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TheColourist - Single Art
Coachella will be expanding minds in the California desert come April.  Maybe you’re going?  Must be nice.  If the festival isn’t literally blocks from my apartment and I can’t bring my kid, I don’t go.

I got an email today from a band out of Orange County (is that a town or a region?) that will be playing the festival.  They are called The Colourist.

Right away, I appreciate the proper spelling of colour.  I love the vocal from drummer Maya Tuttle tucked back there in the mix.  Their first single was “Wishing Wells” and now we get “Little Games.”

My favourite thing about festivals is exploring and experiencing new surprise bands.  I was THIS close to working out a trip to California this year.  I can just tell that if I was drinking that fine watered down American beer in a giant can (you know, if you made stronger beer, you could use smaller cans), and it was 30 degrees in the afternoon…I’d be so down with The Colourist.

This talk reminds me I was working on a Sasquatch 2013 Playlist for my mixcloud!  Coming soon friends. (probably next week)

Also… maybe take a minute to check out my interview with K-Os.

Go with yourself.

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