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I bought a domain name for my DJ /Music Consultation business yesterday. Spin The Black Disc dot com.

Right now it just forwards to this blog but I think one day I’ll create a page just for the domain to highlight and develop my professional music business separate from this here blog.

The title is a play on the Pearl Jam song, “Spin The Black Circle.”  Rad song, about playing records.  I flipped it up a bit so that way when you search for it, I hopefully will become the the number one ‘Spin the Black Disc’ on the net and not get lost in endless pages of Pearl Jam lyrics and youtube videos. (and with disc, the dot com was available!)

My logo branding concept is taking shape.  I’ll be using the colours and style of Australian Highway signs because… I have an odd fascination with the city of Perth and I like them.

Rozie said she’d give me a crash course on photoshop so I can try to manipulate my own logo.  Fun!

… coming soon! Actual business cards.

Go with yourself.

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