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One of my favourites… Wake Owl are a folk group from Vancouver. Their ep, Wild Country, is outstanding.  But what is interesting is that their music, organic, beautiful, folky, lends itself so well to the remix.

Just before Christmas, we talked about the Noah Hyde remix of “Gold.” Now, Abbotsford chillwaver Teen Daze put his haze all over “Wild Country.”

Where as Noah Hyde laid a little boogy behind Wake Owl… Teen Daze reaches for a different goal.  His spin is an epic slow burn.  The DJ saving the slowest song for last.

Teen Daze recently posted a short 4 song ep called The House on The Mountain. An ode to Spring in the Fraser Valley.  He post-scripts, “All proceeds made off this record will go towards my wedding budget. Love you bean!”  CUTE ATTACK!

Go with yourself.

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Wake Owl to perform at Lollapalooza?

Wake Owl, Rifflandia V, Victoria

Wake Owl, Rifflandia V, Victoria

Bouncing around the internet today is a “leak” of the Lollapalooza line-up.  Maybe its right, maybe not…but I was interested to see that Vancouver’s Wake Owl would be on the bill.

I first found their “Wild Country” ep last summer trolling Alan Cross’ blog.  I still listen to those 5 songs pretty regular.  I made the point to see them at last year’s Rifflandia.

The band recently wrapped showcasing in Austin at SXSW.  It would make sense that they got on someone’s radar and will now head to Chicago this summer for the big festival.

The band will be announcing their tour plans…. soon. LOOK OUT!

Let’s go back and listen to that first great song… “Wild Country.”

Go with yourself.

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Wake Owl create a beautiful style of indie folk.  The Vancouver band’s ep is on my list for favourites for the year and a dark horse for my top 10.  I had a chance to meet the boys and see them at Rifflandia V.  Truthful moment… the live show at the Vic Event Center did not impress me.  I think they suffered from my high expectations and maybe playing a “bigger” show than their skill set at the time.  I was listening to their ep Wild Country HEAVY leading up to the show.  I am not letting one good, but not great, show spoil the fun…. Wake Owl return to Victoria on December 14th for the Jon & Roy Holiday Special… this time at the beautiful Alix Goolden.

Wake Owl has also generated two spoonfuls of buzz after their song “Gold” was featured on last week’s Grey’s Anatomy.

“Gold” is a wonderous song….like the whole ep.  If this is your first chance checking out Wake Owl or you have heard/ read some buzz and like what you hear, it gets better on the ep.  Check out “Wild Country” or “Seaside.”



Go with yourself.

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Listen to @WakeOwl

Sporting a minor sonic crush on Vancouver’s Wake Owl right now.  I can’t hear the “Wild Country” enough.

Trolling Alan Cross’ blog the other day (its pretty much a daily read) he talked about how he was into these guys.  Honestly, I don’t click a lot of AC’s new music recommendations because his style and mine don’t always jive (I still LOVE AC and the blog) but I guess in a moment of weakness I clicked to listen and wow.  So pretty.

AC calls it Ontario cabin country music.  He’s in Ontario.  We’re here on the coast, so this is coast music.  This is camping bonfire canned beer music.

The Wild Country ep is a “pay-what-you-want” download. So don’t be shy.

Vancouver’s Wake Owl will be giving us many opportunities to see them in the coming summer months.

July 13th-15th >> Vancouver Folk Fest
August 25th-26th >> Live at Squamish
September 13th-16th >> Rifflandia!

I am pretty excited now to check these guys out at Rifflandia.  I hope its a day that I have free to enjoy the concert!

My favourite song is “Wild Country.”

Wake Owl – “Wild Country”

Download MP3 >> Wake Owl – Wild Country EP – 01 Wild Country

I’ve had the song blasting pretty religiously this morning.  If its on vinyl it’ll make a good home record.  I find chillwave and folky stuff I listen to the most on vinyl.  I guess I am usually in that mood when I’m at home.

Coral has now set the dining room table up for regular everyday eating and we have it a rule.  Eat.at.the.table.  The record player lends it self to slow eating, whole foods/moods.  I can see Wake Owl being an important part of a balanced diet.

That’s all I got for now… Go with yourself.

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