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Vancouver indie roots-rockers The Matinée have a new record on February 17th called Dancing on Your Grave.

They shared another song off the record. The new one reminds me of Gaslight Anthem! It’s called “Blood Alley” and was produced by Jamie Candiloro. He produced stuff for Ryan Adams, REM and Courtney Love, in the 604 Studios facility. Yeah get that…I can hear the Ryan Adams in there too.


The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets have been banging out music since 1992! Their bio says “the band is known for their Lovecraft-inspired music and general nerdiness. Other albums include “Cthulhu Strikes Back,” “The Shadow Out of Tim” and “Spaceship Zero: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.”


They have a record out right now called The Dukes of Alhazred and a listeners texted CFOX to say we should listen to “Welcome to the Island.” What does this remind me of? Primus maybe? Butthole Surfers or even Meat Puppets?

Go with yourself.

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Vancouver rock & rollers The Matinee announced they’ll be releasing their second full-length record in early 2017. The record will be called Dancing on Your Grave. The title and lead single talks about the passing of lead singer Matt Layzell’s grandfather who had recently passed. The song is a celebration on life well lived.

The band members have been friends and making music for many year sin the Lower Mainland. This record comes after some time off from the group. Members of the band celebrated marriages, the births of children and in Matt Layzell’s case, the death of his grandfather and a breakup.

Matt says, “we were all going through big life changes. After a difficult split, I found myself disappearing on solo road trips into the wild with my dog, trying to clear my head.”

Their song focuses on the rootsy side of rock & roll and with an 80s indie jangly guitar sound. Maybe that comes from their producer Jamie Candiloro who has worked in the past with Ryan Adams and R.E.M.

Here’s some praise for the new song from my buddy Dave.

New record Dancing on Your Grave is out on February 17th, 2017 on Vancouver’s Light Organ Records.

dancing on your grave.jpg

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On Saturday night, Vancouver bands The Harpoonist and the Axe Murderer will be performing at the Vogue Theatre with (the pride of Coquitlam!) The Matinee. A great mix of bluesy rock and alternative country. Let’s have a listen to a couple songs.

Go with yourself.

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I think we say Vancouver band The Matinee… but they’re Coquitlam guys to me.  The Matinee put out a record last week called We Swore We’d See The Sunrise.

Their tour has this alt-country-ish sounding band crossing Canada.  They are in Victoria on Friday, March 8th at Club 9one9.

They will also be part of the Squamish Music Festival in August!

Let’s have a listen to the first single “Young and Lazy.”

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Wow, a couple days late with the DJ notes.  bad radio DJ, bad!

Please tuck into: Capital Rock City #61

I continue my march to 1,000 weekly downloads on Capital Rock City.  Webmeister Bud is still on mat leave celebrating the birth of his daughter!  Huzzah Bud!  So I don’t know the stats, the last I checked it was in the neighbourhood of a 100 a week.  Not bad, but as you can see, lots of work ahead of me to get the podcast to a sustainable audience.  You can do your part in supporting the fine music of Victoria by sharing the link of the podcast with a friend(s) or posting on your social network (Facebook, Twitter, Myspace).

You can also subscribe to the podcast, two ways, RSS Feed or in the iTunes Store podcast section.  Just search for ‘Capital Rock City’ and don’t forget to rate and comment please.

You’ll also find Capital Rock City at Raised on Indie!

Sales pitch aside, let’s get to it.


DJ Notes

01) Jell – “Watch Yourself”
02) Listening Party – “Pachina”
03) Goodbye Beatdown – “The Grudge”
04) The Matinee – “The Road”

Jell sent me a link for their new music video.  Pretty decent.  Have a look.

I was surprised to see that Jell has actually made a few videos for their songs.  All a very good DIY quality.  Jell’s Youtube Page

Here is yet another from Jon Middleton’s Listening Party.  This song is a little more lo-fi than the last LP song I featured.  Not sure what I think about it.  i like the quirkyness of it.

The Listening Party will be in Duncan on June 27th and in Vancouver opening for one of my favourite bands, Japandroids, at Richards on August 7th.

The Goodbye Beatdown are playing Zoner Gina’s party on July 4th.  You’re totally invited (no seriously, email me if you want to go…).

The show ends with The Matinee.  A band I have known since highschool.  they’ve changed their name like a hundred times (well three) and this latest incarnation has a slight country/folky twang.  Matt sent me a slate of new tunes and I felt that “the Road” was by far the strongest.

Thank you for finding Capital Rock City, let’s do it again sometime shall we?

Go with yourself.

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CRC #42 is ready for your listening pleasure.


Have a Listen: Capital Rock City #42

DJ notes:

01) The Racoons – “Old Hearts”
02) The Racoons – “Be My Television”
03) The Racoons – “Islomania”
04) Vince Vaccaro – “City at Sunrise”
05) The Matinee – “San Diego”
06) Jet Black Stare – “In This Life”
–> Jeff Johnson

All the Racoons songs that you heard on the podcast you can download for free if you click the Racoons name at the top.

Vince is working on a new record and he was kind enough to share a demo from the recording sessions with me.

Check out this crazy email from Lazy of The Matinee:


—–Original Message—–
From: matt@thematineemusic.com [mailto:matt@thematineemusic.com]
Sent: Tuesday, January 27, 2009 11:25 AM
To: Jeremy@thezone.fm
Subject: a song for you

Hey Jeremy…. here ya go! Bit of a busy weekend, I celebrated both mine and my girlfriends’ birthdays… so yeah….. still hurting a bit. In other news, did you know that Bob’s place in North Van burned to the ground last week ? He lost everything. And the bastard just rolls with it with a shrug. What a guy!

This tune is called San Diego, and it is about an unpaid speeding ticket I got once on a road trip to California. True story. I still haven’t paid it, so now there is a bench warrant for my arrest in Weed County. The fine is up to $1200 and the collections calls me twice a week. I never answer. And never will! Just can’t drive down there anymore.. or I am going to the slammer!

Cheers bud, new tunes to be recorded next month that I will send your way too.



Bob’s place burned down?  SWA?  I need to call that cat pronto.

The final band is a Vancouver group that sounds mighty CFOXish called Jet Black Stare.  Before Lazy was rocking the Matinee, he was in a group called Ten Ways From Sunday and even before that… The Salad Kings (who I used to play on the Morning After Show on CiTR!  so that is some time ago).  Lazy played with his friend Jeff.  Jeff left Ten Ways to go solo… and his musical journey has taken him into band production and recording.  So if you’re in a band and thinking that you liked the style of Jet Black Stare, fire Jeff an email:  bwe@telus.blackberry.com


That’s all I got.

Next week I am working on the first live to tape Capital Rock City.

Capital Rock City #43 :: Live from The Clubhouse
featuring a special live acoustic performance form Acres of Lions

the week after that I hope to have a chance to talk to the Paper Cranes and maybe some music from South Africa. neat.

OH!  and you can now subscribe to Capital Rock City on iTunes.  Search Capital Rock City in the iTunes store and subscribe please.

Go with yourself.

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This is pretty groovy.  I am watching Erick Thompson yesterday morning and at the end of the show he is hyping the next day and he teases “The Matinee” on the show.  SWA?  I know those guys!  They perform a song called “The Maggie Cox Song.”  Awesome.

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