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For the past couple weeks I’ve been reintroducing this old remix I have of Nirvana’s “Polly.” The remix is done by Bruno Be, and it seems like overtime I put it up someone asks, “what is that?”  So let me repost it up on the old MAS blog.

Happy 2018 to you! Thank you for being part of this music loving blog community.

Go with yourself.

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Hunter in Denver sent over a couple songs to check out.

I’ll start with this cover of Nirvana’s signature jam “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Autograf. The group teamed up with Queen Sessi for the vocal.

Autograf will be on tour in 2018 and have a few show sin the Pacific Northwest.

2.15 Portland | Star Theater
2.16 Seattle | Neumos
2.17 Vancouver | Imperial
2.18 Bellingham | Wild Buffalo


The other song he sent over is a future remix of The Chainsmokers by k?d.


Took my son Jack to his first Canucks game last Sunday. The Canucks got completely destroyed, 6-1 by the Calgary Flames.

Merry Christmas!

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I was thinking I want a boat (while on a boat) this morning. Nothing fancy…something to putt around and see the islands and fjords of British Columbia on my own time.

Here is a cover of Nirvana done by Father John Misty. Not bad. Chill. Sparse.

That reminds me, I really do need to track down his latest record…for Coral. For Coral.


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crazy turntable
Lemon is  a performer from Toronto. She has a music Tumblr (yay music bloggers!).

She posted a synthy dark spin on the Nirvana classic that this Gen-Xer…(or maybe I’m an old Millennial?) can get behind.

Trolling her Soundcloud page, I also really enjoyed this cover of Peter Bjorn and John’s “Young Folks” she did with Wolf Saga.

Cool. Go with yourself.

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I meant to blog this remix last week.  So good, but I am conflicted on the jam.

I love Nirvana and I love remixes.  When I laid it down at Lucky Bar last week, people got grooving.  BUT the song is about sexual violence.  Just seems weird to play this dance song in a club where everyone is drunk and hooking up.  Clearly I am an old man that thinks too much about this stuff as the remix is a monster jam and the dance floor went off when the song came on.

From the Ministry of Remixes of the songs from my youth.  Check out this remix outta Portland by Stefan is Stefan.

Go with yourself.

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Hazy Californian Foster the People-esque indie pop AND more palm trees.  The band is called The Neighbourhood…they use the Canadian spelling of Neighbourhood, wise.  I am new to the young band that has already cycled through the blogs and that’s cool because you can’t follow every trend.  The band is starting to hit a critical mass…as in a record label in Canada is repping them to the radio stations, they’re touring with Paul Banks of Interpol fame (after wrapping a tour with the Temper Trap, hmmm someone likes these guys)….  I punched up their song “Sweater Weather” and it sounds groovy.

A wintery chill day on the beach in California.  Very pretty lyrics pitter-pattering quickly, painting a romantic story over beats and jangly indie rock guitar.


How about this track…. Victoria’s Jon & Roy at a house concert a couple years ago.  Last song of the set is a cover of Lead Belly’s “Where Did You Sleep Last Night” (made famous for our generation by Nirvana). Lead Belly’s legend and lore is worth your time and its on wikipedia. And now Jon & Roy’s take on a classic.

The annual Jon & Roy holiday special goes down in Victoria on December 14th at the Alix Goolden Hall.  In Vancouver on the 21st at The Vogue and the 22nd in Kelowna at Habit.

American friends… look out! Jon & Roy head south for a West Coast tour in the new year.

Go with yourself.

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Fun poppy rock from Australia.  I love living in the rainy Forest Kingdom on my Island drifting in the Pacific Ocean….but I also love Palm Trees (yes there are a couple in Victoria but it ain’t the same).  Melbourne’s Them Swoops sent an email with the above album graphic and I had to hit play.  The song definitely bounces along with summer fun.  We’re rolling into winter in Canada, but they’re getting ready for long days and BBQ nights in Australia.  This song “Work Around It” reminds me of that.


Yesterday I featured Toronto’s The Wooden Sky.  I have been enjoying their sounds and was sent another interesting song.  Their take on Nirvana’s classic “All Apologies.”

The Wooden Sky – All Apologies (Nirvana Cover)

I like Nirvana and I like The Wooden Sky, so it is very easy for me to get behind this song.  My only critique is that maybe the song doesn’t build or add too much to the great original.  Its a cover song.  A good cover song…but I’ll punch up Nirvana if I need some In Utero.


Lastly… I have a semi for the Japandroids.  They’ll be in Vancouver on Saturday, December 22nd and for some insane reason the show is not sold out yet.  bad for the city of Vancouver, great for me as I think I can arrange my life and finances to be there.  Here is a poster to a recent show in Dallas.  I love it and just want to share it on my blog.

And that’s a blog… go with yourself.

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Yesterday would have been Kurt Cobain’s 45th birthday had he lived.

Growing up when I did… I was 11 when Nevermind became the biggest thing ever.  I wasn’t really too into it.  I was still jamming out whatever my parents listened to, mostly CFUN soft rock on AM radio… or when my folks got me a clock radio (which still have to this day) to wake up for junior high (they had junior highs, grades 8-10 during the age of sail) I listened at first to classic rock on Rock 101.  I was more into Boston or Def Leppard.

When I went to junior high (I think in 1992-ish… how old are you in grade 8?) Grunge and hip-hop were the two biggest things.  All the cool guys were either Coquitlam versions of Tupac or Kurt Cobain.  Actually, my homeboy Dave King had glorious reddish Cobain hair if I remember correctly.

Nirvana was pretty much everywhere.  Talent shows had girls doing choreographed dance routines to like Paula Abdul and shaggy haired burnouts covering “Territorial Pissings” to an auditorium of 14-year-olds.  Oh the times.

Kurt Cobain was dead by the time I started buying Nirvana records.  I for sure had Nevermind and then Unplugged, then little later I bought Bleach.  I didn’t actually get my own copy of In Utero until I was an adult and going threw a Nirvana phase and needed the record to complete the collection.

When I was in my late teens and early 20s my favourite record was (still is I guess) Bleach.  Its a good record.  Loud, gnarly.  The guys are young.  Dave Grohl isn’t even in the band yet and Nirvana put the record out on Seattle’s Sub Pop label.  When I performed in a band, we covered “School” during our practices and sometimes in concert.  I still love that song.

Talking about Kurt’s birthday yesterday on the radio, a Zoner called up to talk about seeing Nirvana at a show in 1991 at The Forge.  An AC/DC tribute band was opener. Hilarious.

The concert was March 9th, 1991… a few months before they’d hop into the studio to record Nevermind.  The Zoner said there were about 67 people at the show in the basement of the Strathcona Hotel (where Club 9one9 is now).  The picture at the top of blog post is the only one I could find online form that show.  It features predominately Krist Novoselic… performing barefoot.  You’ll see Kurt off to the side… and some long-haired bro.  Good for that guy!

I found the setlist online and made a mixtape of the songs in the order played back in 1991.  If you’re feeling nostalgic for some Nirvana and want to hear a set heavy on Bleach era music with a few from Incesticide and even Nevermind, then tuck into this.  Set ends with would would be the mega hit “Lithium” and a cover of “Molly’s Lips.”  Rad.

Mixcloud: Mixtape >> Happy Birthday Kurt

Go with yourself.

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Woke up and did some push-ups and sit-ups this morning… yessh, that is hard work.  Reminds me of bootcamp, which, come to think of it, I should try again!

Yesterday, the internets were all aflutter over the Spin Magazine’s Nirvana tribute record, Newermind.

So on over I headed to Spin’s Facebook page… liked, then really liked this jam.

Charles Bradley – “Stay Away”

Download MP3 >> 10 Stay Away

Its a pretty dramatic take on the Nirvana grunge classic.  I really enjoyed the James Brown-esque interpretation.

Charles Bradley’s story is bizarre and crazy too… if the internet is to be believed.  You should read about his life path. The dude did a James Brown lounge show… of course he did.

Neat, there is also a Jessica Lea Mayfield, Amanda Palmer and Surfer Blood cover on there.  Track one, side one… Meat Puppets.

Go with yourself.

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this is out of our reach

“The most exciting time for a band is right before they become really popular. I’d love to just be in bands that just do that every two years.  Every time I look back at the best times in this band it was just right before Nevermind came out. It was awesome.

“Without my choosing its become a job, whether I like it or not. Its something I love doing and I’d always want to do. But I have to be honest I don’t enjoy it nearly as much as I used to when I was practising every night… imaging what it would be like. And its nothing like what it was like the first couple of years actually playing in front of a few people. Loading up the van going to a rock show to actually play. The privilege of that can’t be reproduced after doing it for 10 years.” – Kurt Cobain


I finally got a chance to check out Aux TV tonight.  I had heard Dylan Willows talking about the channel on the morning Zone sometime ago.  I never thought I had the channel…but I guess I do, as I was searching around and came across the documentary, Kurt Cobain: About a Son.

The documentary was amazing, sad, tragic and insightful.  In 1993, Kurt Cobain gave his time for a series of audio taped interviews with a journalist he trusted (maybe the only one he did as he was found of tearing into journalists during the interview).

The interview was very thorough and talked about Kurt’s growing up, forming a band, moving to Seattle, becoming famous, meeting and marrying Courtney Love and the birth of their daughter before getting into some of his plans for the future (like how he planned on breaking up Nirvana and his goals on life for providing for Francis Bean).

It was interesting to get into the mind of Kurt Cobain in his own words and listen to him share his stories.  It was at times hard to watch as we know the outcome of the story, especially when he talks about how much he loves his daughter and how he was so excited to provide a family for her.

If you have the time or energy, the documentary is on Youtube in 9 or 10 parts.  You’ll have to get started at part 2 as Warner Music blocked the audio of part one because of copyright or some bullshit: About a Son part 2

Go with yourself.

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