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Madelyn has just went down for bed and I have a pizza in the oven.  I am righteously tuckered out after only two days as single Dad.  And I am only HALF a single Dad.  Coral`s Mom aka Nana and my sister Andrea have come up mighty clutch in looking after Mads so I can go to work.  But I am still a little worn out… I think it has to do with the cold I am battling.  I am still in good spirits however.  I had a very pleasant meeting with Sara today and she had lots of positive things to say and I got to interview some of my favourite people today.  That was cool.

I interviewed Sam Roberts, Glasvegas and a pair of Salmon Kings this afternoon.  After my interview with Sam, he left to do his next engagement and I wandered down the hall to mix up a chai latte.  I love the powdered Oregon Chai stuff when I am working.  As I went into the Zone kitchen, Sam Roberts was there enjoying a cup of water.  He said that his next interview on the Q had to be delayed so he was just hanging out.  We got to chit-chatting.  He mentioned how jazzed he is on his first shows on 2009 and how they are both sold out here in Victoria.  I asked where his rock star life was taking him next and he replied, (um I somehow turned the alternative characters on my laptop and I don`t know how to toggle them off… for example, I can`t rock a question mark.  It comes out as É… SWAÉ)… so Sam replied that he`d be in Vancouver on Saturday.

My birthday.

The man took my name and said I could be a guest.  Rad.

I am a little down that I`d be celebrating my birthday with Coral being a trillion kilometers away in Paris but Grandman Mom said she`d look after Madelyn and I can hit the Sam show in Vancouver with my buddy Bob.  Fun.

On Sunday Glasvegas plays at Richards on Richards so I think I`ll do that the next night.

Coral did touch down safely last night.  She called me at about 2 AM which would have been 10 AM there.  She was in the airport.  Said the airport area of La Ville-Lumière looks like Edmonton.  Ha.  All-in-all the trip was good, long, but good and she is super excited to explore the city over the next week with her best friend Alix.  Alix has a buddy from work at a co-op or something, so they are crashing at his bachelor pad in the `second district` if that makes sense.

FUCK, I wish I knew how to toggle the alt character button off.  I seem pretty adept at turning it on, but I don`t know how I do it so I can`t turn it off.

Coral told me about the flight and how the dude she sat beside was pleasant enough but when he fell asleep he kept dropping ass.  ewwww, man farts.

Maybe Coral will call me again tonight.

Saturday is also Nana`s birthday so Madelyn is going to take her out for her birthday tomorrow.  Good baby.

Right… so my pizza beeped and is ready to come out of the oven so I am going to put that back and figure out how to turn the alt characters off as I can not handle anymore É or ,'<« or whatever.

Day Two

Baby is still alive.

Dad: 02
Taliban: 00

Go with yourself.

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