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Aussie pop-rockers The Griswolds are back with a new record on November 11th and he have another listen right here.

The song is the title track called “High Times for Low Lives.” A little darker than previous Griswolds songs (like the lead single “Out of My Head”). Bass is up front, forming the frame to hang the brighter vocals.

“Out of My Head” was minor alt radio song in the States. I think it is like #56 right now?

Go with yourself.

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Happy Tuesday my music blogger friends. The above Vine is a clip of my ECCW Wrestling debut…and possibly my last match? I took part in a small bout between some of the main events on Saturday at ECCW’s sold out Ballroom Brawl5 at the legendary Commodore Ballroom.

My fight was the “15 Minutes of Fame” match against Brady Malibu. An open challenge fight that ended with my head being smashed in by an iPad. Good times.

On to the tunes.

The Griswolds are going back on tour and coming to North America. Looking forward to a show on May 3rd at The Imperial with Panama Wedding and Magic Man. Other Pacific Northwest dates for the Hotling Spring Tour include Seattle on the 4th and Portland on the 5th. Weird, last time I was in Portland, The Griswolds were there and I missed them because I was doddling.


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Thrice is firing it back up! (I used to love Thrice) Tour and a new record in 2016. I am jazzed on hearing what a 9th Thrice record might sound like, sad that there are no Vancouver shows.


The CBC had a story on Victoria rad duder Aidan Knight. They asked, “why isn’t he bigger in Canada?”

“Knight also explains how the last decade of his life has been like a research period — replete with lessons for his fresh start in Europe.”


Got my old Versicolour LP in the collection at home.

I’ve been a fan of his work since early Victoria band Black Tie Social. Still LOVE hearing “Silver Screens.” (I hope they don’t mind…I uploaded the song on Soundcloud….eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!)


And here is a live recording from 2006….just before the band’s final show at Big Fernwood.

Ugh…. nostalgia, you are a powerful drug.

Go with yourself.

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Indie rockers The Griswolds have a new music video and a North American tour. The Sydney group won’t be in Vancouver,but they will be in Portland on July 8th, and The Crocodile in Seattle on the 9th. Ugh…I’ll be in the Pacific North-west touring around with the kids at that time, but likely not in the same cities on the same night. Drat! Toronto friends can check them out June 23rd at The Garrison.

New single is “If You Wanna Stay” from the 2014 record Be Impressive.

Bullett Mag says“The clip takes the four piece, who’re quickly amassing a fanbase around the world after exploding out of their native Sydney, on a cross country trip of beautiful Australian scenery, all set to their ecstatic, danceable indie pop.”

Go with yourself.

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LA producer, NGHTMRE, released his remix of The Griswolds‘ “Live This Nightmare” today. Have a listen.

Go with yourself.

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Finally found a few moments to jam out a blog on a Tuesday. I don’t know about you, but I go through pretty much everyday in a state of overwhelmededness. Wake up, strap in, and ride that pony till bedtime. Repeat.

I took a couple days off at the end of this week to hit the Tall Tree Festival…so I do have my eye on that prize.

Earlier today I was trolling the charts of some modern rock radio stations in the States. Here are a few songs that caught my ear. In no order.

We’ll starts with a couple bros from Columbus, Ohio (Go Blue Jackets!) called Twenty One Pilots, and their emo tale of having their car radio stolen.  Poor little duders. Catchy jingle. I wanted to hate it, but kept hitting play on it.

The War on Drugs are starting to gain a little radio traction with their single “Red Eyes” off their 2014 record Lost in the Dream.

This one is from a guy named Max Frost. Reminds me of a slightly more eclectic Fitz and the Tantrums? maybe?

From Sydney, Australia… its Panama (the band…not the nation).

Australians are so hot right now…The GRISWOLDS singing about having the fun sucked out of them? sexual? or vampire?

Hozier gets all serious out at the end. “I was born sick but I love it.” Thanks Irish guy.

That’s what i got, go with yourself.

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More happy jangly modern rock…. this time the band is called The GriswoldsNot Clark… they’re from the land of Shark Attacks and Bush Fires…. Australia.

The Griswolds are a bit of a concern in Australia where their previous single “Heart of a Lion” was played on Triple J Radio.

They are now on Wind-Up records in the US and criss-crossing the U-S-of-A learning about the their customs and rivers.  Have a listen to this!

Go with yourself.

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