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Everyday at 3PM, Jon Williams punches up something from the UK on The Zone @ 91-3. He consistently finds some groovy stuff and Monday was no exception.

The group is Rudimental.  They have once again teamed with vocalist John Newman (who they discovered singing in a pub), and for the song “Not Giving In,” Alex Clare.  We know and love him from this song.

Lots going on with this “stonker” (Jon’s word).

A driving drum + bass keeps this song falling forward.  You’re hearing some jazz, some funk, some bluesy vocals.  The song has a powerful, uplifting message.  This song makes me wanna fight a giant Soviet man in a boxing match.  If you have some challenges going on, this is your new totem song.    Its time to start the show…. dig it.

Rudimental has a lot going on and on the up-and-up.

Go with yourself.

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It can feel like a challenge, thinking about summer in Victoria in June.  The weather has been cold, grey and wet for the most part.  On Thursday, I had the chance to DJ on the Rooftop Surfclub for their Solstice party.  I was the first DJ up at 6PM and had a 45 minute set before Boitano turned it up and Marshal A and DJ Speedyshoes closes out the night.  I posted my mix on Mixcloud if you’re into it.

Mixcloud: Mixtape >> Children of Summer

A few weak mixes in here…but for the most part I think you’ll enjoy the set if you normally listen to modern rock.

Some of my favourite songs on the list… Cloud Nothings.  I could listen to them all day.  I dig the Passion Pit and Imagine Dragons remixes.  Alex Clare is growing on my with every listen.

My next mixtape will be an Osheaga festival mix similar my Sasquatch mix.

Go with yourself.

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