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Quick and dirty post before I start my radio show on a Monday afternoon. LA production duo slenderbodies remixed a song Zhu. Punch it up!

Go with yourself.

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LA producer/DJ Mahalo gives us an atmospheric deep house spin of ZHU‘s “in The Morning.”

“Music is Faceless.

Let my music tell my story.” – alright, ZHU…let’s go.

I’ll need to add this jammer to my set at Match. Deep House isn’t for everyone, but on the slower nights, the workers seem to like the beats.

Go with yourself.

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My man Drex posted this song the other day from San Francisco ambient electronic artist Tycho.  The song is “Awake.”  Such a beautiful, chill song.

This mysterio cut came from an email.  Wade sent over a song from the artist Zhu.  Zhu is based out of LA…maybe its the sunshine, but California music always seems to be so chill and/or hazy.

Here is what Wade says of the mysterious Zhu: “His name is ZHU, and since launching 6 weeks ago has been supported by Pete Tong, added to regular rotation on Triple J, and amassed over 1 million plays online. He is the singer/ songwriter/ producer on all of his records who believes that music is faceless.”


Numark NS7ii
Picked up a new controller this weekend.  Looking forward to learning the ins-and-outs of the Numark NS7ii.  I had a chance to play with it on Saturday night at a gig.  Its like DJing on a dream.

Now, I just need to book some gigs so I can pay for the thing. (oh and then buy the new Yorkville powered speakers.  Those things pound).

Go with yourself. (Hiya friends, please “like” The Morning After on Facebook)

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