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New jam from Major Lazer features Justin Bieber so you know it’s gunna be red hot. My soundcloud feed is already overrun with remixes but the guy who consistently stands out is German producer Koni. He traditionally re-cuts the song with different vocals and puts it back together a bright cloud house song.


There was a story the other day in Vancouver of some quirky fellow who did an engagement shoot with a cardboard cut out his fiance who is currently in Taiwan.

His name is Ryan and her name is Phoebe.

When I searched Ryan Phoebe into google I stumbled upon a pop star named Phoebe Ryan and found myself falling down the rabbit whole reading this story in Vanity Fair.

I thought, huh, she sounds neat. Clicked to wikipedia and saw she did a song with Skizzy Mars!

And here’s Skizzy showing up on a Phoebe Ryan song that has been remixed and listened to a whole bunch of times.

She has a newish sugar pop song called “Dollar Bills.” I like Las Vegas too Phoebe.


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Alma is a Finnish singer I stumbled on last week. I’ve really been enjoying her song “Karma.”


One more from my Minnesota blogger best friend Ruth…some happy house music.

Artist is Chris Malinchak from New York City.

Happy Friday! It’s a Long Weekend here in British Columbia so I’ll try to yap at you next week.

Go with yourself.

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photo: Skizzy’s Facebook

The weather changed in Vancouver. Today feels like summer…and I’ve been jamming a bright mix on my Skytrain ride into the city everyday.

I dunno what it is about Skizzy Mars, but the young NYC rapper writes songs that make me think about summer and good times.

His latest share track is “Hit Me Harder.” Has that bouncy cloud house/tropical beat that is popular. New record, Alone Together, comes out next Friday. I’ll download that for sure.

I’ve been blasting “I’m Ready” and “Crash” heavy for the pastr few days.




Go with yourself.

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Skizzy Mars‘ debut album, Alone Together is out on January 22nd. Yeah I’ll buy it….the dude’s delivery is like pouring delicious audio butter down my ear hole.

He just released a song today off the new record called “Crash.” Bro named Pell is singing the hook.

Skizzy skirting the line between insecure and confident. The vibe I tend to get from Skizzy songs is adventures of a man running around Manhattan with the daughters of the New York elite. Is that close?

Last week he shared this cut from the record.

Go with yourself.

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Email today from the Skizzy Mars folks…new song. CRUSHING on the Hype Machine.

Not may favourite Skizzy song, but I have insatiable lust for this kid, so beggars can’t be choosers.

The song is called “Be Lazy” and like the title, a hazy lazy cut. Skizzy talking about a mundane date idea. Netflix, maybe some sex, some pills, some weed. Pretty much the opposite of my life.

“working all week, no breaks it was crazy. Deadlines, deadline, they will never trade me.” Oh, I feel that line. OK, maybe I can relate a little to the 20-something rapper from NYC.

Also a new music video. The east coast rapper takes the party out west for a Hipster Woman/Desert fantasy sequence.


Record label rep stopped by the Radio Factory today. Dropped off a few records.  Amped to check out the new Decemberists album, even though the reviews were not great.

Catfish and the Bottlemen….I can get behind these Welsh rockers.

And finally, Vancouver’s Dan Mangen + Blacksmith.

Go with yourself.

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Skizzy Mars is sitting at the top of the Hype Machine pops today with his new cut “The Way I Live.”

Earbuddy was saying the song will make you re-evaluate how you’re living

I don’t know what it is about Skizzy that I am so down with….but then I read WriteClickCookListen and he said, “the production, presentation and sound is much more mature. It something the old guys can hang with.”

That dude is 34, hey, I’m 34! Maybe that’s it?

Feeling that song….I hit play on his soundcloud feed today and came across the song “Come Over.” 

Go with yourself.

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