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I feel great so far.  I woke up and slayed so many dragons last week that looking ahead, I have so few things to get up to.

I suppose I should get Mads a SIN and get started on her RESP and get the ball rolling on a little baby passport, pay this month’s bills and lay some money down on the credit card.

I need to move forward with my self taught graphic design and student loan stuff.

And somewhere amongst all that, sign up for MMA fighting, Kung-Fu or something physical… I checked out a bunch of MMA studios and they are all really expensive and full of… well… not my kind of people to put it politely.  Might have to try a more traditional martial art.  My friends all laugh at me when I say I want to rock the octagon… but maybe that will be my armour?  While my opponent is laughing himself out of position I will kung-fu chop him down to the ground.

My buddy Paul was the only guy who didn’t laugh.  He said I should take something basic like Kung-Fu or even Karate.  Apparently some Karate master ripped it at UFC 100 this past weekend?

On Father’s Day, I bought myself a present… the movie Passchendaele.

Most of the movie is a little slow, the dialogue is weak, the whole premise is almost silly, but then near the end, the third battle of Ypres lights up, the movie is worth the price of admission.  When I watch the film, I generally jam out the opening village battle sequence, then fast forward to the end.

I had this crazy dream Friday night (likely Red Bull fueled) where I was in World War One.  I was in the trench with some dude who wasn’t a very good shot.  We’re all huddled around and the Germans attack.  As I am sitting there dropping German after German, the man huddled in the trench is called, “Jeremy…. Jeremy…”  I keep snapping back at him… “just stay down or shoot, I don’t care!”

Turns out it was Coral trying to wake me up to get ready for the ferry!

The dream stayed in my brain all weekend, so when we go back from Coquitlam, I found a previously viewed copy  of Passchendaele at Blockbuster.  score.

After the film, I dusted off my copy of Pierre Berton’s “Vimy.” I am pretty down with my Canadian History circa WWI, but I thought I’d revisit it while I wait for my next book to show up in the mail.

This blog isn’t really about anything, just wanted to write the week out and then get to it.

Go with yourself.

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