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Sam Roberts Band is in Vancouver for a show tonight at The Orpheum. Before the show… Sam stopped by CFOX for a little chit-chat and I asked him, of the 6 Sam Roberts Band albums….which one is your favourite?

Go with yourself.

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The Zone @ 91-3 signed on the radio June of 2001.  And since that time, The Zone has sponsored a large number of Zone Shows.  I didn’t come to the Zone till the spring of 2003, but I have done my best to reflect on some of the best concerts I can reckon from our extensive list of Zone Shows.

Were there better shows?  maybe… in fact I can think of a bunch of great shows that aren’t on this list.  I didn’t include anything that wasn’t a numbered Zone Show or anything that wasn’t in Victoria.

I wanted to include Rifflandia, it was Zone sponsored, but not a Zone Show… but it deserves a mention because it was so darn fun and the few shows I caught this year completely ripped!  About half these shows I was at,m the other half I am relying on eye witness reports of their greatness and my jealousy of not being there.  Here we go.

10) Sum 41 #1 Legends August 15th, 2001

The first Zone Show.  I was not there but after talking with Sara, she felt that it would be important to mark the historic first in the franchise of “Zone Show” that featured a band that would continue to grow.  When Sum 41 returns to Victoria now, they take up residence at the Arena, so if you were there back in the summer of ’01, you saw something special.

I originally wanted to include  Sloan #60 Legends October 19th 2003.  Sara asked, “what makes that show so special?”

I remember it as being one of the first big rock shows I got to MC as a young buck rocking the evening show on the Zone, but more importantly, there is this Zoner that phones my show from time-to-time that told me the story of his life and that show.

He brought a girl out on a first date to that rock show and they would end up getting married and are still married to this day.  He always tells me how special Sloan and the Zone are to them because of that first date.  awww, cute.

Our first big arena show was aptly, Zone Show #91, Our Lady Peace Save On Food Memorial Center, April 26 2006.

09) Sam Roberts w/ The Killers #74 Centennial Square September 4th 2004

One of my great modern rock shames. Being the junior announcer on the Zone still, I had to work while everyone else went down to Centennial Square to see this hot new band with a hit single called “Somebody Told Me” open up for Sam Roberts!

08) Beck w/ Band of Horses #159 Royal Theatre August 27th 2008

I included this show for a couple reasons.  One: Coral and her friend Alix got to meet the lead singer of Band of Horses outside the Theatre.  Two: Beck totally slays.  Three, Band of Horses just keep getting better.  To see them in the theatre is a treat.

07) Billy Talent w/ Rise Against, Moneen and Anti-Flag #115 Save On Foods Memorial Center January 18th 2007

Fuck it rained that day.  I was outside huddled under a tent in the down pour for an epic live-to-air pre-show that included performances and interviews from all the bands involved.  It was Rise Against’s first time in Vic and marked Billy Talent’s rise to the top of the Canadian Arena Rocking pyramid.

06) The Killers #169 Save On Foods Memorial Center April 23rd 2009

They came in ’04, they conquered in ’09.  The Killers jammed out a bevvy of radio friendly hits, were gracious to allow an interview on the Zone, fired up an impressive stage show and just generally exceeded expectation.

05) Metric #101 Legends March 29th 2006

Metric’s first time in Victoria was a handful of years earlier opening for Hot Hot Heat at Sugar, then again headlining with Death From Above 1979.  Those shows were good, but this show, headlining in the basement of the Strathcona Hotel was great!  Metric was starting to firmly establish themselves and you knew then that these guys were gunna be huge!  Just read the The Zone DJs top records of the year and almost everyone has Fantasies on their list.

04) Tragically Hip #174 Save On Food Memorial Center June 20th 2009

The Hip have had more than a few amazing shows in Victoria.  I personally preferred their visit in January of 2007 for Zone Show #116.  Then I saw them at the Commodore with my brother CJ.  That show was spectacular.  But talking with Dylan Willows, he said that #174 was the BEST Hip show he had ever seen.  The special shout out that Gord had for the Times Colonist’s music writer Mike Devlin was go down in infamy ’round these parts.

03) Queens of the Stone Age #153 Save On Food Memorial Center May 1st 2008

There is a trend on this list for the best shows being later int he decade.  I think that is happening for two reasons.  The first being that I remember them better and second, the Zone is growing as a radio station and bigger rock acts are choosing our fair city.  I’ll take it.

Queens is arguably the biggest band we play on the radio.  Not only are these guy important to our playlist on the radio, Josh Homme delivers the goods on stage.  Was a joyful man to interview and just generally owned the evening.

02) Tool #143 Save On Food Memorial Center December 1st 2007

It was my mother’s 50th birthday party on December 1st… and so I had a date in Coquitlam for the shin-dig.  And I missed one my all-time fave bands.  I am not too broke up about it however, I’ve seen Tool live more than once and every show they do is special.  I can only imagine that a concert that sold out instantly was as insane as I imagine.  this will be a show that Zoners will celebrate forever, along with,

01) Nine Inch Nails #161 Save On Food Memorial Center December 5th, 2008

Could there have been a more perfect live experience in Victoria of the arena variety?

The lights alone were worth the price of admission.  Trent had an exceptional set list, great energy and excitement for the entire evening.  I didn’t want it to end.

There were a lot of great shows in Victoria, a lot club gigs, little festivals, Meatloaf.  I could write all day about some of the adventures I’ve had watching Bob make out with some random goer in the beer line of the Def Leppard concert, falling down a flight of stair and cutting my leg at Pirate Party (that was after puking and sharing the hot tub with the twins… male twins… awkward), Plants and Animals, Lucky Bar in general, open Air at Centennial Square (RIP) all those crazy SUB parties up at UVic, Band of the Month shows… oh the list.

Actually, Meatloaf was pretty good.

Go with yourself.

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Sam Roberts’ beard and The Stills added to Juno Awards.  Wait a minute, whoa deja-vu.

Prince sells his records at Vancityrockgirl’s favourite store!

WTF? Sublime have a new singer?

Those East Coasters recognize Hey Rosetta!  3 ECMAs.

Matthew “Abs” McConaughy jumps into the record business. SHOCKER!  Champions uplifting reggae artist.

Hey everyone a Twitter Fight between rock stars!

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Huzzah birthday cake!

What day am I on?  I am losing track… six?  Friday was three so this must be six.

The weekend was spent in Coquitlam which was a sea of work to pull off.  My girl is a trillion miles away drinking 3 euro bottles of wine in Paris and I was left to fend for myself.  Saturday was my 29th birthday.  I decided to spend it in Coquitlam with Grandma Mom and Grandpa Jack (who wants to be referred to as the Father of the Father or Faf?  SWA?).  It was an early morning for Mads and I.  Thankfully I had packed the night before so we got up and hit the road first thing.

My buddy Bob came over Saturdat night with his girl Jen and they had a present for Madelyn.


Yeah, they brought her an Oiler’s track suit.  Bob was like, “she could walk into the arena with Ethan Moreau and people would think she was on the team.”  ha, too funny (and adorable).

Jen drove Bob and I downtown to catch the Sam Roberts show.  Randomly we bumped into Marisa who we went to high school with.

The show was pretty rad.  Sam brings the noise.  After the set, some pints in Yaletown and then a late night dash to reach skytrain before the last train.

Sunday, my brother Matt and I rolled into the Glasvegas show at Richards.  They are moving the club to the old A&B Sound on Seymour which is neat but sad.  I walking around that part of town with Matt telling him what used to be where back in my day.  I am not even that old but the physical geography of Vancouver has changed so much.

Glasvegas was an interesting juxtaposition of sounds and style.  Matt and I sensed something was up when the we walked in and some dude that thought he was a a cotton picker from the 1930s Deep South was jamming away at the guitar and singing about “pain.”

After his set, the music they played was 1950’s Dirty Dancing type music.  like this song from 1957.

The boys (and girl) in Glasvegas took the stage and they didn’t look at all like my preconception.  I was expecting an Interpol-y / Franz Ferindand-esque group of hipsters, but what I got was some Rockabilly looking Scottish dudes.  They were very striking on stage.  Their music is epic and grandiose.  Richards was full and the band elicits a passionate fan.  Many times I heard the audience sing with group.  They added to the whole experience for me as I really only know the song we play on the Zone, “Geraldine.”

They got to “Geraldine” about half way through the set and the song lit the club up.  The next song after the radio hit was maybe the band’s weakest song, so they let me down a bit.  Their drummer is also very awkward.  The guitar player and bassist however bring some energy.  They whirl around the stage banging and attacking their instruments or barking and howling their harmonies.

The lights added to their mystique.  They had bright yellow flood lights behind them that made the stage look like there were shadow puppets on stage performing.

The music sounded like a mix of 50’s pop songs and Interpol.  Unique and interesting.


Six or so hours after Matt and I got back from Richards, Madelyn and I were up and battling Vancouver traffic to the ferry.  By the end of the weekend, I was a veteran of ferry travel with Mads.  We worked it with the old ladies, played with the kids and devoured some ferry breakfast (mmm eggs scooped from a warm vat).

Day Six

Baby is still alive

Dad: 06
Davey Jone’s Locker: 00


I sat down with Tyson, Lewis and Dan this evening.  Their band, Acres of Lions, has a new record out in February.  They brought an advanced copy and we played three new songs on Capital Rock City.  Episode #40 will be posted tomorrow.

Go with yourself.


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Holy FUCK!  I just opened up the cell phone bill and $160!  WTF?


Tim and Dave from The Stills dropped by the Zone Afternoon show today before the first of two show they would be (are currently) performing in Victoria.  Last night they opened for Sam Roberts and Mike Devlin had some good things to say.

We jibber jabbered about, you know stuff.  I asked Dave why he thinks the song “Being Here” has really grabbed people’s attention and Dave gave a pretty perfect answer, but I didn’t really give him a chance to get the joke in.  Listening back I now hear what might have been a rad joke if I hadn’t stepped on his reply, so that is my bad.  The boys then perform “Being Here” and it ends with Tim and I talking about Nine Inch Nails and their insane LED light show.  Tim knows the man that designed NIN live light show experience!

Download: The Stills Interview with performance of “Being Here”

Download: “Being Here” (live @ The ZAS)

Moment Factory


Day 03

Day number three of single Dad is winding down to an end.  Another glorious challenge.  I really have so much more respect for ZooeyJane and Huckdoll after kinda trying my hand at single parenting.  Mads was a wee bit ornery this morning and wouldn’t nap or even really let me put her down.  Nana came early because Fridays are an epic challenge as it is, getting all my work done… so I had a quick shower and shave then off to the radio factory.  Had a good show and came home to take Nana out for a birthday dinner and Madelyn had/has spots all over her torso?  SWA?

I’m no Grey’s Anatomy doctor so I have no idea what is wrong.  She was n a much better mood when I got home (Nana does that to her) we decided dinner wouldn’t hurt.  Auntie Alyx joined us and we punched back some Greek food.

Brought Madelyn home for a bath and just to she why you never leave a baby unattended in the tub, while sitting there in the water, she’d get herself worked up and then like fall over in the water.  She’d freak and almost freeze up in the water and couldn’t right herself.  If I wasn’t there, like right there beside her, that would be it.

Madelyn likes bath time so she was ready for bed.

I packed up the Jeep while she was sleeping because we are off to visit Grandma Mom and Grandpa Jack tomorrow.  Day Three is done.

Baby is still alive.

Dad: 03
Israeli Air Force: 00


Have a great weekend.  I likely won’t get a chance to write again till Monday.  Go with yourself.

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I was very fortunate today to have the chance to interview Sam Roberts and Glasvegas bass player Paul Donoghue.  If you care to have a listen, here it is.

Sam and I yapped about his Pemberton experience, how the birth of his daughter has effected or affected his song writing, what the future holds for Sam and then specifically why he wrote a song about Detroit.

Paul and I went over why the band is called “Glasvegas” and we talked about their Zone feature song “Geraldine.”

Download: Sam Roberts
Download: Glasvegas

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The top referrers to my blog this past week (outside of social media networks) are:

01) Pretty Much Amazing
02) Miranda
03) Radio West
04) Dutch Blitz (because of a comment made by Emily)
05) Puget Sound Radio

Thank you for finding my website.


Madelyn has just went down for bed and I have a pizza in the oven.  I am righteously tuckered out after only two days as single Dad.  And I am only HALF a single Dad.  Coral`s Mom aka Nana and my sister Andrea have come up mighty clutch in looking after Mads so I can go to work.  But I am still a little worn out… I think it has to do with the cold I am battling.  I am still in good spirits however.  I had a very pleasant meeting with Sara today and she had lots of positive things to say and I got to interview some of my favourite people today.  That was cool.

I interviewed Sam Roberts, Glasvegas and a pair of Salmon Kings this afternoon.  After my interview with Sam, he left to do his next engagement and I wandered down the hall to mix up a chai latte.  I love the powdered Oregon Chai stuff when I am working.  As I went into the Zone kitchen, Sam Roberts was there enjoying a cup of water.  He said that his next interview on the Q had to be delayed so he was just hanging out.  We got to chit-chatting.  He mentioned how jazzed he is on his first shows on 2009 and how they are both sold out here in Victoria.  I asked where his rock star life was taking him next and he replied, (um I somehow turned the alternative characters on my laptop and I don`t know how to toggle them off… for example, I can`t rock a question mark.  It comes out as É… SWAÉ)… so Sam replied that he`d be in Vancouver on Saturday.

My birthday.

The man took my name and said I could be a guest.  Rad.

I am a little down that I`d be celebrating my birthday with Coral being a trillion kilometers away in Paris but Grandman Mom said she`d look after Madelyn and I can hit the Sam show in Vancouver with my buddy Bob.  Fun.

On Sunday Glasvegas plays at Richards on Richards so I think I`ll do that the next night.

Coral did touch down safely last night.  She called me at about 2 AM which would have been 10 AM there.  She was in the airport.  Said the airport area of La Ville-Lumière looks like Edmonton.  Ha.  All-in-all the trip was good, long, but good and she is super excited to explore the city over the next week with her best friend Alix.  Alix has a buddy from work at a co-op or something, so they are crashing at his bachelor pad in the `second district` if that makes sense.

FUCK, I wish I knew how to toggle the alt character button off.  I seem pretty adept at turning it on, but I don`t know how I do it so I can`t turn it off.

Coral told me about the flight and how the dude she sat beside was pleasant enough but when he fell asleep he kept dropping ass.  ewwww, man farts.

Maybe Coral will call me again tonight.

Saturday is also Nana`s birthday so Madelyn is going to take her out for her birthday tomorrow.  Good baby.

Right… so my pizza beeped and is ready to come out of the oven so I am going to put that back and figure out how to turn the alt characters off as I can not handle anymore É or ,'<« or whatever.

Day Two

Baby is still alive.

Dad: 02
Taliban: 00

Go with yourself.

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Happy 24th Birthday to my sister Andrea!


I got some fun emails today and I’ll go over those in a moment but first I want to talk about Capital Rock City and The Gaslight Anthem and some other random music notes.

Capital Rock City has been a bit delayed.  Sara wants the show to be super duper before it ends up on the Zone’s website.  So I am going to “test” it out here on http://www.jeremybaker.ca and your feedback will be paramount.  Computer Guy at http://www.vicstream.com has be clutch in setting up some internet server space to host the show and the technical support needed.  There is this really groovy media player at Yahoo that I LOVE.  When I figure out how to use it and how to easily upload audio then I think I can take the blog to another level.


David Eleanor dropped the Gaslight Anthem‘s new record The ’59 Sound on me yesterday and it is living on my iPod and in the Jeep right now.  Sounds too much like Bruce Springsteen, Killers circa Sam’s Town and a dash like The Hold Steady.  All good things to me.  Solid disc.

The record has almost knocked Frightened Rabbit from the top spot on the musical chart of my heart.  Almost.  I am trying to track down Glasvegas‘ new record as well.  If I can get a copy from work then that will save me the $9.99 from iTunes.  Glasvegas’ interview scheduled for this afternoon has been shifted to tomorrow.  If/when I figure out the media player, I’ll post some audio here.

The Stills will be live on the ZAS on Friday afternoon right after Connect Three. and as above, maybe I can learn how to post some highlights on thee blog.

!AND THIS JUST IN! (like seriously while typing, Sara popped her head in the door)…  Sam Roberts is likely live on the ZAS tomorrow or Friday AND #27 D Lloyd from the Victoria Salmon Kings on Thursday around 3PM… yikes busy couple days.


In  iTunes news, Acres of Lions brand spanking new single, “Closer,” is available now for just .99 cents!  Get on it.

Do the RIGHT thing and help our friends out with a buck!


The other day I talked about Jaydiohead.  Not every Zoner found it as amusing as I did.

—–Original Message—–
From: Rob [mailto:***@hotmail.com]
Sent: Tuesday, January 06, 2009 5:36 PM
To: dave@thezone.fm
Subject: Jaydiohead?

i was freaking disgusted that the zone would even consider playing this shit that makes my ears bleed! i went to radiohead at the thunderbird stadium and it was the best show ive ever seen, and hearing that same amazing music played with gangsta rap over it talking about how hes got to murder his homie is really a sad attempt on trying to make jay-z’s crappy “art” listenable so for the love of god stop ruining an amazing modernrock band with a crappy re mix. this is the zone…not 95.3, i mean come on! whats next nelly and flava flav getting jiggy over deathcab for cutie


Rap = crap indeed!


and some more on Steak Sauce.

—–Original Message—–
From: Kelsey [mailto:***@gmail.com]
Sent: Tuesday, January 06, 2009 8:39 PM
To: <Jeremy@thezone.fm>
Subject: Re: Japanese Steak Sauce Recipe

Hey Jeremy,
Thanks for that, I am gonna try it this weekend. On your blog recipe you don’t have cream or milk listed in the ingredients- was that a mistake?

Sent from my iPod


Hey Kelsey, this the recipe you’ll want to try first.
A Japanese Village Type Steak Sauce
makes a bunch, so consider halving the recipe

1 cup toasted sesame seeds
1 1/3 cup Vegetable oil
1 cup low sodium Soy Sauce
1/3 chopped white onion
1 teaspoon Dijon mustard

Vancityrockgirl would recommend trying something healthier than a cup and a third of vegetable oil.  She says you could even halve the amount of oil and it *should* still be cool.


Coral took off to Paris today at some bizarre time so it is just me and Maddy (and Nana of course helping out HUGE!).  We crawled around.  Practiced our walking and then took Auntie Andrea to Red Robin for her birthday.  I think Monk’s two top front teeth are coming it!

Baby is still alive.

Dad: 01
Forces of Evil: 0

Go with yourself.

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