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Radical.  Sub Pop is digging into the vault for a digital reissue of Soundgarden’s debut ep, Screaming Life.

SPIN’s got a nice write up… Youtube has a video!

And since we’re yapping Sub Pop…. how about a cut from their latest singing?  Direct from the UK, it’s the Thumpers.

Not bad… I like that song. Good pick Sub Pop.

Go with yourself.

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The other night, Coral went through her phone sharing with me some of her current favourite songs.  A couple days ago, I did blog a couple of her picks.  But there were so many!  I had to make a mixtape of Coral’s picks.

Here ya go! Mixtape >> There For You


90s Seattle scene stars Soundgarden return with their first album since the Bronze Age.  King Animal is out on November 13th.

Let’s have a listen to the first single.

Soundgarden – “Been Away Too Long”

Not bad… 16 years is a long time between records and sounds like Soundgarden is slipping right back in.

Go with yourself.

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Lets just get right to it shall we…

Soundgarden – “Live to Rise”

Huge beefy riff-rock.  Chris Cornell activates his Chris Cornell growl.  Plods along with this boogy swagger. Its melodic.  For 90s rehash… quality track.  I dig it.

Dylan Willows came to me and said “this is what modern rock needs!  more heavy riffs!” But he said it to me in a way that suggested I could do something about it.  Don’t look to me man, I just fuzz out to Japandroids in the corner.

Its not really anything you can say… what modern rock needs.  The people say.  If you like riff rock, jam it loud.  If Gotye’s your bag, jam it quieter.

I will say, as a fan of album cover art… his one is more an advertisement than any statement or  pleasant bit of graphic work.


I got a tweet from my homegirl @klancashire alerting me to a new Kickstarter from a Seattle based video game designer.

Jordan Weisman founded the FASA gaming company in the 80s and they developed the role-playing game Shadowrun.

Shadowrun is an urban, futuristic fantasy game that pits technology and magic against the evil Mega Corporations that dominate future society.

Lots of machine guns, fast cars, seedy bars and Harry Potter all-growed up and with a Meth problem.  Good times.  There are also Orcs.  Neat.

There were a few Shadowrun games, but nothing great.  Jordan is going to try and fix that… but first he needs to raise $400,000 to get started.  Cue: Kickstarter.

Already, Jordan and Harebrained Schemes (the video game deign firm partnering with Jordan) are at over $100,000!

I am so broke Jordan, or I’d give too… but all I got is there here blog, and maintaining costs me money, does not generate any! Zoinks.  So you get a link and some time from me.

Read more about the project here… then wait till he actually makes it!  I will try and buy the game.

Go with yourself.

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