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Yesterday JP Maurice stopped by the Zone Afternoon Show for a chit chat and live performance.  He played his song “Nothing Like a Good Feeling.”  Have a listen.

Soundcloud >> Maurice Performs “Nothing Like a Good Feeling” LIVE

JP then put in my palm an ep of 7 songs… or I guess small LP? (does it matter in the year 2012? It DOES TO ME!) for the group Noverdubs.

JP put the Noverdubs together as a project for the Peak Performance Project last season.  The session led to a solid 7 songs and a glorious cover of the Fleetwood Mac classic “Dreams.”

I asked JP if I could offer the song as a free MP3 download and he said yes!  Nice.  Thank you Jean-Paul.

Noverdubs – “Dreams”

Download MP3 >> Noverdubs – Dreams

“Dreams” is a hard song to tackle.  You are taking one of Fleetwood Mac’s most iconic songs off one of rock & roll’s most celebrated albums.  I think  this version does justice.  It is by no means a reinterpretation… just a beautiful showcase of talent from Victoria.

Maurice performs this Saturday night at Lucky Bar.  Doors at 8PM.

Go with yourself.

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Had the strangest dream last night (yeah, this is a dream blog).

I have been reading tons of fantasy lately as I plug away through George RR Martin’s A Dance With Dragons.  Lots of sorcery and shape-shifters and things that go bump in the night.

Watched a bit of True Blood last night… lots of sorcery and shape-shifters and things that go bump in the night… and tits and vampires with perfect abs.

Last night I dreamed that I could change my appearance and I changed into an “Eric The Sexy Vampire” type dude to seduce Coral.

I tried to get her to cheat on me, with me… which she did.  It was sexy times.  When I had enough, I did the big reveal… “muhahahaha, it is I!  Evil Warlock-Husband Jeremy, not a sexy vampire.  I can’t believe you cheated on me!”

Coral said, “I didn’t cheat on you… it was you I had sex with…”

wah wah wah…. she’s always so much smarter than me, even in my dreams!

Evil Warlock-Husband Jeremy will continue to plot…


Check this rad jam out… it is from the True Blood episode “She’s Not There.”

The Zombies (who are amazing By-the-by) originally dropped this hot #2 single in 1964 and is a highlight of my 60s sets at Veneto Lounge.

When the credits rolled on True Blood and this song came up… I instantly recognized it and Coral was jiving on it too… but what is this cover?

It is Nick Cave and Neko Case… the song was commissioned for the show by the music supervisor who happens to be a radio DJ in LA on KCRW.

Neko Case + Nick Cave – “She’s Not There”

Go with yourself.

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I feel great so far.  I woke up and slayed so many dragons last week that looking ahead, I have so few things to get up to.

I suppose I should get Mads a SIN and get started on her RESP and get the ball rolling on a little baby passport, pay this month’s bills and lay some money down on the credit card.

I need to move forward with my self taught graphic design and student loan stuff.

And somewhere amongst all that, sign up for MMA fighting, Kung-Fu or something physical… I checked out a bunch of MMA studios and they are all really expensive and full of… well… not my kind of people to put it politely.  Might have to try a more traditional martial art.  My friends all laugh at me when I say I want to rock the octagon… but maybe that will be my armour?  While my opponent is laughing himself out of position I will kung-fu chop him down to the ground.

My buddy Paul was the only guy who didn’t laugh.  He said I should take something basic like Kung-Fu or even Karate.  Apparently some Karate master ripped it at UFC 100 this past weekend?

On Father’s Day, I bought myself a present… the movie Passchendaele.

Most of the movie is a little slow, the dialogue is weak, the whole premise is almost silly, but then near the end, the third battle of Ypres lights up, the movie is worth the price of admission.  When I watch the film, I generally jam out the opening village battle sequence, then fast forward to the end.

I had this crazy dream Friday night (likely Red Bull fueled) where I was in World War One.  I was in the trench with some dude who wasn’t a very good shot.  We’re all huddled around and the Germans attack.  As I am sitting there dropping German after German, the man huddled in the trench is called, “Jeremy…. Jeremy…”  I keep snapping back at him… “just stay down or shoot, I don’t care!”

Turns out it was Coral trying to wake me up to get ready for the ferry!

The dream stayed in my brain all weekend, so when we go back from Coquitlam, I found a previously viewed copy  of Passchendaele at Blockbuster.  score.

After the film, I dusted off my copy of Pierre Berton’s “Vimy.” I am pretty down with my Canadian History circa WWI, but I thought I’d revisit it while I wait for my next book to show up in the mail.

This blog isn’t really about anything, just wanted to write the week out and then get to it.

Go with yourself.

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Coming Soon….  a David Eleanor // Morning After Show joint

The Blog of Steak

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Seth Godin says to own your brand.  Meaning, to make up a word to describe what you do, so that way it costs you far less to dominate search and generally be the top of the mind name for what you do.

Since I am my own brand… I guess, like any band or creative force, I own my own brand.  When I goggle me, I am first on the list! huzzah!

Sadly, its my MySpace that comes up before this blog, but the blog is number two.

On my old MySpace blog back in the halcyon days when people actually used their MySpace accounts, I did a feature called “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.”  I think part of me wants to resurrect that feature so I can talk about news articles I come across like this gem: Teen with No Licence, High on Drugs, Crashes Car

This kid packs the bongs, takes a puff then decides its a good idea to take Mommy and Daddy’s car for a spin.  He pulls an illegal U-turn and causes a man riding a Harley to t-bone the car.  The rider flies over the hood and is injured.  Then the hilarity ensues:
The teen was given a ticket for driving without a valid licence and unsafe U-turn and was also issued a 24-hour suspension for driving under the influence of marijuana.

A 24-hour suspension?  The kid doesn’t even have a licence… how about a forever suspention till he figures out life and takes the test like everyone else.

What makes this story even more tragic is that a Harley driver was injured… and after my broadcast from Steve Drane Harley Davidson, I have a new goal.

01) Learn Graphic Design and Create a Media Press Kit for Myself
02) get Married
03) achieve a University Degree
04) Own a Harley!

as you can imagine, I have a kinship with my fallen rider.

and in case you’re wondering what sorta bike I’ll want to upgrade the scooter too: Harley Davidson Nightster


I’m not married to THIS bike by any means, but something small and classic looking like it.  There was a ton of bikes at Steve Drane that I instantly fell in love with.

OK, put the dreams down, back to the brass tax of life.


Coral and I will be booking at Mandalay BayVancityrockgirl (who happens to own her own brand) is going above and beyond and sharing lots of great rates and ideas on how to save some $$$ for the Vegas Wedding adventure.

24 Hour Relay For the Kids

the Fourth Annual Mankini Car Wash is going down this Saturday!
Saturday, May 16:
Mankini Carwash
Time:11:00am – 3:00pm
Location: Corner of Glanford and Vanalman

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day yesterday crushed.  It was almost a Father’s day too… such a perfect day off with my girls.  Mads spoiled Mom with lots of presents and then she helped me whip up some eggs benny for the future Mrs. Baker.

We watched Zathura! Nice… and a commercial I voiced came on the TV which made me feel like a rock star.

In the afternoon, we took a walk along Dallas Road and drive through Oak Bay looking at all the houses we hope to one day be able to afford.

Then Alix came over to craft some brilliant ribs and Coral’s family came over for dinner and a spirited game of World Monopoly… which I won!


Alright, I gotta get ready to hop on the radio for a radio show.

Go with yourself.

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May 8th

Sure, I am going to go see this.

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Dr. Dog Shit

I don’t like too much negative stuff on this blog, but if there is one thing I really hate its dog shit.  I hate it!

I get that 99 percent of dog owners are good 99 percent of the time but it is that one percent of the one percent when they can’t be bothered pick up the shit, then I step in it, not notice till I get home carrying groceries, so I don’t take my shoes off, wander direct into my kitchen then go… “hey wait a minute, that mud looking streak on my kitchen floor is not mud…”

BWOAR… then I am on all fours with the pinesol scrubbing everything.

AND NOW, Coral wants a dog, god bless her.  To complicate matters… Madelyn can’t articulate it, but I can tell by her eyes, she wants a dog too!

I told them, if I can have  a University degree they can have their dog.  Coral said deal… so now I got to get to work on that degree.

I am fortunate that my girlfriend works for the government and knows lots about student loans and Mom is a high school guidance counselor and knows how to spend it.

Last week (almost exactly one week ago today in fact), I had a powerful dream where I became a doctor.  And I was dating Little Grey from Grey’s Anatomy… the point is, the dream was so powerful that I have become obsessed with the idea of changing careers completely and becoming a doctor.

I went on the internet and checked out some websites on how to become a doctor and it was sadly, um, out of my league… or so I thought until I talked to my Mom.  She said that you can get into med school with ANY degree.  Wow right.  Finish my degree in talking and then I could be operating on you!  how fun.  Not that simple really… but the point is, it IS possible.

Coral said that because of my age and the fact I am a Dad and want to upgrade, I should be able to get a loan to finish up so now its like… why not become a doctor?  We figured I’d be about 40 by the time I could finish.  Neat.


The short term focus will be a new Capital Rock City.  I might do it today as I have a pile of new music to play back at work but I am waiting on a reply to an email I sent on the weekend.  What is up with bands having websites with NO contact info?  Anyways, if the bands check their email and get back to me I might have some good new metal to try out this week… if they don’t get back to me, no metal but I still have lots of great music to play.  I might play an oldie but a goodie from a group outta Calgary called Darryl’s Grocery Bag.  Someone quoted lyrics of their’s on Jeff of Acres of Lions blog and I went, whoa, I know that song and loved it!

I am still hammering out how to make a compelling history podcast and working on my music project which is coming along nicely.  Should finish this week and the proceeds will be paying for my University application fee.

I better go feed the baby, talk at you at 3PM on The Zone.

Go with yourself.

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