ZAS last week and I included the performance on this here podcast.

Thank you for downloading Capital Rock City, if you like the show, please tell a friend.

Download: Capital Rock City #92

You can subscribe to the show and have it delivered to you weekly and for free by using this RSS feed or finding ‘Capital Rock City’ on iTunes.


DJ Notes

01) Class of 84 – “Old Bones, New Blood”
02) Start With The Cobra – “Hot Rails”
03) The Perfect Trend – “Aaryn”
04) Maurice – “Kerosene (LIVE)”

Class of 84’s new record cover.  Looks pretty good eh?

Jono from the band is also involved with Start With The Cobra.  He sent me a link to Phillips Beer here in Victoria.  Inside select 12 packs of yummy beer, you’ll find a download code to get a bunch of Start With The Cobra songs.  Fun.

The new Zone Band of the Month is The Perfect Trend.  The Nanaimo band is working hard trying to elevate their game to rock star status.  So far they have opened for a ton of bands, traveled and toured everywhere.  Planning a trip to Toronto for Canadian Music Week and hanging out with Adam Sutherland recording a new record.  We’ll get a chance to see them March 25th at Evolution.

The show ends with a liver performance form Maurice.  Mike Devlin wrote a good article about their trials, challenges and successes.

Maurice is off on a cross-Canada tour with the Armchair Cynics.  Awesomesauce.

Next week on CRC 93, talking about Tyson Yerex and his move to Against Me for their Canadian Tour, Jeff Kalesnikoff is playing with Theset and we’ll check out a new band called Look Medusa!

That’s all I got, go with yourself.

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Some local YYJ hip-hop leads off this week’s Capital Rock City podcast.  Hip-hop is not my strong point, so I chose the songs based on some superficial traits.  The first song is called “Saints Marched” and New Orleans Saints won the super bowl, fun.  The second song I selected is called “Speak and Listen (Green Light DJ Speedyshoes Remix).”  The music video features my friend Chucky. Nice.  A couple weeks ago I was talking about a former Zone Band of the Month called The Greatest Explorers in the World.  They are now done, but all the old musicians are now in other bands, Cairo is one of them.  The show ends this week with current Zone Band of the Month, Maurice.  Thank you for downloading my weekly Victoria podcast.

Download: Capital Rock City #90

Just in case this is your first time finding my blog or podcast, please take a second to subscribe/rate/comment on the show on iTunes.  Just search ‘Capital Rock City’ in the iTunes store.


DJ Notes

01) Pocket Kings feat. Matie Bush – “Saints Marching”
02) Pocket Kings – “Speak and Listen” (DJ Speedyshoes Remix)
03) Cairo – “Cogs”
04) Maurice – “Anticipating”

There is a local Victoria hip-hopster group called Outer City.  They have a mix-tape they made and Eric from the label sent me the link to check it out.  Its a free download!

The Pocket Kings‘ song “Speak and Listen” features my friend Chucky in the video.  Check it out.

I don’t really know too much about hip hop. I think Jay Z is boring and he’s considered the best… so download and have a listen and you tell me.

A couple weeks ago I talked about an old Band of the Month called The Greatest Explorers in the World.  I always remember liking the group but like a lot of UVic bands… they are here today, graduate and are gone tomorrow.  The boys from TGEITW have all moved on but are still making music.  One former member is now in Vancouver making music as Cairo.

Finally I revisit one of my fave Vic rockers bands, Maurice.  they are the Zone band of the month for February.

Coral said to me the other day, “hey weren’t Maurice JUST the Zone band of the month, like a couple months ago?”

I said, “no… you’re just getting old.  It was a few years ago but as you get older, everything feels just like yesterday.”

“But I’m only 27!” she protested.

“yeah that’s when it starts.”

man, now our parents make so much sense.

Go with yourself.

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CRC 79 is a real treat for me.  After years of being the drunk heckler at Maurice shows calling for JP to lay down my fave old Maurice cut, “High School Sweetheart;” JP agreed to come on Capital Rock City and perform it live for me (and I guess you too).  Also this week, Liz Beattie and Kelowna’s We Are The City.  Thank you for taking the time to check out Victoria rock and roll. You need to talk to me?  jeremy@thezone.fm

Download: Capital Rock City #79


DJ Notes

01) Maurice – “Kerosene”
02) JP Maurice – “High School Sweetheart (live/acoustic)”
03) Liz Beattie – “Killing Time”
04) We Are The City – “Time, Wasted”


Jean-Paul and I chit about so many wonderful things like… what the heck does Indelible mean?  In Medias Res was a pretty rad band, his high school sweetheart lives in Berlin, JP moved to Vancouver. Maurice’s record ‘Young People With Faces’ will get released in January b/c of business man… business. The Racoons won’t let JP hang out with him till he gets at least a Gold record. Maurice is playing on Wednesday November 4th at Logan’s Pub.

JP then picked a fave off Liz Beattie’s solo record ‘Under The Ivy.”

JP and Mark also turned me on to this group from Kelowna called We Are The City.  Wow.  We Are The City is a featured band from The Zone’s friend station Vancouver, The Peak 100.5 and they are playing with Maurice on Wednesday at Logans.  Their music video of the song “Time, Wasted” is stunning.


And that’ll do it for this week’s Capital Rock City.  Thank you for finding it!  If you like the show please consider sharing the link with a friend (or friends on your social network).

I want to say hello to Kris rocking the podcast in Holland!  Thank you for the picture.  And he sent these kind words;

I’m really not trying to kiss your ass but I think your show is really important and I hope the music community appreciates your hard work.  I think all music communities across the country would benefit greatly from a local radio show.  It shows how much amazing music is in our communities
and our country as a whole.

Have a great weekend.


Thank you Kris, that was very nice.  Coming soon, Capital Rock City LIVE from Black Stilt Coffee Shop, Monday November 16th.  I need a band!  Could it be you?  jeremy@thezone.fm

Go with yourself.

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Friends and ex-lovers, its time for this week’s Capital Rock City podcast, my last podcast as an unwed bastard father.

Download: Capital Rock City #76

Thank you for taking the time to not only download the show but taking the next step of visiting my blog and finding out more about the bands.  Since you’ve some this far, is it too much to ask that you spread the word and share the world of Capital Rock City on your social network?  Subscribe on iTunes?  Maybe even use this RSS Feed get your weekly dose of the bestest indie rock from the most leftest fringe of Canada!

I am off on holiday tomorrow, and the next Capital Rock City will be in the distant future (like October15th or 16th).  Don’t be shy, explore some old (but still fly) CRCs!


DJ Notes

01) Acres of Lions – “Dance Sequence”
02) The Laundronauts – “Come Clean”
03) Jason Walsh – “Blood in my Eye”
04) Steph Macpherson – “To You”


Friday night last week, it was my buddy (my bro-ski) Double R’s birthday.  We all met at Razer’s apartment downtown for some pints and to wax all nostalgic for years past.  Razer plays guitar and keys (see above) for Acres of Lions and he had just got back from Vancouver where AOL recorded a music video for the song “Dance Sequence.”  The is still being produced but there are some great candids from the film set on their facebook page.  Check it out! and add them as a fan.

Acres of Lions are playing Hallowfest on October 31st at Saanich Commonwealth Place.  Just $10!  Believe it.

I had promised a Laundronaut song every week till we grind through their album…. but then last week I fell off the wagon so this week I present song number 2, “Come Clean.”

Now I must apologize for this week’s show which is kinda brutal, mostly because I didn’t put a lot of love in and wanted to get it done.  Tomorrow I am off on holidays so doing multiple takes, or researching, or writing… was not on the menu… but next week (or the week after) I will have a treat from JP Maurice.  He has promised to come by and perform a song exclusively for Capital Rock City.  It is one of my all-time favourites from Maurice and song they have never recorded (that I know of) or even play live anymore, which is too bad, because its a pretty rad song.

Jason Walsh messaged me the pother day saying he got wind of the Capital Rock City podcast from Two (thank you Two for being a good soldier for the podcast and sharing with a friend).  Jason sent me some music he working on and I like the style.  Kinda Bob Dylan-ish?  sure.

The show end with another goodie from Steph Macpherson.

Next week’s episode will be late (October 15th or 16th), and likely I think its time for a recap show where I grab some special moments from the past while OR actually I have a ton of live tracks recorded on my afternoon show in the Zone studio, so maybe I’ll do that.  I have a Dudes song, A Trophy Life, Said The Whale and Vince Vaccaro.  Yup that sounds like a plan for CRC 77.

I really wanna watch Hells Kitchen but the baby or Coral have lost the Shaw Box remote… so bed time then an early morning wake-up call and a trip to Vegas.  Talk to you next week.

Go with yourself.

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