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Atlanta’s Starbenders popped up on my Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify today (after MONA…nice).

The band reminds me a little of Ottawa’s The Balconies. Mostly because you’re getting the powerful front woman belting out a style of power pop-rock with a vintage 80s bend to it.

Starbenders put a little more of a glam rock sheen on it. They even remind me of 70s Brit glam rockers The Sweet.

This might be a sound you can get into if you’re looking for a new sound that built on some traditional foundation of classic rock.

And lets punch one of from The Balconies. The title track from their album Rhonda which came out last fall.


I’ve been on a bit of Dungeons & Dragons kick lately. Bought the start box set to play a game with 9-year-old and teach her. The quest that comes with the box set is set in the Forgotten Realms on the Sword Coast….so I had to buy the source book of that too. Had to. Then read on an article in Rolling Stone of all places about a new graphic novel about the co-founder of D&D Gary Gygax.

And here we are. Someone needs to take my credit car away from me.

Go with yourself.

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My wife and I took a little trip to Seattle this week to see Toronto rockers July Talk. The band played Tuesday at a place called the Sunset Tavern.

The Ballard neighbourhood of Seattle is a hip place. Lots of restaurants, bars, coffee shops, record stores and all those little places you’d expect in a groovy part of town.

We wandered up to the sold out show to see the last couple songs of Toronto band Little Junior.

The next group up was Nashville’s Mona. The group was new to us, but there were quite a few people in the Seattle crowd to see them. They really impressed Coral and I. Maybe a cross between Kings of Leon and Gaslight Anthem (though after listening to ep on the drive back to Vancouver, we heard less Gaslight on the recorded EP).

Big rock & roll sound. The music really punched through in the small club.

Nothing like going to a show and coming home with a new favourite.

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Go with yourself.

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Coral follows Jared Followill of Kings of Leon on twitter.  She noticed that he is always tweeting at his bro Nick Brown.  Coral thinks, “isn’t that neat.”

Turns out Nick is in a band called Mona. And they play their song on Alt Nation.

Lots of buzz stareting to swell as they did the whole… debut in the UK first, then come back to America and release their record here… thing.  Isn’t that similar to Kings of Leon?  a little maybe. They sure do sound like KOL.  Maybe you’ll like this song if you like KOL.

MONA – “Lean Into The Fall”

Download MP3 (low quality)>> Lean into the Fall


I love Eve 6.  Back in the late 90s I was into their debut album.  Simply titled, Eve 6.  I then was all over Horrorscope. They used to be my walking jams.  I particually remember listening to these CDs in my Discman while trolling Commercial Drive in the summer of 2002.  They had a good pace.

I moved to Victoria in 2003 and that summer… Its All In Your Head came out and “Think Twice” lived on the Zone for awhile.  Soon after… there just wasn’t a lot of mainstream interest and the band kind of fizzled out.  I don’t really know the story… maybe I should interview them.  They went away.

Briefly tried to re-form in 2007… still nothing.  Then the classic power-trio reformed and here we are.  New music, new record label and new album in April called Speak in Code.

New Eve 6 finds the band back in familiar territory.  Power pop.  Traditionally, I am not always a fan of reunion bands.  They don’t always craft the best of songs.  They tend to lack some punch.  This new song… aside from Max’s voice sounding a bit different… reminds me (in a positive way) of the older Eve 6, but with more a sophisticated lyrical story.

I ripped a stream for you… but if you like it and want a higher quality, the single is available on iTunes for $1.29 or whatever.

Eve 6 – “Lost & Found”

Download MP3 (low quality) >> Lost and Found

Go with yourself.

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