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Starting to get the summer vibe on Vancouver Island.  The weekend was a huge one. It felt like the whole city was sitting on a patio, out on the trails, or riding a bike.

My weekend began at the USS show. The band performed a high school concert out at Stelly’s during their nooner and then they performed a 19+ show at Club 9one9.  The radio station tapped me to DJ the opening set which was a lot of fun.

Ash and Jason were exceptionally generous with their time and made sure that anyone looking for a picture or autograph were given an opportunity.  Both shows were packed rooms of passionate fans. If you have stumbled on this blog from outside of Canada and are wondering what’s up… USS are a Canadian group form Toronto.  They have at least a half-dozen modern rock singles that have been played radio across Canada for a few years now.  Man, when they launched into “Yin Yang” or “This Is The Best” the party went sub-atomic. Have a look at the pictures!


This exceptional weather calls for some bright summer music.  Lindsay is a record promoter from New York, and she sent over some fun nu-disco and house tunes.

“Baby show me something I ain’t ready for…”

Go with yourself.

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