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One of the most important bands from those early days of Seattle grunge, Mother Love Bone, are getting their brief history of recorded music packaged for a releases.

Mother Love Bone: On Earth As It Is- the Complete Works collects MLB’s two recordings,Apple and Shine, remasters them and puts them on one disc (or series of LPs). The package also collects over 20 b-side, alternate versions and rarities, like lead singer Andrew Wood’s demo for “Chloe Dancer,” and a live version of “Stardog Champion” featuring Chris Cornell.

Check out the details and pre-order on Amazon (ships November 11th).

Before forming Pearl Jam, Jeff Ament and Stone Gossard were in Mother Love Bone. Just before the release of their debut album in 1990, their singer Andy Wood died of a drug overdose. The Kitsap Sun described him as, “a cherubic singer who pranced the stage in spandex, white face paint and glitter, and seemed destined for stardom.”

Members of the band joined up to mourn his death with friend Chris Cornell as Temple of The Dog before morphing with Eddie Vedder into Mookie Blaylock and ultimately Pearl Jam.

My favourite Mother Love Bone jam? Has to be the extended “Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns.”

Go with yourself.

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I made my up to the Pemberton Music Festival for a day on Sunday. Quality times dressed as a Pikachu checking out bands.

Laid a bunch of high fives, ate some taco truck tacos, brought Jesse Roper up on stage, stared at all the wonderful freaky looking peoples and generally enjoyed a merry (if sober) time.

The highlight was the headliner, PEARL JAM! My first time ever seeing that band. Incredible experience. Eddie Vedder did that thing where he takes pulls from a bottle of wine all set….I think that adds to the between song banter.

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Last night at #PembyFest! 🇨🇦 #pjtour2016

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#Halsey is cool. #pembertonmusicfestival

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Every festival features a couple bands that exceed expectation and Pemby 2016 was no exception. Like I said, I was just there for the day but I managed to get into a few acts like LA’s Halsey. Her set was fun.


I also enjoyed Nashville’s Bully.

Go with yourself.

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#Pemberton was fun. #JesseRoper #Pikachu

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jack and maddy slide

Big Alt Rock news today… Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam covers the Batman theme with his adorable 7-year-old daughter Harper. Now I’m not saying he copied my son Jack, but I will say he was clearly inspired by.


4/20 and Vancouver are like peanut butter and marshmallows. Yesterday was festive in the Terminal City as the entire suburbs emptied out to Sunset Beach to blaze.

It was a new venue from years past where it was traditionally held at the Art Gallery.

I guess a few folks didn’t check their emails…and went to the Art Gallery anyway.

Go with yourself.

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Pearl Jam is back with new music.  The iconic grunge era rockers will release a new album called Lightning Bolt in October.  Plus they’ll be in Vancouver on December 4th for a show at Rogers Arena.  A couple nights later, they wrap the tour in Seattle.  December 6th at Key Arena.

Here is the first single, “Mind Your Manners.”  Harkens back to maybe a “Do The Evolution” style of PJ. I dig it, some real rock & roll stuff.

What do you think of the new Pearl Jam? Hit me with a comment.

Go with yourself. – Jeremy

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I watched the end of a terrible comedy last night… and as the film was wrapping up and the protagonist learned a little bit about honesty and got the girl and magical song plays.  After hearing the opening notes my mind immediately raced to the possibilities of the end title song.

I had vague recollections about a couple songs but I needed Coral to actually help me track down the songs… the first idea I had was Pete Townshend’s “Let My Love Open the Door” but that wasn’t it… no, it was Dire Straits “Walk of Life” that I was thinking of.  Turns out it was neither… just some nondescript song.

But the earworm was in my head.  I had to find both those cuts.  Searching the internet, I found a great cover by Eddie Vedder.

Eddie Vedder – “Let My Love Open The Door”

Download MP3 >> Eddie Vedder – Let My Love Open the Door

Pearl Jam has covered the song a few times that I could easily find, but this Eddie solo jam came out pretty good.

Go with yourself.

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Getting in the Halloween spirit with a half-hour collection of songs with “ghosts” as the theme.


Thank you for taking the time to listen to my mix.

Click and listen: Mixtape >> Ghosts


DJ Notes

Memphis leads off the mixtape with a most fitting Ghost song… Torquil Campbell, the male vocal ying to Stars‘ Amy Milan’s female yang… put out a great little side project album many moons ago.  I saw him perform at Logan’s back in like 2006, and it was mighty.  I always remembered this cut because its so darn spooky.

The next song features a white Motown artist.  SWA?  I know right, a white guy that made MoTown magic back in the 60s and 70s.  Only in Canada.  R. Dean Taylor was born in Toronto, Ontario back when the Leafs lost the Stanley Cup to the Bruins (1939).

He recorded a song called “At The High School Dance” in 1961 which garnered some local success and his next song “I’ll Remember” charted on legendary Canadian rock radio station CHUM.  The success promoted our Maple Leaf Rocker to move to Detroit…this historic occasion also marked the last time a Canadian would ever willingly move to that city yeesh.  R. Dean taylor would get hired on by Motown as a performer and writer and would have a moderately successful career.  Go Canada and obscure white Motown artists!

I make a mean game of dumping on Matthew Good, but the fact of the matter is, I like a lot of his songs.  Apparitions are ghosts and “Apparitions” is on the list of favourite Matt Good songs.

Did I ever tell you the story of running into Matt Good at a gas station convenience store on Burrard street and I ran around the store heckling him till he left? Yeah, I’m an asshole and wouldn’t do that again if I had the day back.  But it made sense at the time.

Hey Matt Good, if you google yourself and my blog comes up and you remember that time some skinny douche bag gave you a hard time in a gas station convenience store…. Sorry.

The only time we ever really dabbled with Band of Horses on the Zone… the song was about ghosts!

You should be familiar with Wintersleep’s “Weighy Ghost.”  A more mainstream cut that got ample play on the radio.

Mother Mother is hard at it right now, working on a new record (due January).  Currently “Hayloft” is the most requested song on the Zone Afternoon Show, but believe this hype! Its not even the most quirky song on the album O My Heart.  Put this “Ghosting” song in your ear-hole and ruminate.

The National are my favourite band, so when I had a song on my iTunes with the word “Ghost” in it… well it had to make the list.

Riot Act, Pearl Jam’s seventh studio record and first post-9/11 and post Roskilde Festival Accident record has a song called “Ghosts.”  Rad.  I do like me some Pearl Jam… and going back to read about Riot Act after jamming out “Ghosts” and now I want to hear the whole record.

yee-yah… Riot Act is a great record.

The mixtape ends with a haunting cut from Spoon’s Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga… “The Ghost of You Lingers.”  Shit’s going on in my right ear… whoa, then my left.  Stereo sound.

Go with yourself.

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Al Ford is many things (the man that hired me for the Zone, Sonic 102.9‘s Program Director) and one of those things is rock & roll photog.

Back in 1991, a little known Seattle band came to Victoria to open for Alice in Chains and Al was there to capture it all.

Jerry Cantrell :: picture Al Ford

Jerry Cantrell's Guitars :: picture Al Ford

Layne Staley :: picture Al Ford

Eddie Vedder :: picture Al Ford

Jeff Ament :: picture Al Ford


Years later, this concert would be immortalized in Rolling Stone.

>>  Rolling Stone 10-28-93 Five Against the World by Cameron Crowe

“An early turning point came onstage at a club called Harpo’s, in Victoria, British Columbia. It was Pearl Jam’s maiden tour, their first appearance away from a nurturing audience of Seattle friends. But this Canadian crowd was far more interested in getting drunk. In midset, Vedder decided to challenge the jaded audience, to wake them up. Unscrewing the 12-pound steel base of the microphone stand, Vedder sent it flying over their heads, like a lethal Frisbee. The steel disk crashed into the wall of the back bar. They woke up.

By some accounts this story may or may not have happened.  The jury is out on to the authenticity of the actual event s of the night.  But what is true, Cameron Crowe believed it and published it in Rolling Stone!


I blogged about this show before >> Vintage Victoria Rock History
Mike Devlin’s article on Pearl Jam’s Ten >> Vancouver Sun

Rolling Stone 1993

Go with yourself my jaded drunks.

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I bought a domain name for my DJ /Music Consultation business yesterday. Spin The Black Disc dot com.

Right now it just forwards to this blog but I think one day I’ll create a page just for the domain to highlight and develop my professional music business separate from this here blog.

The title is a play on the Pearl Jam song, “Spin The Black Circle.”  Rad song, about playing records.  I flipped it up a bit so that way when you search for it, I hopefully will become the the number one ‘Spin the Black Disc’ on the net and not get lost in endless pages of Pearl Jam lyrics and youtube videos. (and with disc, the dot com was available!)

My logo branding concept is taking shape.  I’ll be using the colours and style of Australian Highway signs because… I have an odd fascination with the city of Perth and I like them.

Rozie said she’d give me a crash course on photoshop so I can try to manipulate my own logo.  Fun!

… coming soon! Actual business cards.

Go with yourself.

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HMS Dreadnought (British Battleship, 1906) underway, circa 1906-07.

I had a “why we fight” moment last night reading Alan Cross’ website.

He posted an article about extremist groups and warlords in Somalia sending warning to the local radio stations: “stop playing music or we’ll kill you!”

CBC: Islamists force Somali stations to turn off music

Here is what i don’t get about this whole extreme Islam… why would anyone want to do it.  Lets say I’m an AK47 toting militia man.  I might some what understand that if I follow the larger man with the gnarly beard, glass eye and hook for a hand in his crazy pyramid scheme… as we oppress everything, I’ll get to be one of the chosen one(s).  But when he comes to me and says, Jeremynabad, I want you to go down the street and fire your machine gun into Desert 107, “The Rock of Mogadishu;” I might say… “hold on a second… just wait one minute!

“I like Mohammad Omar and Mohammad Akbar in the morning, those dudes are hilarious!  They have such a clever spin on the chronic food shortages and extreme corruption of the.. our government!”

It got me thinking, the Canadian government should commission a new bread of fighting troop.  The first Canadian Armoured Broadcast Division.  We’d find an old WWI era dreadnought, refit it in dry-dock in Esquimalt.  Christen her, HMCS Rock & Roll and set sail from CFB Esquamlt.  Destination: Indian Ocean.

Instead of fighting the pirates, we BE pirates.  We’d broadcast a pirate rock and roll radio station off the coast and free the minds of the people of Somalia using the power of sound.

Instead of broadcasting animal sounds… we could put Pearl Jam’s Vs. on and spin “Animal.”  Then say, “hey Hezbol-Islam, come get some.”

Aye, Ready Aye!


Jokes aside, it does demonstrate how much freedom totally rules and how… because of a cosmic roll of the dice; if you were born inside different borders your life would be mighty different (and no Pearl Jam?  Is that even a life?).

I got a message from someone in the Canadian Forces who said that the Frigates and Destroyers do have the ability to broadcast radio signals and that they do blast forth some rock & roll when they are patrolling for pirates off the coast.  Rock not Bombs right…

There are two radio station in Mogadishu still playing music, a UN station and an official Somali government run station.  They are the only two located in a small enclave of the city not completely over run with chaos.  God speed to those two stations.  I do wonder if there is a direct way to support freedom of media and art around the world?  the only idea I have is to stick an FM transmitter on a battleship, but that idea seems way to colonial and thus, counter to the spirit of freedom.

Go with yourself.

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01) Phoenix – Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

No record got more play at home, in the car, or in the club for me then Phoenix.  I genuinely enjoy the whole disc from front-to-back.  Remixes, love them, instrumentals are mighty, catalog (now that I am going back) all good.

02) Propagandhi – Supporting Caste

Propagandhi will be a band that i will always adore.  I forgot how much I listened to this record this year till I hit my Last FM, and for bands that had new music in 2009, Propagandhi was number 2!  I remember looking forward to this record, then getting as soon as I could.  Admittedly, a lot of those spins for this record were for the song “Dear Coaches Corner.”  My great rock and roll shame is that I still have never seen Propagandhi live, ever in all my years.

03) The Dudes – Blood Guts Bruises Cuts

The Dudes get to be one of those bands that I love hearing the singles on the Zone, and I love exploring their album.  Another front-to-backer that I can put on and let it play right through… into their previous record.

04) The Rural Alberta Advantage – Hometowns

a summer record for me.  It got heavy play on the iPod when Coral and I visited Alberta.  Just too cliche to not love while I was driving around Wetaskiwin.  Very pretty music.

05) Japandroids – Post-Nothing

Finally some local(ish) rock on the list.  I have a huge hard-on for Japandroids.  I can’t remember why I was taking the ferry by myself last year.  I am generally herding an entire family with my on the voyage, but there was a time I had the opportunity to listen to music for the crossing on the boat and Japandroids were so perfect.  “Its raining, in Vancouver… but I don’t give a fuck!”  Super fuzzy.  Super great.

06) Silversun Pickups – Swoon

This album remains a steady play on my stereo at home, I enjoy hearing the singles on the Zone and a highlight of the year in concerts was the Zone Show at the Royal.  I loved their set at Sasquatch last May.  Lots of stand-out cuts on this record, but basically, the first 5 song son the record I never skip over.

07) Yeah Yeah Yeahs – It’s Blitz

The sound track to our trip to the Sasquatch Festival (well this and Passion Pit and Bon Iver and Explosions in the Sky and ….).  It’s Blitz is one of the few 2009 vinyls Coral and I added to our collection and I enjoy the dancier ones when I am DJing.

08) Alice In Chains – Black Gives Way To Blue

Growing up, AiC would have to be one of my top 5 90s bands.  Their catalog songs still get regular play at home.  I wanted to pan this record when it came out but something funny happened, its good.

09) Pearl Jam – Backspacer

Another record that hipster Jeremy wanted to hate-on… but its good.  “Just Breathe” is a highlight of the my sets on The Zone Afternoon Show.  I missed the concert in Van but hear only great things.  When I read about Eddie Vedder in the music gossips its for good things.  PJ makes me smile still and I enjoy this record as a stand alone or mixed in with a set of PJ catalog cuts.

10) Passion Pit – Manners

Passion pit got slightly more spins at home this year than PJ… but PJ crushed in total times (because of the Zone) so I made PJ 9 and Passion Pit 10.  I like Passion pit at the club and sometimes at home.  Great in the car.  They were a huge disappointment for me at Sasquatch (maybe I wasn’t drunk enough?) and some album cuts I skip over.

Still, can’t deny that the songs I like from Passion Pit, I REALLY like and play them often. “Little Secrets,” “Moth’s Wings,” “The Reeling,” “Sleepyhead,” all magical.


My favourite album covers (if Coral reads this and wants to know a Christmas present) are the Japandroids, Rural Alberta Advantage and Propagandhi.  Just say’n dear.


Go with yourself.

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