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Email today from the Skizzy Mars folks…new song. CRUSHING on the Hype Machine.

Not may favourite Skizzy song, but I have insatiable lust for this kid, so beggars can’t be choosers.

The song is called “Be Lazy” and like the title, a hazy lazy cut. Skizzy talking about a mundane date idea. Netflix, maybe some sex, some pills, some weed. Pretty much the opposite of my life.

“working all week, no breaks it was crazy. Deadlines, deadline, they will never trade me.” Oh, I feel that line. OK, maybe I can relate a little to the 20-something rapper from NYC.

Also a new music video. The east coast rapper takes the party out west for a Hipster Woman/Desert fantasy sequence.


Record label rep stopped by the Radio Factory today. Dropped off a few records.  Amped to check out the new Decemberists album, even though the reviews were not great.

Catfish and the Bottlemen….I can get behind these Welsh rockers.

And finally, Vancouver’s Dan Mangen + Blacksmith.

Go with yourself.

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I got a record review request… awww, thank you guy on twitter (follow me please).

That said… ahhhhhhhhhh, I don’t have the time to put much love into it right now.  Friday’s are always crazy at the radio shop for me.

@cvanderlinden wanted to talk about the new Decemberists’ record The King is Dead.

Don’t have too much time to get into it.  Not super keen on the album cover art.  Love the song, LOVE the song “Rise to Me.”


The Decemberists – “Rise to Me”

Download MP3 >> 3 – The Decemberists – Rise To Me

A little something to chew on over the weekend and hopefully I can share some thoughts about the record on Monday.

Go with yourself.

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