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free hugs

After my radio show the other evening, I came across Samareh and her “Free Hugs” sign and I asked her what’s up…..

The hug was pretty good. Not like Holy Wayne from the Leftovers change you life…but a solid 7/10, would recommend.


Screwing around at the radio station…we’re all butt hurt that we aren’t lighting money on fire in the desert in California this weekend. Maybe you are too?

Go with yourself.

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Remember that time last week when R. Kelly hopped on stage with Phoenix at Coachella?

Me neither… like many, I just read about Coachella and say, “it must be nice.”  Even if I could get to Coachella, I don’t have the abs for it.

Go with yourself.

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TheColourist - Single Art
Coachella will be expanding minds in the California desert come April.  Maybe you’re going?  Must be nice.  If the festival isn’t literally blocks from my apartment and I can’t bring my kid, I don’t go.

I got an email today from a band out of Orange County (is that a town or a region?) that will be playing the festival.  They are called The Colourist.

Right away, I appreciate the proper spelling of colour.  I love the vocal from drummer Maya Tuttle tucked back there in the mix.  Their first single was “Wishing Wells” and now we get “Little Games.”

My favourite thing about festivals is exploring and experiencing new surprise bands.  I was THIS close to working out a trip to California this year.  I can just tell that if I was drinking that fine watered down American beer in a giant can (you know, if you made stronger beer, you could use smaller cans), and it was 30 degrees in the afternoon…I’d be so down with The Colourist.

This talk reminds me I was working on a Sasquatch 2013 Playlist for my mixcloud!  Coming soon friends. (probably next week)

Also… maybe take a minute to check out my interview with K-Os.

Go with yourself.

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postal service
Happy Monday! A weekend of emails to answer on Monday morning brought many new song developments to share.  One f the more exciting ones, new music from Ben Gibbard’s (Death Cab for Cutie) Postal Service.

The song will be part of April’s ten year reissue of 2003’s Give Up.

The song once again taps female vocalist Jenny Lewis (Ril0 Kiley) for a contribution.

Death Cab goes on tour for the first time in ten years… beginning at Coachella and winding its way up to Sasquatch in May.

Go with yourself.

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“Buying Records in Record Stores is Cool.”  aww, thank you Spoon, you’re cool too.

Spoon’s new one, Transference, is out today and I’m holding the 33 in my hot little hand right now (oh, I mean I’m typing, its beside me).  Funny, I am not listening to the record, I got it going on electronically because Coral is watching TV, so I got to enjoy this music best with headphones on.

No problem, the record is spooky good.  Lots of sounds.  Lots of sounds?  Swa?  Its a record, it better have sounds.  But what I mean is, its weird and mystical sounding in that jangly Spoon “ga ga ga ga ga” kinda way.  Headphones works.

I was excited to get this record today.  I didn’t have time before my radio show to swing by Ditch, so I had to get on my horse after the program to race down to Johnson and sneak in just before the bell.

Read a better review than one I could write: Pitchfork likes it!

Holy moly, how many records has this Austin, Texas band put out since the early/mid 90s?  7 LPs and a bunch of eps?  I have only the most recent three, Transference, Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, and Gimme Fiction.  Plus the eps Got Nuffin and Don’t Cha Evah.  One of the reasons I was excited for Transference was because I have so extensively enjoyed previous work.  I was hard not to reckon that anything new would be great.

First listen in, and sure enough… its a good Spoon record.  On the Zone, you might have heard Dave feature “Got Nuffin” and now he is trying out “Written in Reverse.”  If you’re thinking of downloading a couple you might want to start there.  I am also jiving on “Out Go The Lights” which is a bit more ballady for a Spoon cut.  “Mystery Zone” is a good one too.

Today was a big day for all the indie rocking hipsters.  It was the day that the tight panted gods wearing their godly ironic fluorescent yellow sunglasses announced the line-up for this years Coachella Music Festival.  Now really, how many of will be taking off to the desert of California for a weekend in April?  I wish (and fingers crossed some sort of miracle will happen). But this is a great bellwether for the festival circuit as a whole.  These are the bands that want to be active this summer, in front of you, melting your face with sweet licks.  And Spoon is on the list.  SO!  Will Spoon be at Sasquatch this year?  Oh god I hope so… and I hope a lot of other things.  Frightened Rabbit?  SWA?  They are my favourite band of the NOW and they’ll be at Coachella.  Sasquatch is only a month later so I hope that means they could be there too.

Sasquatch is smaller, so all these bands won’t be there.  But some will.  Some is good.  Frightened Rabbit and Spoon?  best!  Last year I died when I experienced Explosions in the Sky.  It would be the cherry on my life sundae to witness a few more all-time faves.

This talk of Sasquatch reminds me that I should book the days off.  Last weekend of May.  The plan on paper has me trying to finagle some media passes.  Coral and I walk on the ferry over to Vancouver.  That is a considerable savings… which we plow into a tank of gas for my old man’s RV and south along the I5 we go… a good full day in advance of the festival.  Some fine cheap US shopping in Bellingham to fill our stocks and then through Seattle.  Maybe a pause to be tourists for a bit, then south-east to Ellensburg then the Gorge.

God smiles, and its sunny and hot like last year.

Coral and I are having a bit of a debate about whether we bring Madelyn of not.  She’ll be over two which is good.  She will be strong like ox.  RV will really help.  There were many kids last year at Sasquatch and when I am away from Madelyn for a few days, regardless of how drunk I am, when I see the families… I think, aw that would be fun.  Coral thought we could get a little inflatable pool for the camp.  Then I thought?  What about bringing a pool into the venue?  Could you imagine?  Madelyn would make a lot of hippy friends if the temperature is in the 90s like last year.

Jury is out on Madelyn.  Nana or Grandma might want to take advantage of a weekend with her, so then we’ll leave her.  maybe they won’t.  We bring her.  I talk a mean game about getting drunk, but the truth is I might enjoy my weekend more if I keep it under control.  So staying sober won’t be a big deal if my baby comes.  And I think she’ll get a kick outta the carnival atmosphere, plus huge savings if I lay off the $9 US Daddy Pops.  Anyways, its cool either way.  We’ll see who wants to be part of the adventure and see what everyone thinks, cuz as they say… it takes a village to raise a kid and if it’ll be more buzz kill than cute attack I’ll beg Nana to have a sleepover for the weekend.

The other thought is pack down my DJ rig and some speakers and generator and fire up a dance party in the camp?  That is an ambitious thought, but would be hugely popular after a day of rock & roll.  The music is king but camp is like… not the king, but really good and with boobs.  Queen?  sure.

I better get off the computer now, Coral wants to play and she’s not supposed to use her cell phone to cruise the net!  Silly Bell and their overage charges.

Go with yourself.

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