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Growing up in the wilderness territory East of Burnaby… my folks used to listen to AM radio.  1410 CFUN.  Pretty much every morning and in the car.  Fred and Cathy in the morning, soft favourites the rest of the time.  I wouldn’t really consider myself an expert on the love songs of the 80s… but weirdly, I seem to know them all… because I heard them all getting shuttled to and from swimming lessons at Canada Games Pool or skating at the Coquitlam main rink.

Back in the summer…I broadcast my show from Pickers Consignment.  They have a fairly extensive collection of previously loved vinyl and lots of 45s.  After my show, the guys let me pick out a stack and I pulled out a bunch of stuff that I sort of recognized.  Like Phil Collins.

In the early 80s… Phil Collins had two interesting things happen to him.  He had a horrible divorce from his Canadian wife, and he began a solo career.  Phil Collins had been fronting Genesis but during his divorce he wrote a series of very personal and dark songs that were released as his first record, Face Value.

“I had a wife, two children, two dogs, and the next day I didn’t have anything. So a lot of these songs were written because I was going through these emotional changes.”

Face Value became a hit record and encouraged Phil to continue this solo path (while still playing drums for Genesis alum Peter Gabriel and working with Genesis).  It also brought him in contact with director Taylor Hackford who was given a list of Atlantic records artists to use for a film he was working on… Phil Collins was on that list.

Before Jeff Bridges was “The Dude” he was a movie actor (I know right?).  In 1984 he played washed up pro-football player Terry Brogan in the movie Against All Odds. (Did you see the movie Tron and wonder how they made Jeff Bridges look young? It was footage from this film they used for young Bridges)

Hackford had used a signature song for a previous film (An Officer and a Gentleman) and wanted something for his new project.  Having heard Phil Collins in Genesis he asked if Phil Collins if he had anything.  Phil had a song from his Face Value sessions called “How Can You Just Sit There.”  Phil watched a preview of the movie “Against All Odds,” rearranged and retitled the song.  Recorded it in two days, mixed it over the phone and bingo-bongo, his first Billboard Number 1 hit and a timeless breakup power ballad was born.

Phil Collins – “Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)”

Download crackly 45 MP3 >> Phil Collins – Against All Odds

Poking around the internet reading about this Phil Collins classic, I discovered more than a few cover songs.  One interestingly celebrated version comes from another soundtrack, 20 years later.  Wicker Park.

For this film, The Postal Service breaks it down.

The Postal Service – “Against All Odds (Take a Look At Me Now)”

Download MP3 >> Postal Service – Against All Odds

There you go… not sure if you are going through a breakup right now or not… but here are a couple emotional pull sof the heart-string for you.

Go with yourself.

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