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I was sitting around with David Eleanor and Lindsay the other day (I think it was at a Salmon Kings game) telling them about the time I coached a soccer team.  Well I coached my sister Andrea’s team.  I am not too sure they believed me.  But here is the proof!


I am the gomer with the Expos hat on.  I think our team was called the Hurricanes.


I talked to Webguy Bud on Friday (he was one of the few people floating around the Zone over the holidays) and Capital Rock City will make its triumphant return to the blogosphere next week!

So far, music from Everyone Everywhere, Paper Cranes, Acres of  Lions… and then I need a few more tracks.  I am thinking the Racoons, and maybe Laura Smith and I call that a show number… one… but I think I’ll pick up the naming ritual I had going on which make the show like #39 or #42 or something.

I have an idea for another podcast or even two or three.  One at a time for now.  gotta get back into the swing of it.


Coral and I went for a walk today to grab a sandwich and some formula for Madelyn.  I tub of the powder costs about $20 and lasts a week-ish.  We crunched some numbers and we figure it costs us about $5 or $6 a day to keep Madelyn alive with formula, food and diapers.  Not too much at this age.  hmm.  neat.

Go with yourself.

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