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Happy Tuesday my music blogger friends. The above Vine is a clip of my ECCW Wrestling debut…and possibly my last match? I took part in a small bout between some of the main events on Saturday at ECCW’s sold out Ballroom Brawl5 at the legendary Commodore Ballroom.

My fight was the “15 Minutes of Fame” match against Brady Malibu. An open challenge fight that ended with my head being smashed in by an iPad. Good times.

On to the tunes.

The Griswolds are going back on tour and coming to North America. Looking forward to a show on May 3rd at The Imperial with Panama Wedding and Magic Man. Other Pacific Northwest dates for the Hotling Spring Tour include Seattle on the 4th and Portland on the 5th. Weird, last time I was in Portland, The Griswolds were there and I missed them because I was doddling.


unnamed (13)

Thrice is firing it back up! (I used to love Thrice) Tour and a new record in 2016. I am jazzed on hearing what a 9th Thrice record might sound like, sad that there are no Vancouver shows.


The CBC had a story on Victoria rad duder Aidan Knight. They asked, “why isn’t he bigger in Canada?”

“Knight also explains how the last decade of his life has been like a research period — replete with lessons for his fresh start in Europe.”


Got my old Versicolour LP in the collection at home.

I’ve been a fan of his work since early Victoria band Black Tie Social. Still LOVE hearing “Silver Screens.” (I hope they don’t mind…I uploaded the song on Soundcloud….eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!)


And here is a live recording from 2006….just before the band’s final show at Big Fernwood.

Ugh…. nostalgia, you are a powerful drug.

Go with yourself.

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I was poking around some old files and found this recording that Black Tie Social did for my old Capital Rock City podcast.  The talk was this would be the last BTS show… opening for Theset at Big Fernwood.

Black Tie Social – “Silver Screens” (live)

Just wanted to share because I love them.

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I am feeling Victoria’s Aidan Knight tonight…. so peaceful.  His record Small Reveal came out in October.  This musician is a warrior.  A man that slugs it out on the road, on the radio, on the internet, wherever someone will have him.  He is the Johnny Appleseed of dainty, melodic, hypnotic, indie rock.

Tonight I got the stresses of the world.  So close to Christmas, in the red zone.  But I haven’t punched it in yet.  Work, money, time…they always conspire against having a good time for me during the season of good times.

I sat down at the computer tonight to catch up on some work and put on Aidan’s record.  So pretty.

Side one, track one rules the roost because of the last couple minutes.

“A Mirror” is the single I think….this song rules the roost because of the feather light female vocals tucked into the mix, and the deep strings going waaaaaaaaaaaah.

Aidan Knight plays the Vogue Theatre in Vancouver on January 10th…. my birthday, neat.

Its no Black Tie Social, but it’ll do.


I made a Facebook page for my blog… I “like” LIKES!

Go with yourself.

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I bought a new hat today.  As you can see.  Washington Nationals.  I used to love baseball as a kid, but for years now, I haven’t really followed it.  Growing up I loved the Expos and Cardinals and Mariners.  And if the Mariners are winning, I’ll pay a bit more attention.

I wanted to get a Cardinals hat, but the hat store is chronically out of my size… so today I went, “meh, I’ll get the new Expos’ team hat.”  So Nationals it is.  I looked up their stats on Wikipedia and they are terrible.  Like really dysfunctional.  Maybe this year will be their year?


I heard a really amazing song today on the TV show Hart of Dixie (don’t judge me, Coral watches it… sometimes I watch with her). At the end of today’s episode they played a song from Montreal’s Barr Brothers.  For some reason the song resonated with me and I had to look it up after the show.  The song is called “Beggar in the Morning” from their self-titled debut record.  A very perfect folky indie rock song.

The Barr Brothers – “Beggar in the Morning”

So pretty. I like the long intro the best…


Went to see Steph Macpherson on Saturday night.  Great show… Steph has just been signed by Cordova Bay Records and the party Saturday night was very jovial.  I saw my man Jason Cook drumming for Steph and it got me thinking about Jason’s old band Black Tie Social.  BTS were active in Victoria years and years ago.  I can’t really remember exactly but it was early-mid-ish 2000s.  Jason with Katie and Aidan Knight and…. hmmmm Chris?  They wrote and performed this great song call “Silver Screens” that I still fire up to this day.  I really love this song.

Black Tie Social – “Silver Screens”

Download MP3 >> 01 Silver Screens

I find the song very soothing and almost hypnotic.  I can always remember being at Lucky Bar, drunk, but a real happy drunk, and they played this song and it sounded so good.  I felt really good that night and hearing this song still makes me feel good.

Go with yourself.

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This week I sit down with my man Aidan Knight (Maurice, Counting Heartbeats, Black Tie Social) to talk about his solo career and his upcoming CD release party at Lucky Bar (01/08). He brought some of his fave music including the first new song from Vancouver band In Medias Res is over 4 years! I hope you like the show and thank you for taking the time to download.

Download: Capital Rock City #86

and as always friends, I love and respect (and kinda need) you love, ratings and comments on iTunes.  Please search for, find and subscribe to Capital Rock City for free from the iTunes store.  For you fans of the RSS, here is the feed.

Other friends of Capital Rock City and include: Mixcloud and DoubleDance.  Thank you!


DJ Notes

01) Yukon Blonde – “Wind Blows”
02) We Are The City – “Time, Wasted”
03) Aidan Knight – “Jasper”
04) In Medias Res – “Tonight, I am New”
05) Black Tie Social – “Silver Screens”

Aidan came by to talk about his show coming up on Friday AND I am turning 30 this weekend… so I thought, that would be a good place to celebrate.

I haven’t had the chance to see In Medias Res in many years and was wonderfully surprised to hear they were back, active, recording AND coming back to Victoria around my birthday time.  fun.  They made a music video for the song I featured on the podcast.

Working on having The Forestry stop by the studio and Vince Vaccaro and I might go hike into the woods to record the next CRC LIVE from a Forest.

Hey, you’re alright.

Go with yourself.

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Capital Rock City #48 goes back in time to 2005/2006 to play some of my old faves from the first season of Capital Rock City.
Have a listen:  Capital Rock City 48

and remember kids when you subscribe to Capital Rock City n the podcasting section of the iTunes store of punch up the RSS feed, a baby Orca is born!

DJ Notes

01) Black Tie Social – “Silver Screens”
02) Jets Overhead – “Addiction”
03) Maurice – “Hold On”
04) Heart Carried Heavy – “Courage”
05) Leeroy Stagger – “Just in Case”
06) Open Parachute – “Art and Credit Cards”

Just feeling nostalgic for some of the old tunes from the first run of CRC back in the winter of 2005 and spring/summer of 2006.  It was very hard to cut this show down to just six tracks.  I hope there is something there in that set that you’ll love.

Next week will be #49 and it’ll be new music once again.  I have a great song from Adam at Sonic 102.9 in the chute and I think Lindsey in Winnipeg is toying with the idea of sending a dispatch from the Fly Ridden City.

For episode #50 I am not sure what to do to celebrate?  Maybe a best of ’09 (so far) or listener picks?  I don’t know if I have enough listeners for a listeners pick, but maybe I’ll try that and if I don’t get enough requests, I’ll flesh it out.

Then #51 will be a project as I attempt to uncover some old audio from the original “Morning After Show.”  I *had* some old cassettes floating around from sporadic shows.  I didn’t do a very good job of archiving anything back then because honestly, I didn’t think I’d be on the radio for 10 years… but it is the 10 year anniversary of my first radio show, and I want to find some old clips to share and maybe play some of the old indie rock from the time (Dead Model Shoot anyone?).  I do know that one of my original mini-discs of “imaging” went missing pretty soon after I moved to Victoria and the other one I think has also wandered by now.  That is kinda sad.
Whatever, I’d use what I got and see if any of it is still funny and make it a special CRC #51.


Thank you for downloading Capital Rock City and if you enjoy my podcast, please share the link with a friend.

Go with yourself.

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