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rag n bone man remixes

Rag’N’Bone man released a few remixes of his Much Mega Hit “Human.” Let’s have a listen!

Here is the remix from Rudimental. There is a choice one from DJ Kue as well, but they haven’t posted it anywhere, so I can’t find you a stream. vasco da lame.


Happy Friday!

Tracked down a lobster roll in Vancouver. It was good…but I saw a bunch of their chowders come out in the bread bowls. Yeah, I’ll have to go back. With my daughter Madelyn!

Go with yourself.

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neon steve
Rad guy DJ Neon Steve took on Rudimental‘s “baby” for a remix because “I love the original so much.”

Remember yesterday on the Mindy Project how Casey became a DJ and then The National showed up?  It was like an episode written for ME!


Go with yourself.

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Everyday at 3PM, Jon Williams punches up something from the UK on The Zone @ 91-3. He consistently finds some groovy stuff and Monday was no exception.

The group is Rudimental.  They have once again teamed with vocalist John Newman (who they discovered singing in a pub), and for the song “Not Giving In,” Alex Clare.  We know and love him from this song.

Lots going on with this “stonker” (Jon’s word).

A driving drum + bass keeps this song falling forward.  You’re hearing some jazz, some funk, some bluesy vocals.  The song has a powerful, uplifting message.  This song makes me wanna fight a giant Soviet man in a boxing match.  If you have some challenges going on, this is your new totem song.    Its time to start the show…. dig it.

Rudimental has a lot going on and on the up-and-up.

Go with yourself.

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