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pais focus
“I wanna be razor sharp. I wanna be crystal clear.”

P’aris taps Willa to lend some vocals to the pop jam “Focus.”

P’aris in the email about the song.

Focus’ is a song about two people experiencing the loss of a pregnancy. There’s a very particular type of gentle empathy that both partners must offer each other when going through a miscarriage. It’s a strange type of loss, especially from a pragmatic standpoint – you haven’t so much lost something as you have lost the idea of something. So in a way you’re mourning the loss of control over your own future, control over your body, your biology. And you’re also faced with the fact that you have failed at the one thing humans exist on earth to do. ‘Focus’ is about making sure the relationship doesn’t suffer while you’re each processing things in your own way.

And the last time we talked about Willa on MAS.

Go with yourself.

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whoa… where did the days go?

I took a couple days off the internets and social networking and radio broadcasting… well not all radio.  I went into the Zone on Saturday to finish up my bestest promo EVAR .  But other than that, it was just me and Maddy for the last few days before Coral came home from London.

We fought off Blue Jackets, feisty toddlers on the ferry, nasty colds, and more than a couple tumbles to make it to Day 13.  Alive.  Huzzah to baby.

I am back on the Zone tomorrow and back to blogging and an all new Capital Rock City.

There are also a couple exciting ideas I am batting around and they’ll be shared or hashed on here over the next few days.  Plus I want to deconstruct another recipe from somewhere yummy, so if you have an idea post it, and I’ll get the answers.  Coral ate the BEST Caesar dressing in her life in Paris a week ago and because I have operatives spread throughout the world (I do, its scary) I will have him go under cover to get the goods on this dressing.  And maybe she’ll let me post a pic or two of her trip on here over the next few days if you care to see pictures of building in older cities than this one.

Until tomorrow I wanted to talk about Pearls and Oysters.

Have a Listen: How are Pearls Made?

The blog still managed to generate a hit or two despite the fact I haven’t blogged in like 5 days, so thank you!

Go with yourself.

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The top referrers to my blog this past week (outside of social media networks) are:

01) Pretty Much Amazing
02) Miranda
03) Radio West
04) Dutch Blitz (because of a comment made by Emily)
05) Puget Sound Radio

Thank you for finding my website.


Madelyn has just went down for bed and I have a pizza in the oven.  I am righteously tuckered out after only two days as single Dad.  And I am only HALF a single Dad.  Coral`s Mom aka Nana and my sister Andrea have come up mighty clutch in looking after Mads so I can go to work.  But I am still a little worn out… I think it has to do with the cold I am battling.  I am still in good spirits however.  I had a very pleasant meeting with Sara today and she had lots of positive things to say and I got to interview some of my favourite people today.  That was cool.

I interviewed Sam Roberts, Glasvegas and a pair of Salmon Kings this afternoon.  After my interview with Sam, he left to do his next engagement and I wandered down the hall to mix up a chai latte.  I love the powdered Oregon Chai stuff when I am working.  As I went into the Zone kitchen, Sam Roberts was there enjoying a cup of water.  He said that his next interview on the Q had to be delayed so he was just hanging out.  We got to chit-chatting.  He mentioned how jazzed he is on his first shows on 2009 and how they are both sold out here in Victoria.  I asked where his rock star life was taking him next and he replied, (um I somehow turned the alternative characters on my laptop and I don`t know how to toggle them off… for example, I can`t rock a question mark.  It comes out as É… SWAÉ)… so Sam replied that he`d be in Vancouver on Saturday.

My birthday.

The man took my name and said I could be a guest.  Rad.

I am a little down that I`d be celebrating my birthday with Coral being a trillion kilometers away in Paris but Grandman Mom said she`d look after Madelyn and I can hit the Sam show in Vancouver with my buddy Bob.  Fun.

On Sunday Glasvegas plays at Richards on Richards so I think I`ll do that the next night.

Coral did touch down safely last night.  She called me at about 2 AM which would have been 10 AM there.  She was in the airport.  Said the airport area of La Ville-Lumière looks like Edmonton.  Ha.  All-in-all the trip was good, long, but good and she is super excited to explore the city over the next week with her best friend Alix.  Alix has a buddy from work at a co-op or something, so they are crashing at his bachelor pad in the `second district` if that makes sense.

FUCK, I wish I knew how to toggle the alt character button off.  I seem pretty adept at turning it on, but I don`t know how I do it so I can`t turn it off.

Coral told me about the flight and how the dude she sat beside was pleasant enough but when he fell asleep he kept dropping ass.  ewwww, man farts.

Maybe Coral will call me again tonight.

Saturday is also Nana`s birthday so Madelyn is going to take her out for her birthday tomorrow.  Good baby.

Right… so my pizza beeped and is ready to come out of the oven so I am going to put that back and figure out how to turn the alt characters off as I can not handle anymore É or ,'<« or whatever.

Day Two

Baby is still alive.

Dad: 02
Taliban: 00

Go with yourself.

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Coral is getting ready to hop on a jet plane and take her life on an adventure in Paris and London with one of her best friends.

Last year Coral was either pregnant or looking after our little baby rampage.  While this life changing event was going down in her world, three of her best friends all moved to London at the same time.

Wow right?  Coral went through a huge life experience with her best friends thousands of kilometers away.  Now our baby is almost a year old and Coral’s mat leave is ending and the chance has come for her to take a little trip with Alix to Paris and then to London.  It has been a herculean challenge for us to try and scrounge, borrow, beg and squeeze the dollars needed to jet off to London AND make sure the mortgage gets paid and the baby is fed, but somehow we managed.  BUT it still depleted our credit and our wedding savings reserve so we needed to make some changes.  For the past month our eating out has declined fairly substantially, and this month, if the cafe doesn’t have the words “value” and “menu” printed somewhere near the till we don’t eat there.  Problem.  Coral got a massive lust for Japanese Village.  Actually, she NEEDED the steak sauce.  Unfortunately, that would be like a $50 or $60 bill if we packed up our little family so we tried to make it at home.  And it was a triumph.

Coral found a recipe online and off the cuff, I mentioned it on the radio today.  By some act of God or perhaps a divine intervention by a pantheon of Gods, a Zoner who happened to be close personal friend of a chef at Japanese Village called to correct my recipe.  Here it is.  This sauce will make ANY bland home cooked meal completely destroy and will have you questioning the value and quality of a restaurant meal when the power my friends, lies inside of you… and your blender.

A Japanese Village Type Steak Sauce
makes a bunch, so consider halving the recipe

1 cup toasted sesame seeds
1 1/3 cup Vegetable oil
1 cup low sodium Soy Sauce
1/3 chopped white onion
1 teaspoon Dijon mustard

The Zoner was very specific on a couple points.

01) It MUST be vegetable oil.  She not get into the reasoning, only that you shouldn’t deviate form vegetable oil
02) the low sodium soy sauce.  Regular soy sauce will make your sauce too salty.  sad Fugee face 😦

Coral and I took the toasted sesame seeds and put them in our coffee grinder first.  That turned them into a fine pulp type mixture.

Then we dumped that mess into our blender with the chopped onion, soy sauce, oil and we didn’t have any Dijon mustard so we used English hot mustard.

Blend blend blend.

Coral opened the blender and took one smell.  She turned to me with a grin that went ear-to-ear.  We did it.

Fried up some pan steaks, some minute rice and mushrooms, sprouts, peppers, zucchini and voila… Japanese Village in front of the LCD screen showing Blair looking all hot and bothered on Gossip Girl.


How bizarre. I have had a pretty lax holiday season all told.  I worked erratically over Christmas and New Years and even managed to string 6 days off in a row!

FINALLY today is back to grind, the Monday to Friday and I brimming with creative energy and I wake up sick!  BWOAR!  AND Madelyn is sick too.  Poor little monkey.  There is nothing more heartbreaking than a sick baby.  Well Marely & Me was pretty sad… but a sick baby is like, high on my list of sad things.

Not the end of the world.  I put on my big boy pants and went into the Zone to lay down Capital Rock City #39.  It is all done and tomorrow I will work with Webmeister Bud on the infrastructure needed to distribute the show over the net.

CRC #38, where we last left off, was way back in June of 2006 if you can believe it.  I got a nice phone call from a Zone back in November wonder whatever happened to Capital Rock City.  I didn’t really have an answer.  For 38 weeks at the end of 2005 and the beginning of 2006 I delivered an episode of the local music show, Capital Rock City and then one Tuesday I just stopped.

I was organizing my iTunes a few weeks ago and I saw that I had new podcasts in my Itunes thingy.  I hadn’t listened to any podcasts since I lived downtown and walked to work everyday and I had never listened to any Capital Rock City’s since… 2006.  And there the final episode sat, unlistened to in my podcast folder.

So I punched it up.  And I liked it.  I didn’t recognize myself.  It had been so long since I had had that conversation that it was like listening to another radio DJ.  I remember that summer as being a challenge.  I was still with Alex but our relationship was on the outs and we had been separated for 7 months by then.  I lived by myself in my shitty apartment in Fernwood and was uninspired by the pace of growth for Capital Rock City.  I was tired and worn out and one day, I just stopped making them.

But when I listened back, I didn’t hear that.  The show sounded fun… so whatever was going with me personally at the time I couldn’t hear.  Just some great local music and a few stories.

On top of that, since 2006 I have learned more, grown and challenged my definition of success.  The few hundred downloads that for whatever fucked reason was not good enough in 2006 is exactly something I would be very happy to generate today.  That is a lot of people listening to local music.  and 38 half hours every week is by far NOT enough time to build any sort of audience.  If the show is to gain widespread acceptance, then that is a project that gets built over time.  Every week.

Tomorrow I will post the link for Capital Rock City on this blog and I hope you take the time to download the show.  If you dig it, you’d be helping me spread the word by sharing the show.

The other thing I could use your help on is just some basic feedback on the formatics of the show.  It is still made like a linear “radio show.”  I am conflicted as to whether I like that or not (I’m a radio guy at heart and like making radio shows).  Is there a better way to present the show?

If I had the skills and finances I’d prefer to have the entire Zone dot f-m be an audio extravaganza.  something like the CBC 3 where you can explore and listen to bands and create your own playlists.  When you need help or guidance, I or another Zone jock would be there to curate.  You could listen to not only great Victoria and Island music, but also all the modern rock we play on the Zone from our playlist PLUS all the great music that you *might* like but isn’t on the Zone.  But that is more ambitious than I can tackle right now.  So it will need to be a downloadable show with music that has rights I can clear.

Ok, good talk.

I need to finish voting for the Juno Awards (I am judge for best Children’s album… SWA?), drink my hot chocolate, fire up the Frightened Rabbits on the iPod and if I don’t pass out, try and finish Tribes.

Go with yourself.

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I sitting here in front of my fake fire, looking over the news, looking out the window at all the snow and looking at Madelyn play with the Christmas ornaments she has pulled off the tree (Coral puts the body count at 7).

I have a weird week of work.  On the show today and tomorrow… then off for the 24th and 25th.  Then I’ll be yapping on Friday.  Boxing Day will actually be a busy one for me.  After the show, I’ll bee-line down to the Jellyfish Lounge downtown to DJ and MC the Armchair Cynics and Acres of Lions show.

Coral wrapped presents like crazy last night.  We have them all piled up on the table to keep them out reach of little Miss baby RAMPAGE.  I think we kept our Christmas budget in check pretty good.  Coral goes back to work in February but her benefits end sometime in January so there is a dark side of the moon moment when we have lots of money coming out and little coming in, so we needed to set some cash aside.  The fact we got a table of presents and still some money in the bank makes me feel good.

Coral was concerned that we should have bought more for Madelyn.  But cardboard tubes of wrapping paper get her all giggles, so I am not too worried about her.

Go with yourself.

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