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When the family was driving around Edmonton, Alberta a few weeks ago we were listening to the modern rocker Sonic 102.9 FM.  They were doing one of those “A-Z Weekends” where the radio plays a bunch of songs from their playlist in alphabetical order.  We happened to be out-and-about early on a Friday morning for a drive to Wetaskwin so we heard Garner lead it off with the As.

On came one of my favourite Jimmy Eat World songs, “A Praise Chorus.”

Side A, track 2 from 2001’s Bleed American was the forth single from the record and for sure, the forgotten song when it comes to airplay in 2010.

When the record began its rotations, it once again piqued my interest in the song.

Jimmy Eat World is very much one of “Coral’s bands.”  When we first met, she wanted to share a band she was passionate about with me.  At first I was skeptical.  The emo music craze was very much in backlash mode and what I knew of Jimmy Eat World at the time was… well, “The Middle.”  A fun song, but to me it was just a pop radio rocker.  I didn’t appreciate the depth of their style.

It takes context to love music.  A space, place, or emotion with a song jamming out as the soundtrack.  Jimmy Eat World will always be the soundtrack to our relationship (and fun fact: Jimmy Eat World’s Futures was a break-up record for a previous relationship she was in…. neat).

“A Praise Chorus” is an uplifting song.  Its a party song.  It might even be a romantic song… I have a hard-on for the line, “I want to fall in love tonight.”

The song has some other touch points that makes this my favourite JEW song.

The artwork for the single is a map of Arizona.  Check.

The song breaks down to a “praise chorus” where a series of lines from other songs including all-time great, “Crimson and Clover” and also some lines from 90s emo stalwarts, The Promise Ring.

The Promise Ring is a cool band if you ever get the hankering to travel back in time to late 90s alternative rock and some quality emo.  Check out this song, “Why Did We Ever Meet.”

I had a point when I sat down to write this… but I’ve been flipping between Promise Ring and JEW songs and its gone.

I think I just wanted to say, hey check out “A Praise Chorus” if you don’t know the song.  Its good.

Go with yourself.

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