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Atlanta’s Starbenders popped up on my Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify today (after MONA…nice).

The band reminds me a little of Ottawa’s The Balconies. Mostly because you’re getting the powerful front woman belting out a style of power pop-rock with a vintage 80s bend to it.

Starbenders put a little more of a glam rock sheen on it. They even remind me of 70s Brit glam rockers The Sweet.

This might be a sound you can get into if you’re looking for a new sound that built on some traditional foundation of classic rock.

And lets punch one of from The Balconies. The title track from their album Rhonda which came out last fall.


I’ve been on a bit of Dungeons & Dragons kick lately. Bought the start box set to play a game with 9-year-old and teach her. The quest that comes with the box set is set in the Forgotten Realms on the Sword Coast….so I had to buy the source book of that too. Had to. Then read on an article in Rolling Stone of all places about a new graphic novel about the co-founder of D&D Gary Gygax.

And here we are. Someone needs to take my credit car away from me.

Go with yourself.

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