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Atlanta’s Starbenders popped up on my Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify today (after MONA…nice).

The band reminds me a little of Ottawa’s The Balconies. Mostly because you’re getting the powerful front woman belting out a style of power pop-rock with a vintage 80s bend to it.

Starbenders put a little more of a glam rock sheen on it. They even remind me of 70s Brit glam rockers The Sweet.

This might be a sound you can get into if you’re looking for a new sound that built on some traditional foundation of classic rock.

And lets punch one of from The Balconies. The title track from their album Rhonda which came out last fall.


I’ve been on a bit of Dungeons & Dragons kick lately. Bought the start box set to play a game with 9-year-old and teach her. The quest that comes with the box set is set in the Forgotten Realms on the Sword Coast….so I had to buy the source book of that too. Had to. Then read on an article in Rolling Stone of all places about a new graphic novel about the co-founder of D&D Gary Gygax.

And here we are. Someone needs to take my credit car away from me.

Go with yourself.

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New music from The Balconies

balconies fast motions
The Balconies from Toronto, Ontario, Canada have released their second album, Fast Motions (on purple vinyl no less)…

The classic rock inspired rippers headed to the Sunset Strip… well, California somewhere, to record their new record.  The feature song is a ripper called “Boys and Girls.” I hope your speakers go to 11, because this song wails one more than 10.

Go with yourself.

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Amped to see The Balconies tonight at Lucky Bar.  The Toronto based band has been touring relentlessly around North American and Europe.

The are in our Colonial Outpost today, playing music from their new record Fast Motions.  The new song is called “The Slo.”  It’s not my favourite Balconies song, but I know the live set will destroy…or as Pol Plastino says, “it’ll blow the roof off the dump.”

The Balconies will be on the radio show today around 4PM.

Go with yourself.  – Jeremy

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The Balconies have been to Victoria a couple times in the past week.  recently they performed at Club 9one9 opening for Big Sugar!  The above picture is Jacquie rocking hard. By all accounts, the Toronto band slayed.  Interesting Victoria connection, mega babe Jacquie worked at same bar as the boys in Vic band Theset.  Neat.  I was wondering what was up with those guys since moving to Toronto.  Turns out, they’re still making music and maybe one day it will come out.

We know and love The Balconies jam “Kill Count” on the radio.  last Thursday Jacquie shared the new single, “Do It In The Dark.” Wails! The band told me it was produced by some Toronto mucky-mucks that have worked with some big-time bands.  And it does sound crisp.

The Balconies – “Do It In The Dark”


I was catching up on Sons of Anarchy last night… during a chase scene they rocked the new Soundgarden.  Sounded good.

Go with yourself.

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Always a fun list at the end of the music year is the “Worst Album Covers” list.  I think I have my first contender for 2012.

The artist is called Nash.  He is a one man band that plays all the instruments himself and tracks it.  I guess he also does his own graphic design?  Yikes.  I have to believe this is an inside joke that is hilarious to someone.  I like the arctic too man, and I love Polar Bears!  So we have that Nash, we have that.

Nash – “Taken Away”

The record company describes the suburban Montrealer as Spoon-esque.  I’ll believe it.  Its a jangly happy tune.

From Montreal we head west and cross the Ottawa River to Ottawatown to hear something kinda neat.  French modern rock.  The Balconies have a song called “Kill Count.”  They cut two versions… one en anglais and one en francais.

The french version is different in that well… most all the music we hear is in English.  I wonder how a familiar sound will come across in another language?

The Balconies – “Kill Count”

The beauty of this song is that when I play it in my little work cubicle people wander by and ask “what’s that?” in a positive tone.

Not like the time I played Trans Siberian Orchestra… the “WHAT’S THAT?!?” was less friendly.

Canucks in 5.

Go with yourself.

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