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Fun poppy rock from Australia.  I love living in the rainy Forest Kingdom on my Island drifting in the Pacific Ocean….but I also love Palm Trees (yes there are a couple in Victoria but it ain’t the same).  Melbourne’s Them Swoops sent an email with the above album graphic and I had to hit play.  The song definitely bounces along with summer fun.  We’re rolling into winter in Canada, but they’re getting ready for long days and BBQ nights in Australia.  This song “Work Around It” reminds me of that.


Yesterday I featured Toronto’s The Wooden Sky.  I have been enjoying their sounds and was sent another interesting song.  Their take on Nirvana’s classic “All Apologies.”

The Wooden Sky – All Apologies (Nirvana Cover)

I like Nirvana and I like The Wooden Sky, so it is very easy for me to get behind this song.  My only critique is that maybe the song doesn’t build or add too much to the great original.  Its a cover song.  A good cover song…but I’ll punch up Nirvana if I need some In Utero.


Lastly… I have a semi for the Japandroids.  They’ll be in Vancouver on Saturday, December 22nd and for some insane reason the show is not sold out yet.  bad for the city of Vancouver, great for me as I think I can arrange my life and finances to be there.  Here is a poster to a recent show in Dallas.  I love it and just want to share it on my blog.

And that’s a blog… go with yourself.

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