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Oh no, the poor Cruze this morning.  I blogged about this yesterday but I love it.

The car wishes you safe journeys.

whoa… journeys is spelled with an “eys” and not “ies.”


I’ll tell ya, I could not have picked a better week to have a tester car.  I planned on driving it to Vancouver, maybe a station event or two then have to give it back.  but instead I have turned into a commuter.

The bad news… riding my bike way less and my bike is my one form of cardio.  I keep planning to fire up my own bootcamp at home.  I need a couple (or one really) medicine balls and a resistance band and maybe a jump rope, and I can do all the exercises form bootcamp.  Just haven’t got there yet.  I have a car, I should drive to the sporting goods store!

I am concerned that I am slowly drifting further away from any type of physical fitness.  Radio DJing is not exactly physical work.  Its not physical at all.  Lounge DJing, a bit only because I lug gear and stand.  Sometimes they let me fetch ice or clear tables…. but that’s it.

Got me thinking about my homeboy Harry Chapin.

I want to find this 45.

I’ve blogged before about how the music of Harry Chapin is important to me, so I’ll save you the back story and instead focus more on the song “WOLD.”

“WOLD” is a song based on a true story about radio presenter Jim Conners. Conners worked at a Boston AM radio station in the early 70s and was responsible for championing Harry Chapin and getting his first single “Taxi” to become a hit.  While at the studio for an interview, Chapin overheard a phone conversation between  Conners and his ex-wife.

The song “WOLD” is presented as a phone conversation between an aging radio presenter and his ex-wife where he looks back at his life as a radio broadcaster and how all the years later, what he really misses is his relationship and family.

I actually used to jam this song out on college radio.  weird.  But I love it.

Its such a great song, because as a radio broadcaster, its true.  radio broadcasting makes you fat. period.

Harry Chapin – “WOLD”

Fun Facts:

* There is/was actually a WOLD in Virginia
* The song was an inspiration to the creator of late 70s, early 80s sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati.


Go with yourself.

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