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Maryse sent over her new ep the other day for her group Seaborne. The record is called Lustre.

Maryse sings for the Vancouver duo and Solomon Krause-Imlach produces the electronic sounds. Exclaim calls it a “unique blend of cinematic pop and innovative electronic production.”

Go with yourself.

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Vancouver indie rocker’s Said The Whale have a new record out next week called As Long As Your Eyes Are Open.

The new record features the trademark bright sounding indie rock we know from the band like the songs “I Will Follow You” or “Heaven.”

But there is one song on the album that stands out with it’s weight. The song is called “Miscarriage.” It is a personal tale of loss and healing. About lead singer Tyler Bancroft’s emotions after his wife and him experienced some hardship trying to grow their family. Maybe it is a song that will resonate with your own life story?

Miscarriage is a unique kind of loss in that you’re mourning what could have been. It’s a lonely kind of loss, because miscarriage is rarely discussed. And it’s a loss of control—realizing that the future may not turn out the way you had imagined it. For me this was especially disarming since I didn’t realize how much I wanted a child until I was faced with the possibility of never having one. Miscarriage strips the joy from pregnancy and turns it into a source of grief and anxiety.

But whatever sadness and anger I was feeling was only a fraction of what my partner was experiencing. The shame associated with her body not doing what it’s ‘biologically designed to do,’ the loss of control, and the uncertainty about reproductive health-—these things are all devastating. Watching the person you love go through that is heartbreaking, and it took everything I had to comfort her along with trying to comfort myself. I wrote this song in the throes of our experience. It was cathartic and therapeutic, and a lot of tears were shed.

I won’t say I’m glad we went through what we did, but I will say that our experience has provided me with a perspective and an empathy that I may not have otherwise had. Our experience also makes me feel like the luckiest person on earth because our story has a happy ending—our third pregnancy was carried to term and our son was born in the summer of 2016.”

The band will tour Canada. Their first show is in Toronto on the day their 5th album comes out.

March 31 (release day) – Toronto, ON – Lee’s Palace
April 1 -Toronto, ON – Lee’s Palace
April 4 – London, ON – Rum Runners / London Music Hall Complex
April 5 – Ottawa, ON – Bronson Centre Theatre
April 6 – Montreal, QC – Petit Campus
April 7 – Kitchener, ON – Centre in the Square
April 8 – Peterborough, ON – Red Dog
April 12 – New York, NY – Mercury Lounge
April 27 – Pender Island, BC – Hope Bay Studio
April 28 – Victoria, BC – Sugar Nightclub
April 29 – Vancouver, BC – Vogue Theatre
May 3 – Kelowna, BC – The Habitat
May 4 – Calgary, AB – Commonwealth Bar
May 5 – Edmonton, AB – Starlite Room
May 6 – Saskatoon, SK – Cosmopolitain Senior Centre
May 7 – Winnipeg, MB – Park Theatre

Go with yourself.


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Vancouver indie roots-rockers The Matinée have a new record on February 17th called Dancing on Your Grave.

They shared another song off the record. The new one reminds me of Gaslight Anthem! It’s called “Blood Alley” and was produced by Jamie Candiloro. He produced stuff for Ryan Adams, REM and Courtney Love, in the 604 Studios facility. Yeah get that…I can hear the Ryan Adams in there too.


The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets have been banging out music since 1992! Their bio says “the band is known for their Lovecraft-inspired music and general nerdiness. Other albums include “Cthulhu Strikes Back,” “The Shadow Out of Tim” and “Spaceship Zero: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.”


They have a record out right now called The Dukes of Alhazred and a listeners texted CFOX to say we should listen to “Welcome to the Island.” What does this remind me of? Primus maybe? Butthole Surfers or even Meat Puppets?

Go with yourself.

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Vancouver Industrial artist Jenny Kirby reached out to share her music with The Morning After Show.

She smashes out a classic industrial sounding music as Borg Queen.

Jenny is a one woman content producing machine! “She plays and records all the instruments and does the engineering and production. Each song has a corresponding painting done in large format acrylic on canvas. Borg Queen has evolved into an assimilation of all the different artistic mediums Jenny has trained and worked with professionally including, painting, animation, acting, set design, dance, musical theatre, production design and of course music. ”

Go with yourself.

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The greatest rock-and-roll band in the world has a brand spanking new song to share.

Japandroids release their third studio record, Near to the Wild Heart of Life, on Janauary 27th.

Here we are, ON MY BIRTHDAY! and we get a second taste of the new record.

I was spoiled and got the chance to see Japandroids at The Cobalt back in the fall. But the boys are back in town…. with The Hold Steady’s Craig Finn!

3/17 – Portland, OR – Revolution Hall*
3/18 –  Seattle, WA –  Neptune*
3/20 – Vancouver, BC – Commodore Ballroom*

Go with yourself.

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When I’m not music blogging or playing Battlefield 1 on the Xbox (DJBOULANGER add me up!) I work at a radio station in Vancouver called CFOX.

For funsies, me and the imaging producer Jamie (aka Jello) produce an occasional craft beer show called Sip and Spin.

Last week, Jamie and I hung out with Jack from Vancouver’s Main Street Brewing. Jack was pulling their Stag & Pheasant Imperial Stout out of bourbon barrels, where it had been aging for a year!

Maybe you’ll take a second to watch. Hey, maybe you like craft beer from Vancouver and you’ll consider sharing. Maybe.

Go with yourself.

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photo credit: Leigh Righton

I am pretty much obsessed with the latest single from JAPANDROIDS.

This and Cloud Nothings have been on repeat at home lately.

The band announced a wold tour today which brings them back to Vancouver. This time for a show at The Commodore on March 20th.

Craig Finn of The Hold Steady fame will open a bunch of the shows including the Vancouver gig.


In unrelated news…. I decided I want to be a basketball fan. I just need a team to cheer for…so I picked the old Vancouver team…now living life in Memphis. The Grizzlies!

I called the Grizzlies play-by-play guy to learn about the team.Also I find out what happened to a Vancouver legend, Super Grizz!


Took the little boy on a hike on Sunday. We saw a ton of fish in the Coquitlam river doing their fish thing.

November adventures with Jack.

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